Fun with the Scroll of Randomness

There’s no such thing you say?  Ahhh, I beg to differ.  Perhaps you know it by another name: Scroll of Recall.  “But”, you say, “it’s unreliable above level 40, why would I use that???”  Well, I’m about to give you a reason!

I made a few of these while I was skilling up, mostly because I didn’t want to crank out an army of lame buff scrolls that would be headed for the vendor.  Fast forward to yesterday and I’m just goofing off with my guildies.  We’re all working on random Achievements, we took a bunch of folks into UBRS and did the “Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy!” achievement (which I highly recommend BTW, it was great fun and you get a last name!).  In between all the group activities I was working on solo achievements like the pet collection, eating and drinking 25 foods, etc.  

It was at this point that I discovered a stack of 4 Scrolls of Recall in my bag.  I decided to try it and see what happened, how often it misfired and what that might entail.  My hearthstone was available if things went wonky, so why not?  I clicked on it and after the zoning screen… I found myself in the Lion’s Pride Inn.  That’s right folks, I was ported to Goldshire!  Ewwwww, I hear you saying.  Yeah, well it was a free port to Stormwind wasn’t it?  No matter, I continued to go about my business and some 20 minutes later it was off cooldown again.  So I clicked it again and this time I ended up in Gadgetzan.  Since I was planning to go there anyway to try the Don Carlos quest, that was actually handy.  While I was in the zone I explored the bit of my map that was still covered and got the Achievement for Tanaris.  

Later on I traveled to Dun Morogh, Booty Bay, The Hinterlands and Theramore.  Each time I landed in a new place, I checked my Achievement list to see if I had fully explored the zone in question.  If not, I took advantage of my free ride and rode off to the areas I was lacking.  The Scroll of Randomness is a great way to get instant, free travel to any town in Azeroth.  Sometimes it’s redundant – I got the Lion’s Pride Inn three times last night.  Sometimes it’s not a place you need to visit, but you can always use your hearthstone to get home.  I made a point to only use it when my hearthstone was available as a backup so I wouldn’t be trapped.  But it general it was a very fast way to reach zones that would have taken much longer to reach by flightpath or boat (Hinterlands, Gadgetzan, Booty Bay).  Obviously it has limited usage, the exploration Achievements are the only application I can think of at the moment.  But if you’re interested in doing them and you have Inscription, why not take advantage?

Each scroll has multiple uses, but the tooltip doesn’t say how many.  I’m guessing it’s about five charges, I went through one scroll last night (I still have 3 in the bag, I used up only 1 and put a few charges on the 2nd).  When you arrive at your destination, you’re sometimes on the outskirts of a town and not inside the Inn.  At Booty Bay I arrived on the bluff to the south of town and had to swim over, but I was pretty close.  I can’t say for certain, but I suspect it only transports you to towns that are level 40 and under.  But feel free to try it and post your experiences here.  If nothing else it’s a great way to see the world and go back to places you haven’t been in ages!


10 Responses to “Fun with the Scroll of Randomness”

  1. chiana Says:

    a guildie was using those scrolls too, but he got a malfunction similar to the engineering trinkets: he was transported about 100 yds above ground, and died :->

  2. Thrandis Says:

    Ive only used 1 so far and was transported to aerie peak, out the front of the buildings.

  3. ClemSnide Says:

    Hmm, if you do get the Gadgetzan transporter malfunction (which I haven’t in ages), maybe that’s a quick way to get the “Fall 65 yards” Achievement!

  4. Choppa Says:

    I think you need to survive the 65m fall to get that achievement…

  5. ClemSnide Says:

    Sure, but there are ways to get through it alive. A few off the top of my head:
    Parachute Cloak
    Slow Fall
    Twin Colossals parachute (has a 20-minute timer, so it needs planning)
    Power Word: Shield?
    Divine Shield?

    (The question marks are because I really don’t remember whether they work against falling damage. My Engineer is my Mage, so I always had Slow Fall… but my Inscriber is my Paladin, so maybe I’ll get to check how the bubble works.)

  6. kaliope Says:

    You can’t use the Parachute Cloak to get the achievement – just tested that on the Beta server. I did the jump once and activated the parachute cloak about halfway down and I didn’t get the achievement. Then I did the exact same spot/same jump with nothing and got the achievement.

  7. ClemSnide Says:

    Speaking of the exact same spot: Where are good locations for the Achievement? I’ve heard that there’s a spot in the new Stormwind Harbor that can be used; I had been planning to do it from that little island floating above the lake in Nagrand (forgot the name but it’s near the Throne of Elements). But, that limits it to my flying charas.

  8. kaliope Says:

    The spot I used was the Scryers’ Terrace. If you stand right next to the elevator, you don’t aggro the guardians. You need to angle yourself off the side (right at the outer edge of the elevator wall) in a diagonal toward the bank. Then get on your mount and walk off the ledge. Don’t jump when you ride off, sometimes that messes it up and you die. Just ride off the edge and you should land with about 5% health. Druids can use catform for the safe fall bonus (rogues too I’m guessing), but any class can get the achievement with this method. My guild had a group of folks jumping off this spot and everyone got it without dying.

  9. Kestrel Says:

    Multiple uses?? I didn’t know that! (I am not very good at reading tooltips.) Guess I’ll send those BACK to my Scribe. :)

  10. kaliope Says:

    Yes, they’ve been quite handy for the Trick-or-Treating achievements as well. Clearly any of these holiday quests that involve lots of travel will benefit from the use of the Rank 1 Scroll of Recall.

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