Loot Recipes Now Online!

I’ve gotten an unusually high number of emails over the last week or so, informing me of loot drop recipes that aren’t on Crafter’s Tome.  To all those who contacted me with missing recipes — thank you :)  This includes my guild leader who messaged me a wall of text on resist enchants and leather kits that they were farming in some zone I won’t see for a few more weeks <sniff>.

Anyway, after getting messages from a few diligent folks in my guild as well as the flood of emails, I decided to hunt down all these recipes and try to add them to our site.  Sadly none of my toons are 80 (or 79, or 78) so it’s hard for me personally to verify these items.  WowHead is also kind of a mess in this regard.  I think the items are technically in the database, but if you don’t know the name already you might have trouble finding it.  That plus they sometimes have recipes/items that aren’t actually Live yet.  

So I decided to use the Armory as my reference point, since Blizzard claims that it won’t show anything that isn’t Live.  Using their search engine can be tricky as well, but since I already knew some of the names that helped me locate the recipes that I needed.  Then I used my in-game mod (created by the hubby) to find the recipe link for each item and confirm ingredients.  

Long story short, I’ve got the ‘known’ drop recipes on Crafter’s Tome now.  There are new items for Alchemy (resist potions), Blacksmithing (plate resilience armor – cheap skill points too!), Enchanting (resistance enchants), Leatherworking (resistance armor kits – BOP only), Jewelcrafting (lots of gem cuts) and Tailoring (new shirts!).  Most of these new items are static, farmable drops and I’ve noted where to go for them.  Some are instance drops, which are also noted.  A few had no drop locations on the Armory, so they may end up being World Drops.

So go check out the new goodies at Crafter’s Tome!

Anyone out there who might have new information to share is welcome to leave a message in the Comments :)


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  1. Rendynn Says:

    Thanks for updating crafterstome a bit, but I’m afraid that there is a lot more to do :(

    Personally, then I got around 7 alch recipes not listed there (discovered through transmutes and research), and I’m not even maxed out.

    Nevertheless, ace that you took the time to actually use armory – It’s so slow that it makes my own comp crash!

    Will make a spam mail with the recipees I got that you haven’t gotten up on crafterstome yet ^^ And, once again, thanks a lot for doing this :)

  2. Andre Says:

    No Engineering? :-(

  3. kaliope Says:

    Sorry Andre – I did not turn up any Engineering goodies on the loot drop searches. As far as I know there’s only one non-trainer recipe and that’s the motorcycle.

    Rendynn: This wasn’t an effort to get *all* missing recipes into the database, just the loot drop ones. I’m working on the Alchemy discoveries as well, but as you point out that process can only occur every seven days. I’ve been adding the Alchemy research items as I discover them or receive screenshots from other Alchemists. Inscription has the same problem of requiring research to unearth new recipes. Sadly both of those charts will be a long time in the making, purely due to the discovery process. Still, we do the best we can with what we have.

  4. Andre Says:

    Aaawww :-(

    Thanks anyway for your answer, Kaliope. :-)

  5. MJ Says:

    Re: JC recipes I made a cross reference grid to make it a little easier for my friends to select which gems are right for them, even if I don’t have it.
    I thought you might find it handy or would want to share it as well.


    Let me know what you think.

  6. ClemSnide Says:

    Since the Forums are gone, this looks like as good a place as any to bemoan the quest recipes– or lack thereof.

    If you do, for example, the quest “Succulent Orca Stew” for the phony Murloc king in the northwest part of the continent, you’ll get a few bowls of stew, to be sure. But you won’t get a recipe. Now, turn to your Achievements, and you’ll see that this is one of the 46 recipes listed for the Achievement “Northrend Gourmet.” In fact, there are 4 quest-based recipes, none of which are giveing the recipes themselves out.

    Hmm. THe top level achievement needs 45 recipes made out of the 46… but there are only 42 learnable. The Achievement is necessary for the title “Shef.” I think it’s going to be a while before someone gets that particular title. A GM told me that the quest was working properly and was not meant to give you a recipe, but was silent on how you got a recipe named “Succulent Orca Stew” if not from the quest of the same name.

  7. ClemSnide Says:

    (Ugh! “Shef?” “Giveing?” I have to stop trying to post comments on my Windows browser with its miniature text-entry font.)

  8. kaliope Says:

    Clem: Don’t know if you noticed, but the new Patch Notes are up and a new test client is available for download. This is where I get all my griping worked out :) If you want to make your case and be sure it gets heard, pop onto the test realm and submit bug reports on the various items that are missing. I am evil, I submit lots of feedback with that precious blue button!

  9. ClemSnide Says:

    Roger wilcox! (That one, at least, was mistyped on purpose.) I used to be active on the test servers before WoLK, but lapsed when work got in the way. Same with dating. (insert emoticin for a sad yet brave smile)

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