Beta has Ended…

The Lich King Beta test officially ended at 12am today.  As we speak I am loitering in Dalaran, waiting for the lights to go out and the curtain to close.  I’m sad to see it go, especially since I had only begun my final check of all recipes this past weekend.  I made it through just five of the eleven recipe lists before the announcement, so they caught me off-guard with the timing.  With Burning Crusade they took down the beta server about three days before launch (basically, the weekend before) and I assumed a similar time frame for this beta cycle.  So in the spirit of catching as many last minute changes as possible, I waited until the 2 week point to even start my final review.

The good news is that I spent the last two days working on a brand new Noob Guide!  So despite the quick exit, we have a WotLK version of the guide available for folks when they step off the boat and into Northrend.  I also snagged as many screenshots as possible during the hour I had to finish my research before the shutdown.  Hopefully I can use the pics to finish checking recipes, although I wouldn’t be surprised if more changes occur between now and launch.

Needless to say I really enjoyed my time in the Beta.  It was an honor to participate and get the opportunity to provide feedback on the various professions.  Despite the negativity that the Developers receive most of the time from players, I think they do an amazing job.  As someone who has a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ knowledge of software and web site development, I don’t envy them the job and I applaud the hard work that I know goes into this game.  <Suck Up Mode Off>.

I would also like to thank my testing helpers, MD and Aurik (of the /hug blog), who graciously sent me screenshots when I wasn’t in the Beta.  A special thanks also goes to my guild leader Oldone for loaning me his Alchemist for testing.  All of you guys were invaluable to me and I sincerely appreciate your help!

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  1. Aurik Says:

    It was a pleasure to help out where I could – I only wish the European relams hadn’t fallen over quite so often in the early stages.

    Kind of sad to see it go – it felt a bit like a special private playground with all sorts of toys noone else got to play with but, at the same time, I’ll be so glad to share time there with my guildies and to actually get working on those professions on live!


  2. Esdras Says:

    I never went on beta as i would have got upset when my toons were gone that i had spent time leveling.

  3. Hinenuitepo Says:

    It is sad to see my DK go that I leveled to 80 from 55, but I look forward to doing it on live! :)
    I’ll be back when my shammy is ready to level her cooking, and review this for my other profs as well.
    Good work, K

  4. kaliope Says:

    Aurik: I’m so with you on the beta vibe. It’s really a bittersweet thing, because you preview the content and that’s fun. On the flip side you can’t really share the fun with your friends, so it gets pretty lonely. My favorite part of beta testing is when everything goes live and you can share all the insider tips you’ve collected with your buddies :)

    Esdras: I purposely didn’t level my toons much (72/71/70/70) because I didn’t want to burn out on the content or waste effort that would be lost in the end. Even with the leveling I did, easily half of that was grinding mobs for crafting. I really tried to keep it focused on the professions so I wouldn’t end up doing Hellfire 8 times like I did in BC. That got really old by the time my 5th toon went there on Live!

    There may be something to be said for knowing where to go and what to do. I understand why some folks go that route, especially if they only have 1-2 toons. I prefer to keep things fresh and novel whenever possible. This time I’ll be taking advantage of the 2-zone thing by running half my toons through Borean and the other thru the Fjord. I’m hoping that will cut down on the boredom factor :)

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