Inscription Guide + Power Leveling Guide (1-350)

As promised, I spent yesterday working on Inscription on the Test Realm.  Despite a few minor glitches, I was able to get all the way to 350.  Since it was still fresh in my mind, I went ahead and put together a user’s guide to Incription.  I’ve also done a shopping/recipe list like we currently have for Jewelcrafting.  I’m calling it a Power Leveling guide, since that’s pretty much what you have when you provide a list of ingredients and a recipe progression chart.

Right now it’s not as polished as our other guides.  There are no links to recipes because the recipe list on our site is kind of a mess.  I need to update with the current build, which I plan to work on next.  But with less than two weeks until the pre-WotLK patch goes live, I wanted to get the Inscription information out there so you guys can prepare (if you haven’t yet).

The power-leveling guide includes a list of herbs and tells you how many stacks of herbs you need for each pigment.  My previous estimate of three stacks per herb was mostly close or overkill, but for the 150-200 range it’s a bit short.  This is primarily because Blizzard didn’t split up the herbs as evenly as I assumed and the fourth ink only has four herbs assigned to it, while the next group has seven herbs.  Personally I think they should have evened that out a bit, but I suppose it’s too late to quibble now.  So for those of you who want to tweak your numbers, this should give you a much closer estimate of the amount of herbs needed.

Don’t forget that these guides are based on the pre-WotLK build on the Test Realm, which can and probably will have some last minute changes thrown in before it goes Live.  I ran into a bug at the 290-300 level where two of the recipes require an ink that isn’t trainable until 300.  This forces you to use the 285 recipes to get the last 15 points, which uses up extra herbs.  I submitted a bug report, but that may or may not be corrected in time.  My shopping list should have enough herbs to cover it, just in case.  Once the patch goes Live I will relevel Inscription and make the necessary corrections to the guide.


10 Responses to “Inscription Guide + Power Leveling Guide (1-350)”

  1. cizzztm Says:

    thanks for putting together an inscription guide

  2. dave Says:

    Thanks! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this. :)

  3. Thrandis Says:

    I noticed you don’t have Bloodthistle (belf flower) in your lists.
    I know its along shot but other inscription lists mention it.
    Is or isnt it millable? I managed 2 stacks of it incase…

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thrandis: I haven’t tested any of the unusual herbs, but it’s my understanding that they don’t work for milling. The list I compiled is right out of the game, the tooltip for each pigment tells you what herbs to mill. Blizzard could obviously change this, but it would appear that uncommon herbs aren’t eligible for milling, just as uncommon ores aren’t able to be prospected.

  5. Thrandis Says:

    Ok thks for the reply. So i guess Flame cap and lotus’s are out of it to then.

  6. Solidstate Says:

    Kind of odd that there are no minor glyphs yet, so close to the release of the profession.

  7. Zanzan Says:

    Thank you for your hard work Kaliope. The mat list I had found from another source was seriously under estimated. Now I feel I am better prepared. Off to farm herbs I go.

    I recommend your site to everyone that starts talking about professions. If it just a quickie question, I usually have your page up at the ready and can check it so quickly all my guildies think I’m a genius when it comes to knowing everything about craftiing professions.

  8. kaliope Says:

    Zan: I’m so glad the site is helping you be the all-knowing wizard of your guild =) I checked a couple of other Inscription guides and they looked pretty out of date as well. I think that’s a result of all the changes that occurred over the last 2 months, most people jumped the gun and now their info is very stale. The list I put together should be pretty close, but you can always collect 1-2 extra stacks of herbs per pigment if you want to be safe.

    Solid: The minor glyphs appear to be predominantly relegated to the research/discovery system. I don’t know if they will patch more in later or perhaps add them to vendors, but for now I haven’t seen any Inscription recipes anywhere except the trainer.

    I am currently updating my recipe lists – about halfway done. I’m hoping to have the newest version to at least 350 posted on the site in the next 2 days. From that you can actually calculate herb needs if you want to double check my numbers or plot a different path.

  9. Tony Says:


    First time poster here to your site. For starters I congratulate you on your hard work. You have done a great job here and I appreciate you sharing this information with us.

    I have a question about pigments. Do certain types of herbs yield more pigments than others? Or is it random. For example. Does Felweed, which is generally cheaper to buy on the AH than Netherbloom, yield on avg just as much pigment as Netherbloom. If so, then i’d imagine the most cost effective plan for us crafters is to stock up on Felweed and ignore the other herbs in Felweed’s respective pigment category. However, if the higher end herbs (in their respective category) have a greater chance to yield more pigments and/or a greater chance to yield Ebon Pigments (outland herbs), then it may be a good idea to stock up on those herbs.

    Thanks in advance :)

  10. kaliope Says:

    Tony: Thanks for posting and I’m glad you enjoy the site! This is a really good question and not something I explored during my testing. I believe that it’s random, but I do have some herbs left over, so I will go back into the PTR and see if I can discern any meaningful difference. Let me get back to you on that one : )

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