Transmogrification… Complete!

I have no idea when this went Live, but last night when I logged in there was a new blurb on the launcher window.  A Draenei dude morphing into a Draenei chic?  The links were a mess and I kept getting page errors or just plain sent to the wrong thing.  Finally I found my way into the Account section and sure enough there was a new option for character reassignment!  Well this is a huge dream come true for me, finally my Alchemist can be the woman he always knew he was on the inside.  I plunked down my $15 for gender reassignment right then and there!!

The process was amazingly easy, considering the bits that have to be removed and/or resculpted into something else (HAHA).  I chose the character targeted for transgendering and gave my credit card information.  Then I logged into the game and there was a new button next to Murkery on the character screen.  When you click the button you get the regular character creation screen with some options disabled.  You cannot change your race or class, but you can change your gender, name and facial characteristics.  It’s basically the Barbershop + Gender + Name.  It was fairly painless, all things considered.

Personally, I’ve been waiting a couple of years for this sort of option.  With each new feature like the Name Change option and the Barbershop were announced, I hoped Blizzard would allow gender reassignment.  It’s not my fault that Murkery is a dude!!  He was my son’s first character prior to moving onto his own account.  I would have deleted him, but he had the Alchemy ability that I really needed.  And he also had the highly coveted Swiftness Potion that used to sell for big bucks, so I couldn’t bear to give him the axe and lose the recipe.  Unfortunately being a dude has been a limiting factor for him, I really don’t play him any more than necessary to keep his crafting abilities viable.

Needless to say, I’m tickled to death that Blizzard has launched this new service and they got my $15 in a heartbeat.  I just wonder how many folks could be out there like myself to justify the Dev costs of this feature.  I mean, I don’t think the fellas have nearly as much problems running around in women’s garb as we women might have in lurking about as a man.


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  1. Mania Says:

    Congratulations to the former Murkery or her successful transformation! (Did you rename her at the same time?)

    I’m thrilled to have this option myself, even though I don’t currently have any characters in need of it. Options are always good. I just wish it were so painless in real life. *grin*

    And thank you for posting this, and giving me somewhere to point when my clueless friends snicker and ask “Who would want that?!”

  2. Eino Says:

    Free money for Blizzard. It’s amazing what people actually care about on a game.

  3. Shawn Says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this also. I bet I would easily pay double or more actually :) I was surprised to see the name included. That makes the re-customization only $5 more than a name change. Pretty awesome!

  4. Octimn Says:

    I made the change the second I saw it. Same situation, had a male Draenei shaman, and switched to female. After making 3 Male Draenei (Shaman, pally, deathknight), and getting the DK to 80, I was super sick of them. When my guild needed more heals, and I decided to level up the shaman – the switch was an easy decision. :)

  5. Hinenuitepo Says:

    More options = more better.

    I have no plans to use this one despite two of my four ‘main’ toons being female. I created them that way! My DK just had to be the female priestess of the Maori night; that’s the way she was born, that’s the way she’ll stay. I did the stereotypical thing and made my healer a female as well, while my rogue and lock are male dps types. :)
    On the other hand, I’m sure there’s plenty of people with plenty of good reasons to make a change. Yours is probably one of the more common ones. As far as other (real) money sinks, I’ve personally paid for several name changes (after server transfer my ‘ideal’ name was available, transferring back it wasn’t, etc :)).

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    I’m of the same mind as Hinenuitepo on this: My charas are the way they are because I made them that way. I nearly quit the game when Hal of Peridol was required to make a forced name change. In fact, I named him “Seffirroth” out of spite and started transferring everything out of all my charas’ mail to prepare for an account shutdown. Fortunately Blizzard reconsidered– amazing how far a call to Account Cancellation will get you– and now all is right with the world. (And after all, “Haloperidol” is the generic name of the drug, not copyrighted or anything.)

    While I won’t be completely satisfied until you can do it for free, and as often as you like (requiring only an in-game trip to Stockholm), the gender switch os a good start. Blizzard has always been a very understanding company when it comes to gender issues. Men can wear womens’ clothing and vice versa. Back in my EQOA days, no such luxury existed; dresses were for women and pants were for men. Scotsmen were ignored completely.

    It is, however, where I met a woman who consistently played male characters: not because she felt “more comfortable” doing so, or that males got a bonus at anything (which was the case with a few old tabletop RPGs I remember– men had a Strength bonus, women got a + to Charisma). She just go really, really tired of teenaged boys hitting on her.

    And, hey, if you ask most male players why their charas are female, they’ll answer “I like looking at the chicks.” Why can’t women like looking at a fine muscular male backside?

  7. kaliope Says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority of female gamers, but I really don’t have problems getting hit on in WoW. That said, I rarely pug and I prefer to group with my guild if I can, but that has more to do with controlling player quality than aversion to strangers. I’m just lucky that my guild is mature and doesn’t tolerate disrespectful conduct of any kind, so I’m rarely subjected to the unsavory types. As a result I don’t feel like I have to go that far to save my sanity, but I can certainly understand why other women would resort to it.

    As for enjoying the view of my “dude”, he was a gnome and didn’t offer much appeal in that department. Before his makeover, he was a greasy-haired imp with a handlebar mustache (think Snidely Whiplash) and a heart full of mischief. Now SHE is a serious practitioner of the dark arts with lovely Oriental features, a cute Princess Leia bun AND a name that starts with ‘K’, which is critical to proper bonding!

  8. Solidstate Says:

    > mean, I don’t think the fellas have nearly as much problems running around in women’s garb

    I have a very strong hunch you’re probably right ;)

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