Sneak Peek at WotLK Engineering 375-425

First I should preface by saying that my Engineer is a Gnome and currently has 389 engineering skill on Live.  So I can’t really tell you what the first 14 points are going to look like.  I *can* take an educated guess and say that you’ll probably be making Hammer Picks and Overcharged Capacitors.  Both of these items stay orange until 395, so they are good grinding recipes with minimal mats.  I would encourage you to go with the capacitors, even though it requires a crystallized earth (basically, a mote).  There’s a quest that requires a capacitor, I haven’t run into it myself but I’ve heard people begging for them in chat.  I’m guessing capacitors will be a decent money maker as a result.

When you hit 390 skill, that’s a good time to make any flexweave/spynocular toys you’re eyeing.  You may as well get a skill point if you’re going to want them anyway.  At 395 I switched to the Froststeel Tube, since I intended to make guns later in the progression.  Unfortunately Blizzard patched in a few new items after I started down this road and I ended up abandoning the guns in favor of another item with lower mats.  So you can either make tubes or the Bladed Pickaxe is a relatively cheap item that stays orange until 400.  Instead of making guns I switched to the Diamond-cut Refractor Scope because it had lower mats and I thought it might be a better seller.  From 400-410 I alternated between the tube and the scope, making a couple of tubes and then using the tubes to make scopes.

At 410 you’ll have another opportunity to make a few more toys, the recipes you learn at 400 skill will remain orange until 415.  Once you’ve depleted the fun stuff, you can start cranking out Saronite Bombs which are learned at 405 skill.  They stay orange until 425 so you can focus on these for awhile.  You could also craft Saronite Arrows or Bullet Machines until 425, this is totally up to you.  I didn’t do that because the number of saronite bars required for the ammunition was higher than the bombs (6 bars vs 12).

When you hit 425 you can start making goodies like the Sun Scope or MOLL-E.  If you’re Goblin like I am, you can also make super-cheap Global Thermal Sapper Charges for 1 saronite bar and 1 volatile trigger (3 cobalt bars for 2 triggers).  The ammunition and potion injectors are also an option beyond 425, they are all still orange.  You also get a couple of new toys: a Gnomish Lightning Generator and the Gnomish X-Ray Specs.  Personally I think the mat costs on both of these items is on the high side, but that’s just me.  Six titanium bars (IE: khorium) and 2 shards for a novelty head pieces seems steep.  The Lightning trinket needs 4 Primals and 2 titanium bars for a use-only effect, which also seems a bit much.  Maybe I should submit some feedback on that….

Anyway, that’s all I have for now on Engineering, I’ll continue posting updates as I work closer to 450.


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  1. ash lovejoy Says:

    just wanted to drop you some fanmail lol. been using your site and reading your blog for about a year now and just wanted thank you for your hard work. best site on the web for crafting information, hands down

  2. kaliope Says:

    Ash: Thanks for the shout out :) I love crafting – it’s my favorite part of the game. My blog/site are a labor of love for me, but it’s extremely rewarding to know that folks out there value my work. Even better, my readers always helpful and respectful, you guys are the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned. I am lucky to have such a great group of players cheering me on!

  3. Diabolos Says:

    Woo! Go Kaliope! Have you tried out the Gnomish Army Knife yet???

  4. kaliope Says:

    No I haven’t Diabolos – I just recently hit that recipe in the last batch of goodies I did before my post. I need to go farm more ore to make one, but I’ll post the info here when I do. If there are any other Engie toys you guys want me to test, just post a comment. I already installed the pyro-rocket and spynoculars when I was trying to get skill points :)

  5. Diabolos Says:

    Wow, what a quick reponse! How’s that for service???

    I assume that the glove rockets, boot boosters, and the like take the same slot as an enchant?

  6. kaliope Says:

    Yep, they sure do. I have to overwrite my glove enchantment to add the pyro rocket. Luckily my engineer is also an enchanter so I can go back anytime I want.

  7. Diabolos Says:

    Hrm.. looks like I’ll be stocking multiple gloves, boots, cloaks in the expansion. I hope they don’t come out with belt enchants so I can keep the Farseeing or Mechanical confuser belt addons!

  8. Elewyn Says:

    Just wanted to ask and see if there are like any new mounts etc through the engineering skill also is it wise to choose engineering as a hunter in wotlk ?

    You info so far is great thanks for the info =]

  9. kaliope Says:

    Just last night I put a new mount into the Engineering list – the much anticipated Mekgineer’s Chopper:

    That’s the only new mount I know of, I believe Horde has a different version that’s basically the same thing.

    With the lack of mail armor on Blacksmithing, currently the only professions that appear to be hunter friendly are Leatherworking and Engineering. Right now I’d lean to LW because there are only two Engie items that Hunters can use (helm/gun) and the gun is BoE. On the other hand if you go with LW, you get all the various armor pieces plus the really beefy leg and bracer enchants that are BoP. Engineering also has BoP enchant items, but they are mostly toys and not stat boosters.

  10. Tacit Says:

    Is there a charater level requirement for learning Grand Master etc.

    Basically I have a level 70 with 375 Eng I do not want to level this charater in LK but would like to continue Eng is it possible? I always thought there were min requirements eg something like charater level 45 in order to learn artisian etc but I havent been able to find any details as yet.


  11. kaliope Says:

    Tacit: Some of the Grand Master abilities have no level requirement. I believe the patch notes for 3.0.3 indicate that it has been officially removed for gathering skills. The ones I’ve seen that do have a requirement are currently set at 65. I think any 70 toon should be safe for GM level crafting at this point in time.

  12. Water Says:

    any idea what the cost/sell value of the chopper will be?
    ive heard some fairly high quotes on the mats that are
    merchant only sold and going on just what i know from
    TBC that’s astronomical…

  13. kaliope Says:

    Water: I really couldn’t say what the value will be, the economy on the Beta server was really off-kilter. Green gems were selling for 100-150 gold when I got there, if that gives you any indication. Bars of Titanium were selling for 10,000 gold each. It was really bad, so I wouldn’t rely on any information based on the Beta. It might be easier to take the new mats and apply the BC pricing structure to it.

    Arctic Fur will probably sell for 200-500 each, possibly more if LW hoard them for their own recipes. I never saw the Elementium gizmo, but a poster on Wowhead says it will cost 1500g from a vendor. The Goblin Piston is indicated to sell for 1000g, also from a vendor. The titansteel bars will probably be in the neighborhood of 1k each. The bolts will be cheap, maybe 1-2g each. Assuming any of my numbers are even close, this item will be worth more than the 14k that the passenger mammoth costs. Based on these very rough numbers, I would put it around 20-25k in terms of value. We really won’t know until WotLK is live and people are able to find the items + gain the rep.

  14. Gherrick Says:

    Still working on my engineering, but something to keep in mind. My primary engineering toon is a miner/engineer, which makes gathering the new motes a ton easier. Water/fire motes are fairly common around the airstrip. I also farm the bots at the airstrip often, as I have found them to be a reliable place to get parts. I’ve even found a froststeel tube once! Don’t waste your cobalt making bolts or the triggers, as these drop frequently enough that in about 30-60 minutes you should have a couple stacks of each (YMMV).

  15. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the tips Gherrick!

  16. Uzee Says:

    I’m sure a lot of work went into this, but from what I am seeing in the actual release, it bares no resemblance to what I see in my engineering recipe book, as far as a skill up path. Tinkered recipes are all grey, and picks and capacitors go green VERY early, definitely not orange at 395, more like green at 385.

    This guide needs a serious re-working when you get a chance. Unfortunately for most of us we need it now more than later.

  17. kaliope Says:

    Uzee: Sorry about the misinformation, this was written 2 months ago during Beta. There were some tweaks done to engineering after I started my progression, so some of this information will be off. That’s one of the pitfalls of testing on a test realm, sometimes they change things right under your nose.

    I’ll be leveling EG on live over the next week or two, but I agree it doesn’t help the folks who need it now. Unfortunately there’s only one of me and I’m not able to level all professions during the first week. Sure wish I could tho!

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