At Last, News from the PTR

Yes, I finally managed to get access to the Test Realm today.  It involved a lot of mucking about on my computer, but with a little advice from hubby I managed to log in and poke around.  I nabbed some new information for several professions already, but today I thought I’d focus on Cooking.  It would have been great if some of the new goodies actually helped ease the leveling process for Cooking, but so far it appears to be more of the same.

The first new item is the Kungaloosh recipe.  Those of you who’ve quested in Sholazar Basin may already be familiar with Kungaloosh.  You do a quest chain in the Nesingwary camp and instead of a recipe, you get a stack of them to drink.  Well, teach a druid to brew and she’ll be tipsy for a lifetime folks!  Needless to say, many were upset by this oversight and rightly so.  It’s part of the achievements for Cooking in addition to being a crafted mana regen drink.  Strangely enough, this is awarded by picking up a quest in the Dalaran sewers from that creepy little washed-up mage.  I can’t figure out what this has to do with an item you learned how to make in Sholazar Basin, but whatever.  The important thing is that it’s now available for those looking to get their Cooking achievement finished.  Here’s a pic of me getting the recipe from the quest guy:

Cooking - Kungaloosh Quest

Cooking - Kungaloosh Quest

The second new item is Worg Tartare, a new recipe sold by the Cooking vendor(s) in Dalaran.  It’s just another +40 hit/+ 40 stam food, the only reason I can see to create this new version would be to provide an option for those who don’t fish.  Here’s a pic of it:

Worg Tartare

Cooking: Worg Tartare

The other new recipe is also sold by the Dalaran vendor, a Fish Feast recipe.  The downside of this new feast recipe is that it’s only available at the cap, so it’s not providing a way to reach the cap on a pure fish-based recipe.  The upside is that it has a food buff, unlike the other feasts which only give a novelty buff.

Cooking Fish Feast

Cooking Fish Feast

Overall, I’m glad to see new Cooking recipes being added to the game.  It’s nice to know that what we have so far isn’t the final word on what we’ll be doing with our newfound crafting abilities =)


4 Responses to “At Last, News from the PTR”

  1. Gorman Ghaste Says:

    I heard a rumor that they would adjust some of the Current recipes to be yellow from 425 to 450, is that not true?

    And do the 2 new recipes cost 3 awards, or 5?

  2. kaliope Says:

    I am currently capped in Cooking, so I can’t really say if anything looks different from 425 to 450. In my recipe book everything is gray except Giant Feast and Small feast, which are green, and the new Fish Feast is orange (can’t be learned until you cap, so no help there). If the patch doesn’t go live tomorrow I’ll do some testing with my rogue, I believe she’s sitting at 400 right now.

    The Worg recipe is 3 tokens, same as all the others. For some reason the Fish Feast is 5 tokens, which is higher than the other feasts.

  3. Teni Says:

    “The upside is that it has a food buff, unlike the other feasts which only give a novelty buff.”

    Not quite accurate, since the Great Feast provides 60 Attack Power, 35 Spell Power and 30 Stamina for 1 hour.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Good call, I missed that one :) So it would seem that the Fish Feast is an upgrade recipe to the regular Feast that you learn from the trainer.

    Another tidbit from the PTR, I visited the Washed-up Mage on my rogue and she was also able to learn the Kungaloosh recipe even though her cooking is only 402. Unfortunately the recipe was gray to her :(

    I took one of my 70 toons to the Washed-up Mage and he had no quest for her, so I’m assuming you have to have done the Basin quests to unlock Kungaloosh.

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