WotLK Prep for Jewelcrafters

I probably should have posted this last week, but I didn’t really think about it until this weekend.  For those of you who haven’t been poring over the new gem recipes from Northrend, it may not be obvious what the new content will mean for your current wares.  So let me make it clear: the new green gems are better than our current epics.  And for those of you who are thickies… THE NEW CRAP GEMS ARE BETTER THAN OUR EPIC GEMS! If you haven’t done so already, please cut and sell any gems you have left in your bank/bags/etc.  Stop holding them in the hopes that they will sell like hotcakes on release day.  Anyone with half a brain will wait a day or two until the Jewelcrafters on their realm start cutting masses of green gems and selling them for chump change.

Right now is the best opportunity you’ll have to clear out your inventory.  This week’s patch means that talents have been shifted around, radically for some classes.  Some stats have been tweaked, modified or changed completely for certain builds.  People will be making changes to their gear.  When changing gear isn’t an option, gems will be the next logical choice.  This is where YOU will come in with your shinies.  Prices have been in the dumps for the past few months, now is the best chance you’ll have to sell your gems for a reasonable prices.  So don’t waste it.  Get out there and SELL SELL SELL!!!

On the other hand, in my opinion meta gems are worth stocking and I’ll tell you why.  No one will be able to learn new meta cuts until they hit 400 skill.  Now it’s possible that one or two insane idiots will somehow power their way up that high on the first day.  You’d have to be extremely lucky to find enough ore to pull that off with all the other insane idiots who’ll be clogging the server.  But let’s say it happens, some shmoe guilts his whole guild into donating every scrap of ore they can find to help him power up.  He’s still going to need an alchemist to power up with him and do the transmute.  His Alchemist friend is going to have to get *his* hands on enough herbs to get up to 425.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but this scenario is pretty unlikely.

But let’s assume that some power guild pulls this off and unlocks meta gem cuts in the first day or two.  The Alchemist is still only going to be able to transmute one meta per day.  Therefore the Jewelcrafter can only cut one meta per day.  After all that work is he going to sell those gems to you?  No, his job over the first few weeks will be supplying metas for his hardcore guildmates (or risk their wrath if they find out he’s making a mint off their generosity).  Even if he does have a few to sell at some point, he’s going to charge an obscene amount of money.  And no one in their right mind is going to pay mega bucks to gem a piece of leveling gear they just got in Utgarde Keep.

So, it’s my view that our current meta-gems will still be in demand for the first few weeks of WotLK.  It will take about that long for the average JC to hit 400 and learn the cuts, which is when competitive pricing will kick in.  Until that time, anyone who gets an upgrade helm will probably just spend 100g to put an old meta in it.  Why blow a ton of gold on a helm you won’t be keeping?  Your average player won’t.  Now would be a great time to start transmuting metas if you have an alchemy toon.  If not, keep an eye out for bargains on the Auction House.  Most BC stuff appears to be selling cheap right now, so you might be able to get some good deals.  Just something to consider ;)


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  1. Tony Says:

    I’ve been shedding all of my gems over the weekend and they have been selling very well. It seems on my server that some of my casual competitors have dropped JC for Scribe. Either that or the lag/server issues have temporarily got the best of them.

    Also, I was initially shocked to see the cool down has been removed on meta-gems. I made a bunch of metas in case this was a temporary bug. It’s day 7 and it seems to be sticking regardless of what the patch notes say (or don’t say). Nevertheless, the metas are selling and selling well. For 2 reasons imo. People are respecing and gems stats have slightly altered some preferences. But more importantly, people are blowing thru Kara and heroics with ease now. So this means more ppl getting new socketable gear. And when ppl get new gear, they just have to play with it.

    Personally for me, I will be taking metas with me to WotLK, not a bunch, but some. I can always craft some if needed with no cooldown. However, the greens-rares now I plan to keep a small stock pile of to be safe. Not much, just a wee bit. With the JC daily tokens, I find it hard to imagine us JC’rs will have a lot of new designs in the first week or two.

    But those new gems do look hot!

  2. Shawn Says:

    Solid advice, thanks!

  3. Diabolos Says:

    Indeed! GREAT advice! Thanks Kaliope!

  4. kaliope Says:

    Tony: I’m not sure what you mean by the cool-down being removed, my alchemist did a transmute over the weekend and his CD kicked in. JCs never had a CD for cutting metas though, so if you have a bunch of uncut metas stockpiled you’ll be in good shape.

    In WotLK, all JCs will be getting a bunch of green cuts as soon as they arrive in Northrend. The bulk of the new green cuts are on the trainer and are trainable at 350 and 360 skill, so most JCs will have them on the first day unless they are just too lazy to train. As soon as they get their hands on some ore, we’ll see new green gems on the AH. I fully expect this to start happening the first day.

    The JC daily tokens are predominantly 390+ recipes, so no one will really care that they can’t get them right away since they won’t have the skill for it. I think most JCs will be so busy with trainer recipes and skilling up that they won’t really think about the JC daily until they run out of trainer recipes. But I hope my readers will be smart about it and start collecting tokens as soon as you can so you have some spending power by the time you need it =)

  5. kaliope Says:

    **UPDATE** I stand corrected, thank you Tony. I just tried a meta transmute this morning and the CD appears to be gone. The CD has also been modified for primal transmutes, it may now be separated from meta and might transmutes but shared by other primals. We need more testing on this, for anyone who’s willing to post their experiences :)

  6. Tony Says:

    On my server there is no cool down when an alchemist transmute earthstorm or skyfire. But there is one for transmute primals. This was not the case pre-patch where both had cd’s. I’ve seen reports on forums about this but it seems pretty hush hush. Still, I made about 80 uncut metas to be safe ;p And I still sell 10 cut metas a day.

    I’m taking your advice and doing my dailies each day for JC and Cooking.

  7. Tony Says:

    Seems our posts crossed paths :)

  8. Tony Says:

    For what it’s worth, broken glass and Transmute Primal Life etc still are on their cool-down.

    Transmute meta’s and Transmute Primal Might have joined Arcanite Bars with no cool-down.

  9. kaliope Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a bug and gets fixed in 3.0.3, but as you say it’s worth milking while it’s broken ;)

  10. Tsark Says:

    Kal, solid advice as usual. I only want to add one word of warning: 99.9% of gear in Wrath has no sockets, until you get to lvl 80 gear. Though I admit I have limited experience with dungeon gear, I did check for the quest reward stuff, and found gem sockets very limited. I just did a search on wowhead – lvl 70-75 and sockets. The results are what I thought they would be: one piece of cloth gear quest reward, the blue neckpieces from the Zul’Drak chain (lvl 75), some crafted gear, and then drops from Violet Hold (lvl 76-78)

    This has two implications:
    1. green gems will sell relatively little, as it will take time before people get gear that is good enough to leave our current BC gear, and also has sockets
    2. metas are actually gonna sell even less, because no helms are available before lvl 80 dungeons for them

    So, I second your initial suggestion – don’t stock up gems, sell everything you can now.

  11. kaliope Says:

    Tsark: I hadn’t really thought of reviewing the quest/dungeon gear in WotLK, so thanks for checking that out. I based my recommendations on the AH activity from the beta server where green gems sold like hotcakes (except for crappy cuts). There’s no way to know for sure, but if I had to guess I think perhaps people were going for the higher stats. Unless you’re already fulled socketed with epic gems, I suspect the green ones are an upgrade. We won’t know for sure of course, but since JCs have to make them anyway to level up to 390, they may as well try to sell them. It might be smarter to target green gems to the wave of new DKs that will be leveling up if the market on your server isn’t strong.

  12. ClemSnide Says:

    There are a couple of corollaries to your post, Kaliope:

    (1) Don’t spend money on recipes at the AH for the time being. Jewelcrafter recipes have been the luxury items of the crafting field; while other fields’ patterns haven’t been what you’d call cheap for the upper reaches, even low-level JC recipes have been overpriced. But you can get to 375 with only a few non-trainer recipes (if that) and since– as you say– the market for the products of those recipes will dry up, and the green Norhtrend gems will work better for existing gear than blue Outland gems, why, I have hereby stopped paying 300g for an instruction manual.

    (2) Raw gems will still have value after the expansion. Just as herbs soared in value after Inscription was released, and even Copper ore was lucrative after Jewelcrafters came on the scene, there will be people who want to take advantage of the field and, never having crafted before, will try to buy their way to the top. They will necessarily go through all of the gems, and we can clear out our inventories on them after as well as before. But I fee your pain; I have a huge amount stockpiled, but that’s just me: “better to have, and not need, than need and not have,” as Poor Richard would say (my Warrior on Silver Hand).

    Now, I noticed something while Prospecting: No more Fel Iron Powder? Divalproex sifted through three stacks of the ore without getting a one. I don’t know whether this is the case for Adamantium Ore as well, but I’m hoping not– I’m still stockpiling that Mercurial Adamantite.

  13. Kalimist Says:

    You are forgetting one very important thing. Unfortunately there are very very few new leveling or dungeon drop items that contain sockets (meta too) compared to BC leveling drops. Also the T7 gear have less sockets overall than lower tiers. I’m sure this is also a direct nerf to JC along with the crap stupid token system. This is a money maker profession and it required a huge investment (buying all recipes off AH) in BC if you wanted to be on top. On the good old days I could easily make 5k gold profit but even after casuals came into the picture it was still great. Only after the 3.0.2. patch I made over 50k gold. :)

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