Hallow’s End + Fishing = Death?!

Yes, that’s right.  Yesterday my guild leader was kind enough to invite me to a Lurker Fish Fry and walk me through the fishing achievement.  I’d heard that it was soloable, and apparently he’d gotten a tip from a nameless buddy on how to do it with Hallow’s End Pumpkin Treats.  The trick to reaching Lurker without pulling aggro from any other mobs is to walk across the water.  Now I’ve read on El’s site that you can do this any number of ways, but they require some sort of levitate *and* slow-fall ability, which not everyone has.  But using the pumpkin treats, this can be done by anyone.

First, you have to bring a decent stash with you.  The treat bags only contain a few at a time, so it’s hard to build up a quantity of them that way.  More likely you’ll have to complete one of the Hallow’s End quests in Hillsbrad (or Tirisfal) to get a stack of fifteen.  Once you have enough treats, just head into Serpentshrine (make sure you’re in a raid group with at least one other person).  Before you go in and aggro anything, start eating treats.  Each time you eat one, you get a random costume buff.  You’re looking for the ghost costume, to get water walking + safefall.  The treats are on a one-minute cooldown, so there may be some boring waiting if you don’t get the ghost outfit on the first try.

When you get yourself ghost-i-fied, you can head over to the area where Lurker hangs out.  It helps if you know this dungeon, but if not you’ll be heading in a northwesterly direction from the starting platform.  Once you reach Lurker’s pool, just start fishing.  If you’re worried about repair bills you can take your gear off for this.  It shouldn’t take long to fish him (it?) up and then you’ll have your achievement.  You’ll also be dead… did I mention this was a suicide run?  Rofl!

Anyway, if you want a fairly easy way to get this done without worried about class abilities or purchasing obscure potions on the auction, give this a try.  You only have until November 1st tho!


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  1. Diabolos Says:

    Sounds like it’s time for me to hit SSC over the weekend! =) Thanks Kaliope!!!

  2. Fizbin Says:

    Noggenfogger or one of the slowfall cloaks (Skyguard rep or engineering) work too. Saving those water walking pots from the fishing dailies helped too.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Awesome tip, thank you! :)

  4. Armath Says:

    I’ve never been to SSC, so could someone please explain how you get from the entrance to the lurker’s pool, and the need for slowfall?

  5. Fubs Says:

    great tip, thanks Kaliope

    Since I’ve been a long time lurker… I’ll step up and answer the above.

    Lurker is a boss in SSC that resides in the water level (lowest level) of SSC. SSC is comprised of a series of platforms connected by ramps and bridges above the water level.

    In the water there are elite fish that will kill you upon entry into the water. When running SSC, after killing the first boss Hydross (in front of you as you enter the instance) you kill all the trash on the platforms to get to Lurker. After killing all the trash, supposedly you are letting the water in SSC boil by killing the naga engineers, thus killing all the elite fish. (then you just take scalding damage as you swim).

    Since you are alone, in a raid, you cannot kill the trash mobs, thus have to face the elite fish.

    You need slow fall to not alert the elite fish in the water. If you make a splash, that draws the elite fish.

    You need water walking in order not to alert the fish by swimming in the water.

    Once you instance in to SSC, follow the platforms and elevators to the beginning of the SSC pulls. You will see 6 mobs in front of you down a ramp. Look immediatly to your left, that is where you will be jumping off of the platform after using the cloak and potion or getting ghost form.

    I believe you will be headed West at this point..after jumping off, just go straight, you will be facing the right direction if you jumped off where you should have. You basically want to walk underneath all of the platforms above you (just like you were killing the trash mobs).

    You will see 4 islands under the ramps and platforms, Lurker can be fished out of the center of the big island, the one that looks like a doughnut.

    The easiest method to fishing him was mentioned by Kaliope, HH candy, ghost, and fishing pole. The skettis cloak and water walking potion works as well, I did the both ways on my toons.

    Good luck

  6. Diabolos Says:

    I think you also need 300+ fishing to be able to fish in Lurker’s Pool. I did it twice over the weekend, but both my 70’s have 375 fishing.

  7. kaliope Says:

    TY Fubs and welcome to the conversation. I’ve been out all day so I didn’t get a chance to post earlier, although I did read this comment and see that help was needed :) So I appreciate you jumping in on that one!

    I also assumed that you needed pretty high Fishing skill for this, but I believe one of my guildmates was under the cap and did this achievement. I don’t remember what he said his skill was. I’m sure El knows…

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