The Crafting Diva Earns Her Crown

Like I’m sure some of you did, I picked up my copy of WotLK at 12am this morning.  My main purpose in doing so was to get a jump start on professions so I could stay in front of the wave of crafting activities.  Since it’s my task to report on tradeskills, I wanted to at least try to be a frontrunner :)

In the back of my mind, I also toyed with the idea of a Realm First Achievement.  I really wanted to try for one, if only to be able to hold my head up as your fearless leader of crafty goodness!  The main problem standing in my way?  I’m on the West Coast playing on an East Coast server, which means the folks on my server will have a three hour head-start on me.  I mulled this over for weeks, strategized possibilities with my family, and debated the merits of several options.  Ultimately, I decided to go for mining.  My extensive collection efforts in the Beta would give me the inside track I needed to pull it off, despite the time disadvantages I’d be working against.

I stand before you now, having achieved that goal and so much more.  At approximately 3pm PST, Krystella became the first Jewelcrafter to reach 450.  She was also the first Miner to reach 450 skill, which occurred around 5am PST. Krystella is the proud holder of, not just one, but TWO REALM FIRSTS!!

The race to glory began at 12:30am PST, when I logged into my account and immediately traveled to Howling Fjord with my +5 mining gloves and a dream.  I spent 90 minutes circling the snow-capped mountains of the Fjord and the rough countryside of Grizzly Hills.  After reaching 400 Mining, I hearthed out and traveled to the Borean Tundra, where I ventured north into the Sholazar Basin.  I arrived full of hope to a zone filled with ore that had been untouched by Azerothian gloves.  As the morning wore on, I felt a sense of anticipation when I continued to be the lone scavenger in a land filled only with occasional wanderers.

As I neared the magical 450 mark, a new idea sprang within me.  If I were truly the only one out here, battling for the mining prize, who would there be to go against me in the push for 450 Jewelcrafting?  These thoughts continued to grow and when the big moment of glory came — I was still alone and unchallenged!  Fearlessly I mined on, hoping against hope that I would be able to sustain this great lead against the masses.  All morning I remained solitary in my efforts to collect huge quantities of ore.  I mined and prospected.  I collected and cut.  I trained and mailed away the fruits of my labor.  The more I crafted, the greater the obsession that came over me.  I WAS THE ONLY ONE ATTEMPTING THIS COLOSSAL FEAT OF GREATNESS!!!

I pushed on, hoping beyond hope that I could make it happen.  I plowed through my blue gems and my Eternals, heedless of the long term financial consequences.  Around 420 it became obvious to me that I was having inventory problems.  Only 2 options lay before me: Meta-gems or the Dream Signet.  I only had 6 Forest Emeralds with which to make the signets, despite saving them all for the final push.  That was not going to cut it… I would need lots of Metas to reach the finish line.  I scoured the auctions, I canvassed my guild.  No one was leveling Alchemy.  If this was going to happen, it would be all on me.  That’s right, Ladies and Gentlemen, you know where this is going.  I diverted my efforts for 3+ hours and leveled FRIGGIN’ Alchemy!!!

Out came my Hunter with her trusty steed of bleatitude.  She traversed Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Sholazar Basin and Storm Peaks in search of the elusive plant life required to level the arcane art of the witches’ brew.  Next my Warlock came to the party, ready to work his concoctions for the cause.  Finally my Warrior jumped on board with her mote-farming services to collect all the bloody Eternals for the meta-gems.  Time and time again I checked the Auction House for assistance, but no one was posting any of the items I needed.  Despite my annoyance at the inconvenience, it renewed my hope that no one else was attempting this mad crusade.

When I reached the home stretch, meta-gems in hand and ready to be cut, I held my breath and set the wheels in motion.  Each point that went by was a torture… would I get the points I needed?  I had one gem to spare on recipes that had turned yellow at 440.  I watched the numbers roll by, hardly able to look yet not daring to look away.  I had a skip at 448 – there was no more room for error.  At 449 I was a bundle of barely contained excitement.  The bar was going …. going … going…



Whispers came flooding in from everywhere, I could barely read the messages as the chat scrolled by.  To all the people who messaged me on my Mining and Jewelcrafting achievement, I’m sorry if I didn’t thank you.  I tried to respond to each well wisher but there were so many and the chat window was so inadequate to the task.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being so gracious and supportive of my efforts!!

Needless to say, I am certifiable at this point.  I pulled an All-Nighter, crafted for 14 and a half hours straight so I could make this happen.  I am a proud and tired Loony Bird folks!  In the end it was worth it, now I can hold my head high and know that I’ve earned my place amongst the professionals of the WoW Blog-O-Sphere.


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  1. Aurik Says:

    Major, major congrats, Kaliope!


  2. Tsark Says:

    Awesome job, Kal – I cannot think of anyone who deserves crafting firsts more than you! It makes it even more impressive because you had to level professions on several toons to achieve it. Kudos!

  3. Drainar Says:

    awesome job Kal :D

  4. kaliope Says:

    Heh, thanks a bunch guys =) I’m really happy it worked out, although I think you’d almost have to have a full set of crafters and/or major guild support to pull off something like this. I’m still kind of in shock about it but also tickled that I was able to do it even with the 3 hour deficit. Being in the beta was also a major advantage, since I was able to learn the spawn patterns for herbs and ore.

    Once you get past the low level herbs/ore, you practically have the higher zones to yourself, so it’s really worth pushing your skill if you can put in the time. So many players are focused on leveling right now that it’s not too hard to jump ahead from what I saw today. Not to mention the major $$ you’d rake in by farming goodies ahead of the crowd. My next project is to get some posts up over the next few days and expand on the leveling tips for my readers.

  5. Solidstate Says:

    Congratulations Kaliope!

  6. Jason Says:

    You’re mad! But Very Well Done nonetheless!!! :D

  7. Gevlon Says:

    May I ask what was the point of it? I mean, as you wrote the leveling was not really economic, you spent lot of resources for … what exactly? You have the same slvl 450 that I will have the next week.

    The people cannot buy your stuff since they can’t use them yet, so being first does not provide any benefit like being the first who researched a minor glyph that many want to have.

    So I’m kind of lost here.

  8. furble Says:

    awesome post man!!!

    And congrats on 2 world firsts!

  9. Gnarock Says:

    Congrats :)

    I fully understand why you did this. I love working to finish Rep grinds and the achievements have made me want to do that even more.

  10. Herc Says:

    Congratz! Nice title to add on your belt. Awesome job really.


    I don’t speak for kaliope but yes economically/time wise it doesn’t make any sense … but it doesn’t have to be all about that now right? =)

  11. Barona Says:

    As someone said before, I can think of no one in the world who better deserves such First Achievements than the one who helps so many of us out on our crafting needs!


  12. Andre Says:

    DOUBLE grats:

    1) For having actually managed that COLOSSAL FEAT OF GREATNESS!
    2) For your writing! That was such a breathtaking reading, it was like I was there with you! :-D

    Really, CONGRATULATIONS, that was AWESOME!!!! :-D

  13. Kestrel Says:

    What Andre said! HUGE congratulations, Kal, I’m sure I speak for a lot of other bloggers when I say I’m very proud of you!

  14. kaliope Says:

    Thank you so much everyone for your support and kind words – you guys are amazing and I’m so lucky to have such a warm group of people behind me =) I really tried to write this up so everyone could get a sense of the exhilaration and anticipation I felt as I went through this process (ordeal?). Either that or it was the delirium from lack of sleep talking, rofl!

    For those of you wondering why I would waste my time on this, my Jewelcrafter made enough money in Burning Crusade that she’s not hurting for cash. I’m not worried about her earning potential, as players level up she’ll be able to clear her bank of these items. I saw this as more of a mountain climbing adventure. I did it just to see if it could be done and to stand at the summit and enjoy the wonder of the view!

  15. Hobbes Says:

    Well done. I salute you!

    I’ve been trying to level JC and enchanting, but with no miner or herbalist toons, it’s been slow going. I figure I will be in the first wave of 80’s (72 at the moment) and into heroics and Naxx, and getting abyss shards early for the push to 450 enchanting at least. Like yourself, JC made me a fortune, so now I am buying out all the Northrend greens for DE.

    Did you die at all while gathering in areas with level 77+ mobs?

  16. kaliope Says:

    No, I did not die traveling all the high level zones, except Icecrown. But most of the time you get jumped and just keep running to lose them. I spent some of my time in beta looking for good farming spots that were off the beaten path so I wouldn’t have that problem. In general it’s always safer on the outer edges of a zone instead of plowing right through the middle, so when in doubt…

    I’ll probably work up a post on Herbs/Mining when I get a chance, but the above tip always applies :)

  17. Joel Says:

    Grats! That’s an impressive set of achievements. I’m glad you had fun with it.

  18. cizzztm Says:


    congratulations, and thanks you for
    sharing it with us readers! Amazing story and
    for me even a greater job then the worlds first level 80.
    Hope to enjoy lotsa your exiting adventures
    in the future

    game on!

  19. Paulio Says:

    Kaliope, this is my first time reading your blog… I just happened to stumble upon it after a google search. First – congrats!! Mostly, though, I just wanted to say that I felt you really did capture that feeling of “exhilaration and anticipation.” Going for a realm first has a charge like nothing else because it’s all-or-nothing. At any moment it can all end as someone else snatches it away, and you have to live with that feeling the entire time. Lesser people crumble, maybe decide they want to eat or sleep, maybe do an instance and have some fun… whatever, it’s over when they lose their focus. :)

    It must have been nerve-wracking for you to pull your main and go running around to level alch. in the middle of your progression. This makes it not only an achievement of speed but also one of discipline and judgment, and that’s why it rocks. Sure, all the miners and JCs will be 450 soon, too, but you were the first to solve the puzzle. Great tale, thanks for sharing it.

    Oh – and cool observation:
    “I saw this as more of a mountain climbing adventure…”

    Can totally picture it. I was hooked on mining when I first played WoW. It was more fun than killing mobs because no one griefed me/ganked me up there and I got rich while taking in the views. :)

  20. ClemSnide Says:

    I kinda knew that I wasn’t going to be a first-in-the-realm Miner (olr Blacksmith) when I saw the color scheme– lots white. These old VI eyes can’t see the node markers so well against the snow. Sigh.

    So, instead, I’ve decided to go for fishing. Surely no one will be so insane as to level that up, right?


  21. Savadia Says:

    Will you get a title for serverwide firsts?

    In the BETA there were titles for crafting achievements not in live – I made server-first Tailor thanks to motivation from people like you… but…

    I dont see a title… Even if no title… Its still in my Achievements tab and thats ok… I guess… just not as good as a title !

    Gratz from me and my Warlock Demons !

  22. kaliope Says:

    Paulio: Thanks for the warm wishes and I’m glad the story helped pull my readers into the moment. It’s the least I can do since so many didn’t get the opportunity to be in beta or a chance to go for a Realm First. And yes, it was horribly nerve-wracking to switch tracks to Alchemy! Pretty much from noon until 5pm when I hit 450 I was expecting to get passed by at any moment by someone else.

    Clem: I’m not sure fishing is safe either – I toyed with that one myself under the assumption no one would go for it. But since that one actually has a title, someone on my server was on it immediately and capped it even before I capped Mining!

    Savadia: No, there are no titles for serverwide firsts with a few exceptions. I didn’t get a title for the mining or JC one, but I believe fishing gets a title of “Master Angler”. Title or no – congrats on hitting the Tailoring achievement!! I bet Tailoring is one of the harder trades due to the horrible drop rate of Frostweave, so well done =)

  23. Alazasthas Says:

    Gratz Kaliope. Some achievements are not done for anything else but the sense of satisfaction of doing it.

    2 realm first are great and something you should toot around. As for the economic implications of these, well it pales to the sense of pride you show in your blog.


  24. Diabolos Says:

    Woohoo! Congratz Kaliope!!!

  25. Silverscale Says:

    According to the Armory, you weren’t just the first in your realm but the first in the world accross all realms!


    (I’m speechless)

  26. kaliope Says:

    Holy crap! I had no idea :) Thanks for pointing that out!! I actually checked for cross-realm stats last week and didn’t find anyone tracking that, so this is pretty cool.

  27. Morphis Says:

    Congratulations my fellow crafter, we both own our well deserved crowns:

    “First Grand master Jewelcrafter accross all realms” ,

    You in USA and me back here in Europe.

    I found it out myself as late as yesterday, and I will never forget the moment I Ding 450 and saw all the hundreds of Gz in my chattlogg.

    The story of my last 10 minutes:

    It was 10 minutes to midnight, I had 5 more gains to earn. I was so into getting the achievment on the 13th and been working so hard. I didn’t even cut one singel meta as there was none who could provide them at this time on my server (Talnivarr). So I did it all hardcore by crafting trinkets all the way up. I can’t even remember how many trinkets I dissenchanted the last hour hehe.

    … 3 minutes from midnight, I had 1 more gain. I had resources for only one singel Dream signet left. Oh man I was nervous. I knew if I fail to gain on this last resource I would not gain the achivement on the 13th!!

    Crafting Dream Signet……… DING 450!! I was happy!

    /Morphis of Talnivarr
    Achievement First: Grand Master Jewelcrafter – 13-11-2008

  28. kaliope Says:

    Congrats Morphis!! Thanks for sharing your story, I think letting people know how exciting and nerve-racking it is to do something like this is quite valuable to those who didn’t have the opportunity :)

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