WotLK Specialty Gear ~ MIA?

I’ve mentioned a few times in previous posts that the Specialization trainers have not been populated with new WotLK recipes.  Up until the last day of Beta I continued to check for these items and sent several bug reports that commented on their absence.  Well today it seems we have our answer, at least this is the first Blue post I’ve seen on the matter:

“There will not be a Stormherald type weapon “high level crafter only”. There are however a fair number of epic crafted BoE weapons that smiths will be able to make in LK.

We didn’t like the vast number of people who felt they were required to be Blacksmiths in order to get a good weapon. Players should choose their trade skills based on what they enjoy, not what they feel they must do.”

For more details, view the whole thread on MMO-Champion’s Blue Tracker here.

Right now it looks like the crafted BOE Epics we’ve seen so far are the crafted Epics… period.  No longer will players be chained to a profession purely for the beefy items it can provide.  In addition, this will give crafters some nice gear to sell that other players might actually pay good money to buy, which should be a nice perk.

It remains to be seen how much effort is involved in crafting these items, but at least epic recipes won’t be the sole domain of mega-raiders or those willing to pay mega-gold for just one epic recipe.  Kaliope had only two epic recipes, the 2 from Karazhan rep, primarily because I just didn’t want to shell out that kind of cash.  What can I say people – I’m cheap!  But at this point it looks like anyone who’s willing to put in the time and farm the mats can make and sell epic gear, which I think is a more reasonable approach.  This change should also put more entry-level epics in the hands of casuals and hopefully make raid progression smoother than it was with Burning Crusade (Yes, I’m looking at you Karazhan!).

It looks like the self-enchants/buffs/trinkets are the only reason to keep a profession at this point.  If you’ve been considering a change, now is the time to do it.  At least we got a little advance notice, five days may not be enough time to fully power a profession to 375, but it’s better than no warning at all :)


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  1. Dahlyiin Says:

    That’s exactly what I was asking myself.
    On my squishy holy priest I always had Alchemy/Herbalism, but I was wondering on the opportunity to take tailoring for some nice epic profession related. ( es: self thread / spellpower set)
    Would be cool to craft some important pieces with my tailor lock alt, so, let’s hope this will apply not only to Blacksmithing!

  2. idahoe Says:

    this is great for casual players as we should have more opportunity to get ready for raids with less profession-only equipment. Traditionally, the weapon/armor crafting professions have been thought of as money losers, I hope they swing toward money makers.

  3. Fearstalker Says:

    meh… I’ll be keeping engineering/mining and engineering/skinning on my 2 mains, and will bring a pile of bars/skins to the poor fool leveling a crafting profession to get my gear made.

    The min-maxers will still change professions to gain one or two stam points, so that won’t change.

    And as long as engineering makes money from motes, I’ll be keeping it. I see no point in picking up LW or BS now.

  4. Kinzlayer Says:

    I switched my warlock to Tailoring when BC came about from Herbalism and I’m still not sure if I wana keep Tailoring just for bags and a carpet after Wrath since there won’t be any FSW or Spellstrike sets for tailors in the future. Still pretty annoyed and confused as what I want my 2nd profession to be.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Kinz: I don’t know if you’ve reviewed my Tailoring list, but there will be new epic robes and glove patterns that use specialty cloth. While they aren’t exclusive to Tailors, I see this as a good thing since it opens up new marketing opportunities. It remains to be seen from the number crunchers how these items will stack up to raid drops, but I’ve read that Blizzard wasn’t too happy about the OPness of the Shadoweave and Primal Moon set so I doubt we’d see a repeat of that anyway.

    In a quick comparison between the Ebonweave Robe and the Heroes’ Plagueheart Robe (Naxx10 Warlock Chest) they are both rated as Lvl 200. The Ebonweave Robe has an extra 18 spellpower, 30 Intellect and 32 Hit rating. The Plagueheart Robe has an extra 23 Stam, 64 Spirit and 2 sockets. Since spellpower and hit rating are generally more important for a warlock, you could arguably call a 1-on-1 in favor of the Ebonweave. But since the Plagueheart has five pieces with 2 set bonuses, I’m assuming it will probably overshadow the Ebonweave once you have 2/4 pieces. At any rate, I think they are close enough that you could easily justify making the Ebonweave items when you’re ready to start raiding and very likely be more prepared than folks who are starting in quest/dungeon blues.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Another update to the saga:

    “It’s entirely likely that there will be more BoP crafted items. What there won’t be is “I have to be a crafter for item X because it’s the best thing ever!” items. ”


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