Final Pre-WotLK Status on Inscription

I’ve gotten a few emails regarding Minor glyphs on Crafter’s Tome, asking when they are going up and offering help.  The biggest obstacle I had was that our database had no option to separate Major/Minor.  I knew this would be an issue for folks wanting to search the list, so I held off on posting them until I had a solution.  Well, it’s not ideal but we’ve come up with a way to work around the problem for now and I’ve started putting Minor Glyphs in the Inscription list.  Right now we’ve got about a third of them up and I’ll continue expanding that number over the next week or so.

Since I don’t have a “major/minor” option available for Inscriptions yet, we put a new choice in the “source” list.  If you want to do a search for minor glyphs, you can choose “Research” as the source.  Then you can select Glyph in the Type tab and mark the class you want to focus on.  For now I’m using “Research” as the designation for Minor glyphs, since research currently discovers only minor glyphs.  Once Lich King is launched this will have to change, but for now it’s the best I could come up with.

In other news, the end of Beta forced me to ramp up my reviewing efforts to catch any last minute changes to trainer/vendor recipes.  While visiting the Inscription trainer in Dalaran, I noticed a much shorter list of glyphs available.  Since I had already posted all of the original list on Crafter’s Tome, this was a significant change.  After reviewing my older listings and cross-checking them with the new trainer list, it appears that about 60 major glyphs were removed.  Less than ten of the Northrend glyphs remain trainable.  I also noted that the Northrend Research tooltip was changed to specify that “major” glyphs were discoverable.  From this I’m going to assume that the 60-odd missing glyphs are now discovery based instead of trainer based.  The seven remaining recipes are slanted to Death Knights and Mages (DK=2, Mage=2, Pally=1, Priest=1, Hunter=1).

Basically, this introduces a gatekeeper mechanism to power-leveling players who want to cap Inscription and unlock all the recipes.  It’s going to take about 2 months to achieve that, so racing to 450 skill won’t be of much use.  The current goal is more likely to be 385 when the new Research ability is unlocked.  Expect Inscription to continue looking the way it does now, with the lucky folks that learn the most popular glyphs earning the biggest rewards for their time investment.  Right now Crafter’s Tome still lists these glyphs as trainable, I’ve already changed our internal data to reflect the new status but it’s not up on the site yet.

Another issue I’d like to note is that as of the final day of Beta, the recipes were still very clumped around the 375 and 400 spot.  Scrolls continued to dominate the gaps in between, which means that I never actually leveled Inscription on the Beta server.  I would be very surprised if Inscription Launches like that, so right now 360+ Inscription is an unknown.  I chose not to level it because it looked unfinished and if it gets finished before launch, no guide written from Beta will be accurate.  If it doesn’t get changed from what I have on Crafter’s Tome, then we’ll all be making a bunch of lame scrolls for skill points :(  It’s also possible that they’re planning for the Research ability to provide those missing recipes, but that will be a slow (20 hours a shot slow) process.  Personally I hope they’re going to roll out a more polished version for Live and have simply opted to keep it under wraps until launch.

**NOTE** Ok, the Minor Glyphs are fixed but the Location pages are broken :)  What can I say… I’m madly cramming data on the site and the locations are a work in progress!  I’m still trying to get all the trainers linked to the recipes, right now if you click on a Location you’re going to get an error page :P  This is the same information I publishing in my Noob Guide, so if you want to see the details for trainer locations you can review that for now.


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  1. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Kestrel! I finally whipped the Inscription page into shape last night and all the recipes should be up there with the proper locations :)

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