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I was quite sad that I didn’t get a chance to level Inscription in the Beta, I would have liked to provide some insight into the progression before it went Live.  Luckily I was able to get Kaliope to Dalaran last night (thank you Oldone for getting our guild into the city!!) and visit the Inscription trainer.  And thanks to my newly leveled Herbalism, I was able to hang out in higher zones and farm the herbs needed without fighting the throngs of levelers.

The bad news is, if you leveled past 350 then Ink of the Sea will probably be gray already.  I was sitting at 359 (purely accidental, I stopped trying at 350) when I visited the trainer and it was gray to me.  The good news is that some of the Outland recipes are still yellow (such as Frost Trap, Frenzied Regeneration and of the Ghoul) so you can use them to hit 360 if you aren’t there already.

At 360 the recipe Armor Vellum III was still yellow, so I used that to get more skill points.  If you want to ensure a skill point you can use the scroll recipes instead.  You learn a new scroll every five points, so you could make those all the way up if you want to conserve ink.  At 375 you learn Snowfall Ink, but I didn’t have enough rare pigments to get a skill point from that.  It’s worth a try though, so go ahead and make what you can.  You can also train the new Northrend glyphs at 375, so once you make your inks you can start cranking those out.  Sadly they become yellow at 380, but you can still keep making them to hit 385.

Reaching 385 is the main target here – this is when the Northrend research is unlocked.  You’ll probably want to save all of your Snowfall Ink for researching, it requires one each time you use and three Ink of the Sea as well.  My first researched recipe was totally new to me: Glyph of Death and Decay.  It’s a Death Knight item and none of the removed trainer recipes were for DKs.  So we still don’t know whether the “unknown” recipes are research or not, but clearly some researched glyphs are not in my listing.  I’ll be keeping tabs on this and making updates to the site.

At 390 my new Researched glyph turned yellow, hopefully it or some of my other researched recipes will see me to 400.  Otherwise I’ll be reduced to making more scrolls :(  On the upside, I sold a few of my new scrolls for 5g each, so maybe it’s not all bad.  I made the STR and AGI ones because INT and SPI never sell.  Another good bit of news is that Northrend Research is orange when you learn it and you get a skill point for it.  It’s still orange at 390, so hopefully I’ll be able to milk it for a bit.  I’ll keep you posted on that as well.

I hope this helps some of you who haven’t had a chance to work on Inscription yet – Good Luck!


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  1. Hobbes Says:

    Do you have an enchanter? All the Armor Vellum III is useful for leveling enchants, and you can recoup some of the costs of mats. My enchant scrolls haven’t been selling well since the release of Wrath, but hopefully it will pick up soon. After all, every DK is an alt, so at least some of them must be well-funded.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Yes, I have an enchanter. Today I sold a couple of the Armor Vellum III for 30g each, so there’s a market. Presumably for enchanters who want to level their skill and not waste mats.

    I would agree that selling DK friendly enchants/gear/buff items should be a reasonable way to generate cash. I’ve also been selling some DK glyphs for decent money. I suspect anyone with goods that cater to the DK folks will be able to generate revenue for the next few weeks with those items.

  3. ClemSnide Says:

    What was interesting was that I got mainly DK Glyphs early on, after that lovely Thorns Glyph revealed itself; and I presumed that I would have to wait on the release of WoLK to sell the DK products. Nop! I listed a few at moderately inflated prices and they sold pretty well. Corpse Explosion was a biggie, but they all went for 5g and up, with a few reaching 30g. So I guess a lot of folks started planning early on.

    Surprisingly, even the Major Glyphs sell at prices other than bargain-baseemnt when it comes to Death Knights. Shortly after Inscriptoin was introduced there was a massive price war and the goods people made while levelling up are now selling for next to nothing… but the DK Majors are considerably higher than, say Priest Majors. I imagine that a lot of people were stockpiling funds over the past six months toi get the best for their little Scourgies!

  4. El Says:

    All the researched Northrend majors I’ve seen skilled-up 385/390/397/405 (orange/yellow/green/grey). You have to discover at least one to get through to 400. At skill 400, trained scrolls will take you through to about 425/430.

    Like some of the other professions, the last 25-odd points are madness to try and power-level. Heavy reliance on Darkmoon Card of the North until it goes green: If the thousands of herbs to mill don’t get you, the stacks of Eternal Life required will.

    The best finishing strategy appears to be research after 425. By the time you have discovered all the majors, you will be at 450 or very close. The 2 months that will take is not a problem: There are no known recipes at skill 450 yet.

  5. Hobbes Says:

    Hey Kaliope, I got a server-first 450 enchanting today, using up a bunch of Armor Vellum III. The enchanted scrolls still aren’t selling well, so I think I’ll take them off the market until the first guilds begin raiding.

    On another note, I read on Elitist Jerks that the % success rate of a yellow enchant begins at 100% for the first yellow and drops linearly to 50% at the first green. But I had a much better success rate, usually getting 80-90% in the yellows. Have you noticed any such changes, or was it just a run of good luck?

  6. kaliope Says:

    Gratz Hobbes!! I bet that was a pita to level since the greens in WotLK seem to drop mostly 1 dust or small essence. I can’t say that I’ve had 80-90% success on yellow recipes, probably more like 60-80%. But I wasn’t actually counting either.

    Thanks for the tips on Inscription El – I’m not really planning to powerlevel mine so anyone who’s curious about how to do it can check out El’s guide :)

  7. Hobbes Says:

    Yep, like you said, the lower-level greens dropped only 1-2 dusts or a lesser essence. And there weren’t very many high-level greens on the AH.

    But the hardest part was probably getting the Titanium Rod, which required leveling up a miner to smith Saronite and an alchemist to transmute a Titanium Bar, and a blacksmith to forge the rod!

  8. Jessabelle Says:

    I use crafterstome for everything. I’m obsessed with professions, it’s definitely my favorite part of the game. On my scribe, i just discovered a new minor inscription for death knights, “Glyph of Death’s Embrace”. It has something to do with Death Coil. I didn’t see it on your list of inscriptions, but it looks like a couple of DK glyphs might be missing. Since inscription seems to be based a lot off of discovering new glyphs, do you want for people to alert you if they discover a new glyph that isnt on the crafterstome list?

  9. kaliope Says:

    Jessabelle: Absolutely! Crafter’s Tome always accepts screenshots of undiscovered or modified items in the game :) If screenshots are a problem, you can point me to Wowhead and I’ll try to verify the item in-game. I prefer not to rely exclusively on Wowhead since sometimes they have items in their database that aren’t truly live yet. But if I can combine that with user verification, that works as well as an actual screenshot.

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