New Inscription Goodies from the PTR

Somehow I thought I was the only Scribe struggling with this issue.  I mill and mill and mill and only get a couple of Snowfall Inks, even when I use the best herbs.  Meanwhile my Ink of the Sea is piling up and I don’t know what to do with it.  Sure, I could sell my glyphs for cheap, but it pains me to price them for less than the exorbitant herbs cost me.  Sadly that’s what they’re currently going for, Glyphs have become the new uncommon gem cuts of WotLK.

Apparently Blizzard is aware of the ink supply problem and has solved it – they’ve added an Ink vendor to Dalaran.

Ink Vendor in Dalaran

Ink Vendor in Dalaran

You can trade one Ink of the Sea for one of any other ink.  It’s kind of a rip-off when you think about the low level inks you’re swapping for a Northrend ink.  But if you’re one of those types that doesn’t like to packrat every kind of ink for a rainy day, or farm noobie zones, this should be right up your alley.  The ink vendor also sells Snowfall Ink, but you’ll have to give up 10 Ink of the Sea to buy one.  That seems a bit steep to me, I would think 5 would be a more reasonable trade value.  But I assume they don’t want the markets flooded with Snowfall Ink and the various crafted goodies that are made from it, and I can’t blame them for that.

There are also a couple of new recipes from the trainer:

Glyph of Focus

Inscription: Glyph of Focus

Glyph of Arcane Blast

Inscription: Glyph of Arcane Blast

Neither of these will help you cap Inscription, I’m sorry to say.  They were both gray to me at 435. I’m not sure why these were added, but I’m sure some Boomkin or Mage would be happy to enlighten me. It’s possible that Blizz will continue to drop the occasional glyph on us to augment any tweaks they decide to make to the classes. Personally I’d like to see something a bit more interesting added to Inscription, it seems totally dead to me at this point. But I guess that’s a different conversation :)


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  1. Valartha Says:

    I’m a boomkin, and I can tell you that the Glyph of Focus would make Starfall a much more useful spell for me. As it is, it’s got such a huge radius that unless I’m very careful, I draw a ton of unwanted adds. With more damage and a smaller radius, I could use it a lot more often without having to worry about extra mobs rushing in to kill me. :P

  2. Drainar Says:

    I believe i read that off hand books would not have inscription as a requirement. So it does give us something BoE to sell

  3. Gladly Says:

    Good news indeed, thanks for the heads up! I went looking for Jessica Sellers and couldn’t find her. Found her sister who is a shard vendor in the Enchanting shop but couldn’t find Jessica anywhere. Where is she? Thanks in advance.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Drainar: You’re right, the books are indeed BOE now.

    Gladly: Jessica Sellers is inside the Scribes’ Sacellum with the Inscription trainer and the supplies vendor.

  5. Mahlaine Says:

    The new Glyph of Arcane Blast is a vital part of making arcane a viable raiding spec for mages, as there is not currently a glyph which enhances arcane damage. At the moment Arcane is only useful for PvP, with lots of burst damage, but the tree’s sustained DPS is far below the current cookie cutter raid spec (Frostfire). Other changes to the Arcane Blast spell will also be coming to address the issue (changing the nature of the buff a mage receives after casting it). Anyone interested can read about this on any number of mage blogs (I recommend Euripedes’ blog at, but that’s the reason for the new glyph.

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