The Argent Dawn is Back!

The Scourge Invasion isn’t particularly crafting related, but it is faction related so I thought I’d bring it up.  Some of you may remember this event from a couple of years ago, but now it’s back and it’s been tweaked for the Lich King.  The undead mobs and their drop goodies are now level 70, so if you have any alts who could use a upgrade this may be an easy way to do it.

For completionists, this is also a chance to work on your Argent Dawn rep if you feel so inclined.  There are two achievements associated with AD and some possible cross-over value in WotLK.  I haven’t actually spotted anything related to AD in the beta, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  If you’re one of those folks who likes to be on the safe side, it can’t hurt to jump in on the fun and get some extra AD rep as well.

There are recipes associated with the Argent Dawn faction, although nothing above level 60 at this time.  Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if this faction gets updated at some point in WotLK.  If you plan to participate anyway, make sure you equip your Argent Dawn Commission to collect scourgestones for extra rep.


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  1. Hema Says:

    Blizz has stated that they won’t use ‘old world’ rep for expansions, so that new players wont be at a disadvantage to older ones. In TBC for example cenarion circle was replaced with cenarion expedition. In WotLK Argent Dawn is replaced by Argent crusade. So if u want the AD rep for the achievement, this is a good time to get it, just dont expect new WotLK rewards from it.

  2. wisely Says:

    This is the best way to level your Argent Dawn rep during the invasion event.

    There is an invasion related boss in Strat, a Lich King looks like boss.

    You zone in from the back door, open the gate, hug left, and go through the left gate, turn right.

    In front you you, you could see a yellow tag RARE boss if you are lucky, who can drop the trinket to make people dance, if he is there, kill him, any average level 70 will probably take 15 seconds to kill him at most. He will drop one Corruptor’s stone.

    proceed hug right side and ahead of you about 40 yards, that’s the new invasion boss, he is a lich king boss and using ice spell. You should be able to kill him in about 15 seconds. He can drop 2 Corruptor’s stones.

    After that, proceed ahead 30 yeads, you will meet abother boss : a Ghost with 4-5 easily killed adds. You should be able to kill him in 15 seconds.

    Each run takes 2-3 minutes most.

    Every hour you spend 15 minutes and you can come up with 15-17 Corruptor’s stones.

    If you do this before the end of Halloween event and you are alliance, go to the outside of undercity and kill one of those ugly fat mob, he will drop a pile of dirt. Click it, you can get a buff, which give you 10% extra rep for anything you do.

    So gather a good amount of stones, get the buff. Then sit down and relax, wtach your favorite TV show, and use your right hand to click, click, click for 20 minutes.


  3. ClemSnide Says:

    While I can understand the wish of the developers not to backtrack too much (i.e. continue old factions in new expansions), I do wish a couple of things.

    First, that there was a good way to get Old World rep after attaining higher levels. I haven’t been tracking it so well, but my accidentally-level-70 Hunter gets no rep from kills in Eastern Plaguelands. God forbid you should start to work on your Timbermaw rep after level 65! So, my wish is that there should be higher level versions of the older mobs, so that the oldbies can catch up with the newbies.

    Second, to some extent Jewelcrafters were left in an unusual position in BC. There is no reason for them (apart from equipment rewards and possibly an area or two opened) to gain faction reputation with Old World groups. All the faction-based Jewelcrafting recipes are rewarded by Outland groups, and you don’t get into the good stuff until level 70, leaving those level 58 and under JCs with not a lot to work on.

    Inscription looks to be a little different, since I don’t think there are any faction-based recipes for it. It’s not the worst thing that could happen– hey, I don’t mind not having to whack endless streams of Firbolgs and Undead for one of my charas!– but it’d have been neat to have some reward for the young’uns.

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