Final WotLK Updates for Recipe Lists

The past weekend revolved around a major push to get all my final changes onto the Crafter’s Tome site.  I know that everyone will be flocking to Northrend and I want to have as much information available as I can.  So all of the locations are now online for all professions.  This includes detail links to trainers, vendors and faction Quartermasters.  At the request of one of our users, each Location detail indicates whether that NPC is Alliance or Horde.  We still don’t have a filter for the recipe lists, but I don’t want any more deaths on my conscience.  So please click the Location link and see which faction your NPC is before you visit!  If an NPC has no faction listed, he is believed to be Neutral.  There are also a handful of quests that are missing locations, and I’ll try to get those filled in as quickly as possible after launch.  But the vast majority of NPCs are in the database, along with the standard text descriptions that we typically use.

For those not familiar with the Crafter’s Tome philosophy, we purposely avoid the use of coordinates because many players do not use a mod that provides them.  All of our NPC locations include descriptive text to indicate where they can be found.  By doing this we ensure that everyone is able to make use of the location data, regardless of their mod preferences.  So I apologize if you prefer coordinates, but we have no plans to include them at this time.  However, I go to great pains (yes, that may have been me you saw stealthing through your Horde town… I mean you no harm!) to make my descriptions as accurate and informational as possible, hopefully that will be satisfactory.

I would also like to direction attention to the Leatherworking list, which has been updated with the vendor wares.  I held off on posting these recipes in the desperate hope that Blizzard would change the purchasing method.  As of the last day of Beta they did not, so I’ve gone ahead and put those items online.  You’ll see that recipes are purchased with Heavy Borean Leather and Arctic Fur, so please plan carefully when you start collecting those items.  You need enough for skill points and recipe purchases!  This will be more of an issue with Arctic Fur, which is a rare drop.  You’ll have to weigh your priorities when choosing whether to make yourself a beefy item or save it to purchase a beefy recipe.

Tomorrow I’ll be compiling a post with links to all of the WotLK Profession posts I’ve written over the past two months.  This will be a quick way for folks to jump directly to the tradeskill guide they need without sifting through the archived entries.

Today is our last day of prep – use it wisely!

3 Responses to “Final WotLK Updates for Recipe Lists”

  1. Martheron Says:

    Awesome list of stuff! Thanks for all the time and dedication to providing a list such as this. It shows me exactly what I need to see whats coming. Kepp up the good work!

  2. Warcraftecon Says:

    Arctic fur dropped for me more often than I thought. Just by killing the wolfs in Howling Fjord for the cooking dailys, I would skin 2-3 every time I did the daily. Drop rate seems to be like cobra scales, maybe the increased it at the last minute.

  3. kaliope Says:

    It sounds like you had a really good drop rate for Arctic Fur, compared with my experience. I went to the same place (Howling Fjord -> Wolves) and farmed leather. I usually got about 1 Arctic Fur for every hour or so that I spent skinning. Sometimes I got only 1 Fur after 2+ hours of farming, it was more like the Fel Lotus drop rate for me. Perhaps they amped that up towards the end of Beta, but I wasn’t able to skin in the final few weeks because I had to drop it for Inscription.

    I sure would love it if the drop rate were similar to Cobra Scales, since they are requiring Arctic Fur to purchase recipes. Hopefully once WotLK launches we’ll start seeing some concrete drop rate information on Wowhead :)

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