WotLK Inscription List Update + Call to Arms!

In case you guys haven’t noticed, we posted some updates to Inscription recipe list yesterday.  It’s now current as of the latest build on the beta server.  While I don’t feel too comfy with the progression, it probably has most of the actual items that will be available.  On the other hand, I believe there are still problems with it.  All of the Glyph recipes are lumped up at 375 and 400 skill, instead of spread out every 5 points like the under 300 recipes.  None of the glyph recipes use 2x common ink like the upper levels of other inks do.  There are huge gaps of 25 points between each wave of recipes and the only recipes over 400 skill are scrolls.  I’d be very disappointed if the pinnacle of the Inscription was scrolls <gack>. 

Hopefully they are still tweaking and they’ll refine the progression for these WotLK items like they did for the lower recipes over the final weeks on the Test Realm.  I don’t know that I’d use these recipes as a basis for a shopping list, but it should at least be useful for folks who are still deciding whether to take up the craft.  You can see the BoP off-hand goodies and the self-only buffs that will be available.

And in anticipation of tomorrow’s patch which (we hope) will bring Inscription to the Live servers, I’d like to put out a call.  Anyone who’s interested in helping collect data for El’s pigment drop rate formulas, please take notes while you do your Milling tomorrow!  Specifically we need to know: how many herbs you milled, how many common pigments you got and how many uncommon pigments you got.  It’s more helpful if you can do it for each herb, but it appears El will accept data from herb families as well.  Here’s an example:

Felweed (100 herbs/5 stacks): 60 Nether Pigment & 10 Ebon Pigment

Any information you can provide to the data pool will be much appreciated!  You can post your info in the Milling Data forum on El’s web site.  Thanks!!

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  1. El Says:

    Thanks Kaliope!

    Just to be perfectly clear, we need to know about named herbs. So a separate set of numbers for each named herb. (And all millable herbs are wanted, not just Outland.)

    If you keep data in lots of details, milling by milling data is also useful (what the herb was, and the products of every milling you do). That helps spot patterns in the ranges – for example, a herb like Felweed might never produce 4 pigments, only 2 or 3.

    I’ll write-up what I have so far “soon”…

    Inscription was certainly in a mess in the last PTR/beta build (I posted a summary here). It seems very likely that the patch will arrive in the next 24 hours. The PTR is down, the testers thanked, news posted about “patch day support”, and the community team posting that Inscription will be in the “upcoming patch”. But since the last PTR/beta build had plenty of Inscription bugs and quirks, we don’t yet know what the final version will look like. I hope the live build contains fixes. Otherwise prepare for a lot of “WTB Shimmering Ink” in the trade channels.

  2. El Says:

    I’ve written some initial analysis. I think there is a pattern in at least secondary pigments, where higher herb level creates more pigments on average. But the sample sizes are still far too small to be sure…

  3. cizzztm Says:

    super awesome research work both kaliope and El! as always, much apreciated and a pleasure to read.

  4. ClemSnide Says:

    El!’s site seems to be down; is he still collecting milling data? I have the results (carefully jotted down on napkins) for about 73 stacks worth of various kinds of herbs (mostly Azerothian– I seem to not be able to get the recipes past 295).

  5. kaliope Says:

    Lots of sites were affected by the WoW outage yesterday, I had trouble getting to many places. Most likely they were all being overloaded by people who couldn’t get into their servers. I’m sure El will want the info, give it another try today and see if you can post. I’ll be putting mine up as well :)

    For recipes past 295 – go to Honor Hold. In the mage tower near the Enchanting trainer is a new dude with the 300-350 recipes.

  6. El Says:

    Many thanks to everyone who posted or sent data!

    I’ve updated the results here. It’s still not completely conclusive, but there seems to be some relationship between the number of pigments and the level of the herb.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Hi El ~ thanks for coming back and letting us know how it’s going. I know my readers appreciate your efforts as much as your own fans surely do :)

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