Inscription Madness!!

I don’t know about you guys, but my server was a madhouse yesterday.  Glyphs were flying and so were people!!  Ok, mostly just folks trying to get the “fall 65 yds” achievement.  Anyway, I was lucky to get on my server about 11pm ET and it stayed stable enough for me to power up to 350.  I followed the guide on Crafter’s Tome and noticed very few changes.  Nothing that will impact it’s effectiveness, just a few areas where recipes don’t change color in the same spot.  For anyone who didn’t manage to level up Inscription yesterday – the Power Leveling guide is still good!  Have fun :)


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  1. Tony Says:

    I’ve got a crap ton of herbs that I have saving for weeks and I am eager to play with Inscription. However, my server, like many, have been reset and buggy since release. So, im gonna play it safe and just wait out the storm then log in and enjoy the changes. Hopefully tonight, but i’m not holding my breath. :)

  2. Diabolos Says:

    On a semi-related note, there’s an easy way to get the Fall 65 yds Achievement in Shatt. Head to Scryer tier, get on the open edge on the NE side of the tier that’s overlooking lower city. Stand in front of the crest-thing on the edge of the tier and look down. You should see a red/brown rectangular tent below you. Align yourself so when you walk off you hit the right side of the tent. And there you have it! Of course, Priest/Pally bubble will let you do it much safer and from almost anywhere.

  3. Tony Says:

    How about a free fall from a flying mount directly above a GY :)

  4. ontherocks Says:

    I’m confused why there are no items to go from 360-375. Are Northrend trainers going to give sub-375 recipes? Just seems odd to have to grind greens to cap.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Yes, you get a new wave of 350-735 recipes when you get to Northrend. If you read my Power-Leveling guide it mentions this issue. While you can keep grinding, there aren’t any new recipes to be had so it doesn’t buy you much. Otherwise just stay at 350-ish and wait for WotLK to go Live. I don’t really agree with it either, but it is what it is.

  6. Thrandis Says:

    Everything is grey at 365 /sigh

    Unless discovered glyphs might squeeze points out???

  7. ClemSnide Says:

    Yes, the Ironforge location of the trainers (Thistlefuzz Academy) was pure wall-to-wall people that day. Lag was unbelievable. But still, despite the frequent “World server is down” ejects, I managed to get Servility up to 295. More but for a lack of herbs… sigh, Flutterby (my Herbalist) will be busy!

    Although Servility has suffered through two career changes already, he may drop Skinning in favor of Herbalism. Having two Herbalists in the game now looks to be a good idea.

    Even Peacebloom was going at premium rates on the AH. And I got such a stroke of luck the first day: I gained through research the Minor Glyph of Thorns, which (I imagine) was unique to the server! So I had an exclusive market for a while, and I took advantage of it. These little things, costing no more than 5s to make, were going for 70g a pop– and literally flying off the shelves. I’d put one up and before I could make another auction it’d be sold. But evidently someone else now has the recipe, and things have settled down.

    I learned that you can get Enchanting skillups by making Scrolls, which means that my Enchanter will no longer be stuck at 354 awaiting other charas’ levelling, nor will I have to beg guildies for enchants on low-level BoP items! I imagine the AH scene with Enchants will also take a while to settle, but in the meantime I’m making scrolls left and right.

    I still haven’t reallocated my Talent points for anyone, nor have I fallen 65 yards. Despite the minor speed bumps (like the 295-300 progression), I feel that Inscription is a real winner.

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