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During the Beta I had every intention of writing about Fishing, but I got sidetracked by a significant change in the skill-up ratio.  After one particular patch, I was getting skill points every 4-5 catches and I went from 375 to 450 in just a few hours.  I went to El’s web site to see if others were experiencing the same thing, but I was the first to post about it.  Within a few days the change was confirmed and it persisted through the rest of Beta.  Still, no one was certain if this was a permanent change.

Now it seems we have our answer.  On the Live server I’ve leveled to about 390 Fishing and I’m skilling up every 10-12 catches.  While this is certainly better than where we left off in Outland, it’s not quite as exciting as the changes we were hoping for.  I haven’t investigated this myself, but if you’re curious about how the existing leveling progression affects lower tiers of Fishing, I’m sure El has the skinny on that :)

There’s not really much I can say about how to level Fishing, there’s not a whole lot of mystery in throwing a line a few hundred times and looting the fishies at the other end.  What I’d like to toss out instead are some things you might want to consider in conjunction with your fishing efforts.  There’s no compelling reason to level Fishing just for the points, but there are a number of new Achievements for Fishing.  For those planning to level Cooking, I would definitely focus on that and ignore the skill points.  In all likelihood you’ll cap before you collect all the fish you need to cook, so don’t waste your time on random fishing.  Between all the various Northrend Fishing achievements and Cooking, you should have no trouble reaching 450 without even trying.

I would also encourage you to bring plenty of lures with you when you leave your home city on a fishing expedition.  Since Northrend is all new, you won’t know where to find lures in an emergency outage.  Trust me, I ran into this in the Beta when I headed off to fish and realized I didn’t have my lures.  Then I tried to figure out where I could score some and I just didn’t know any of the vendors/zones well enough to find supplies.  So take care of this before you’re in the middle of the Frozen Sea, surrounded by penguins!

I’d also like to share a few helpful hints for certain kinds of fish.  For the Small Feast, Nettlefish can be found in the Sholazar Basin.  If you go right to the middle of the zone (River’s Heart) there are spawn pools there that you can safely fish at level 70.  Just make sure you don’t get too close to the threshers in the water.  Glacial Salmon can be found in the Crystalsong Forest.  There are other locations as well, but if you port down from Dalaran and stay near the river, it’s not too hard to dodge the wolves as a level 70 and get the salmon.  Deep Sea Monsterbelly are in the Frozen Sea, which you can reach if you swim WAY out from the Borean Tundra.  The little chain of islands along the southeast border is what you want to aim for.  Rockfin Grouper is pretty much everywhere, it’s like Barbed Gill Trout.

Finally, for those of you who aren’t planning to do the Coins in the Fountain Fishing achievements, I’d just like to share a few images with you:


Dalaran Coin Collection

Dalaran Coin Collection


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  1. El Says:

    Lower tiers actually became harder in the patch just before WotLK launched: Reports of 15+ catches per skill point just before skill 300. I suspect that was not intended.

  2. Eino Says:

    Just wanted to comment about Pygmy suckerfish, an uncommon attachement to fish in the Fjord, they sell like hot cakes. They’re used in Alchemy and at this point, sell for over 10g each. Just a little incentive to level up fishing.

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    Well, you dont have to worry too much about fishing lures, if you have found that little hat doing the fishing dailies in Outland :D

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Eino – I thought about mentioning the Pygmy Suckerfish, but I figured most Alchemists would have leveled past it by now. It’s kind of a pain to catch as well, you have to fish inland waters only (no coastal areas) and you can’t use the spawn pools. Since that’s fairly counter to my tips above, I thought it might be too counterproductive for most folks. But it’s certainly an option for anyone who’d like to cash in on fishing.

    Alaz: I’m totally with you on that – I have the hat but unfortunately I put mine in the bank when I was clearing my bags for WotLK. Doh!

  5. Herc Says:

    I just leveled up fishing and cooking a week before wrath. I maxed out my cooking but fishing is still around 290ish ..

    Do you know what’s the minimum fishing skill level to fish in Northrend and what area? Thanks

  6. Zahngril Says:

    Northrend fishing starts at 405 and most zones after Borean Tundra and howling Fjord are 430 fishing skill. 375 fishing + a lure will get you started comfortably and by the time you hit the higher zones. Just make sure you have a +50 skill buffer (lure, lager, etc) above the zone minimum to avoid “your fish got away”.

    Pygmy Oil (what Alchemists make with pygmy suckerfish) has a fun use too. Drink one and “you feel noticeably smaller”. Rumor has it that drinking 4-5 will shapeshift you into a pygmy complete with Zul’Gurub style witchdoctor mask.

  7. ClemSnide Says:

    Well, I didn’t get the First In Realm achievement on Silver Hand. Blast. Probably because I wasted my time swimming around Northrend. Why not? I’ve swum all around the other two continents.

    And I can tell you this: [em] There is no fishing in the coastal areas of Zul’Drak, the Storm Peak, or Icecrown.[/em] The Grizzly Hills are the last area to the northwest, and probably Borean Tundra to the northerast; I don’t know whether Sholozar Basin has any coastal areas that can be reached, but that’s up to you. I got tired of hanging around with penguins.

    Unless you’re going for a specific kind of fish (like the Fangtooth Hering, for the Haunted Herring), you may as well just fish off the dock in Valiance Keep. In fact, I got a decent number of Darkwater Clams, which are useful for the Bad Clams, and a surprising number of them had Northsea Pearls; I even got a couple of Sirens’ Tears that way!

    And I lack a hat, except for the one won from a long-ago Stranglethorn contest, so I was using Old Man Barlo’s lures, of which I have about a metric ton.

  8. Alazasthas Says:

    I have catched some Pygmy Suckerfish from the coast right north to Valliance Keep. NOt that many but some.

  9. Delthiene Says:

    Yes on the pygmy suckerfish, even though it says to catc h them inland, I fish in the Tundra from the keep and catch them there. They always come in with another fish. Have caught lots of different types and the clams do have the pearls in them.

    Thanks for all the info.

  10. Eino Says:

    Fishing in the expansion is really quite disappointing. What happened to the nodes of flotsom and jetsom? What’s the point of having fishing if you never catch anything cool from the pools? There is only 1 crate that you can catch and it can have borean leather scraps, cobalt and another thing not worth mentioning.

    I hope they add something to fishing, it really feels flat. There’s an amzing amount of wrecked ships in the expansion yet no floating junk. Boo.

  11. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for all the extra info folks, I’m sure that helps those who are interested in the pygmy fish. I agree with you Eino about the lack of zip in our fishing. I know this is something that was repeatedly mentioned in Beta that the Devs wanted to address but somehow that never happened. I think they probably felt that the Pygmy fish added a bit of spice, but I think it still falls way short of the promised revamp. We can only hope they get to it in a patch .

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