Leatherworking Goodies from the PTR (3.0.8)

Leatherworkers aren’t getting as much love as perhaps some other professions are, but they will have a few tidbits to look forward to.  First, now would be a very good time to start making those epic armor kits if you’re in any position to do so.  Why? Because after patch 3.0.8 goes live you’ll need a Frozen Orb to make them.  That’s right, get ready for additional pain in the leveling process.  There have also been reports of Arctic Fur dropping less frequently.  I haven’t done enough skinning recently to experience this for myself, but that plus the Frozen Orb requirement could mean a sharp increase in the price of epic leg armor if it’s true.

Now that the bad news is out of the way, some good news.  For you feathered caster types, there are a couple of new recipes on the Leather Trader that look fairly Boomkin-esque.  Windripper Boots and Leggings are now available to purchase for 2 Arctic Fur each.  Here are some screenshots of them:

Windripper Leggings

Leatherworking: Windripper Leggings

Windripper Boots

Leatherworking: Windripper Boots

And finally, there’s a new kid in town.  Actually, it’s a new type of leg armor for PvPers.  Right now it’s only available in an epic version (and who are we kidding, all PvP studs think they’re epic, amiright?) and it adds 40 Resilience and 28 Stamina to your pants.  I suspect these bad boys will sell like hotcakes, so if you’re of a mind to stock up for the rush of sales, now would be a good time to collect mats for it.  Here’s a screenshot of the recipe:

Earthen Leg Armor

Leatherworking: Earthen Leg Armor


7 Responses to “Leatherworking Goodies from the PTR (3.0.8)”

  1. Diabolos Says:

    Oooo, great update! Looks like I’ll have to stockpile some Arctic Furs before the patch, and maybe make some of the epic leg armors to resell at a profit.

  2. Centuri Says:

    The PVP patches are the most interesting, as it is a leather working pattern useful to everyone.

    The new leatherworking items are sort of interesting. There are already epic crafted leather boots, though it has spirit + SP and no critical strike rating IIRC. Obviously more resto centered.

    The leggings should be in more demand as caster shamans should be interested in them as well.

  3. Wacraft Noob Says:

    Man, it’s going to take me ages before I can get to that stage, I’m on lvl 266 for leatherworking, it seems to be getting more and more difficult.

  4. Diabolos Says:

    Check out the WoW profession forums for powerlevelling guides for LW. That will show you one (or more) optimum paths to get your LW up without spending more money than you have to.

  5. baneblade Says:

    Great news on new items to craft now when is Bliz going to up our special patterns ( Tribal ) ect. Maxed and waiting!

  6. kaliope Says:

    I’m with you Blade, but I haven’t seen any specialty patterns since Beta and I’ve made a point to check regularly. At this point, I fear they’ve abandoned this approach. Check out this post from a couple of months ago:


  7. Bristal Says:

    Update: I made 4 Earthen Leg Armors after the patch for skill points. I sold one for 300G in TWO HOURS (started seeing $$$$!!!), then 1 for 250 Gold the next day. Now price is down to LESS THAN MATS on my server and I still have 2 left that I refuse to lose gold on. What gives? Maybe nobody understands resilience? I’m going to hold on to them and see if market improves.

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