Cooking Progression 3.0.8

The other day, one of our readers mentioned a rumor that some of the current Cooking recipes would stay yellow between 425 and 450 skill in the new patch.  To test this rumor, I copied nine stacks of meat and all my Northern Spices to the PTR to see if I could spot any new trend.  My rogue was sitting at 402 Cooking when I started, and had about 18 daily tokens saved up.  I knew there were a few vendor recipes that stayed yellow longer than others, Critter Bites and Dragonfin Filet being a couple of them.  I cross-referenced WoWHead and purchased as many as I could to see if there were any notable changes.

I started with Blackened Worg Steak (dunno, just random choice) and made 33 of those.  At 415 all of my new recipes turned green.  From there to 418 I was still getting reasonable skill points, but it dropped off rapidly after that.  With my 33 combines I reached 420 in Cooking, a total of 18 skill points.  After that I made 10 Mammoth Treats and got to 425, so that was a 50% skill point ratio for me.  The skill up rate may be slightly better than it was before, but I suspect it’s still just random.  There were times where I would get a skill point on every other combine and times where I would go 7-8 combines with no point.  Unfortunately it may just be the luck of the draw whether you get your skill points easily or not.

It will take a few more days for me to accrue additional daily tokens to buy a feast recipe.  If I notice any new changes with that, I’ll be sure to report again :)

For who are interested, the Cooking recipes that stay yellow until 415 are:

Blackened Dragonfin
Blackened Worg Steak
Critter Bites
Dragonfin Filet
Hearty Rhino
Rhinolicious Wyrmsteak
Snapper Extreme
Spiced Mammoth Treats
Tracker Snacks

5 Responses to “Cooking Progression 3.0.8”

  1. Markco Says:

    I love your blog!!! The information found here is awesome for both new players and veterans alike.

    Good job man!

    Ever think about taking your knowledge of professions and start writing gold guides?

    I run a blog which contains free world of warcraft guides, tips, secrets, auction house strategies, etc.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Markco: I’m glad you like the blog :) For now I prefer to keep my information free — we’re making a bit of money to cover our costs on the Google Ads and that’s fine with me. I also don’t feel that I can reasonably provide a “definitive” guide on any one profession, instead my focus is on creating a comprehensive overview of all professions.

    I like the idea that all crafters can hang out here and if someone knows more than me on a particular tradeskill they can jump in and share =)

  3. dorgol Says:

    From comments I’ve seen, it’s the Feast recipes that are still yellow in the 440s. Hopefully, that’s true, as my Paladin is finally getting to that point in his skill-ups.

  4. Markco Says:

    Kaliope, you underestimate yourself :)

    You’re right about people hanging out and sharing information though, it’s how you know your blog is successful!

  5. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Marco, I appreciate the nod! Your blog has some good info as well and it’s nice to see someone sharing tips for the auctions without charging for it. If readers come along and contribute their own little gems, that just makes a resource better for all =)

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