Pied Piper of Dalaran

For the past week I’ve been working on Cooking and beyond 400 is slow going.  I’ll share more on this once I hit 425 and get my “sneak peek” written, but for now let’s just say that I’m a slave to the city chef.  My recipe of choice has been the Critter Bites and at this point I have so many of them (about 3 stacks) that I thought I just play and see what they did.

Dalaran isn’t rife with rodents like some other cities we know (Stormwind) so I had a bit of trouble finding vermin to lure.  My first recruit was a rabbit.  I clicked the critter bite with him targeted and he became my pet.  I was hoping for a pet bar since the tooltip says you can ‘control’ them, but I didn’t get one.  The effect lasts for 3 minutes which seemed kinda short.  So I wandered around and I happened across a squirrel.  “Well”, I thought, “he’s more interesting than a rabbit, I’ll just grab him instead.”  I threw a critter bite at him and…

he joined my posse!

Naturally, I had to run all over the place trying to find new critters – bring on the furry minions!  The best I could do was 4 in the three minute time limit I had.  As I said, Dalaran has some obsessive animal control crews.  But I did manage to pose with my wee friends before the rabbit ran away:

Critter Bites in Action (WOTLK Cooking)

Critter Bites in Action

You can’t really tell from this image, but when you stop moving the critters surround you in a semi circle.  It’s pretty cute, almost like they’re worshipping you.  Muahahaha!!


3 Responses to “Pied Piper of Dalaran”

  1. solidd Says:

    OMG Awesome!
    Hehe I’ll *definitely* be trying this out :) Thanks for the cool tip!

    BTW since you have so much of the food, maybe try to re-acquire the pet before it runs off too far away? Or does it start evading once it is released? Whatever, it looks like another fun thing, and maybe even a source of a little cash via the AH :)

  2. Ericka Says:

    very cool… thanks for sharing!

  3. kaliope Says:

    Solidd: The critters despawn when the timer runs out, so I don’t think I could zap them again as they run off. It’s possible that you could re-lure them before the timer is up, but I haven’t played around with that possibility yet.

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