Sneak Peek at WotLK Alchemy 375-420

My last post focused on Herbalism, so it’s only natural that I should follow up with Alchemy.  The main reason Herbalism got any attention at this stage was because I wanted to collect some mats to test out Alchemy.  “But Kaliope,” you say, “didn’t you have to leave your Alchemist out of Beta?”.  “Why yes I did!”, I respond.  My guild leader, who is in the Beta with me, has been kind enough to make his Alchemist available for testing purposes :)

So far, Alchemy has been the easiest craft to level.  I’m sure this isn’t shocking since that was also true in Burning Crusade.  I believe it also has the lowest requirement for materials.  I was able to hit 420 Alchemy with 4 stacks of Goldclover, 1/2 a stack of Tiger Lily, 1/2 a stack of Adder’s Tongue and 12 Pygmy Suckerfish.  It’s possible to be even more boring and power all the way from 375-420 with 5 stacks of Goldclover and the Crazy Alchemist’s Potion recipe.  For some reason, the Crazy Alchie pot stays orange all the way up to 415 and it’s still yellow until 425.  I don’t know if this will change before release, but right now it’s a breeze to level Alchemy.

Realistically, you can make any potion you want based on the herbs you have available.  I managed to collect a stack of Tiger Lily and a couple stack of Adder’s Tongue, so I threw in appropriate recipes just to mix things up.  It’s not necessary to do that, but you’ll end up with more useful items if you do.  I also farmed some pygmy suckerfish just to see how viable that would be and because I was curious about them.  Right now farming pygmy fish in a PITA.  It has a 10% drop rate in inland open water, which means you have to fish lakes (not the coastal areas) and you can’t fish spawned pools.  It’s incredibly boring, but the upside is that I leveled my fishing skill to 415 (future post coming soon).

You may be curious about any old-world recipes you can use to power up after Lich King goes live.  My suggestion would be to skip that unless you’re just super desperate to max Alchemy as soon as possible.  The recipes you see in your book now will not look the same when you enter Northrend, you can pretty much downgrade everything one color level.  All Burning Crusade flasks are yellow in WotLK, as are the Major Protection potions.  365 recipes like Elixir of Empowerment are also yellow instead of orange.  All Burning Crusade primal transmutes are green except Mana > Fire, that was still orange for some reason (likely an error).  The only items I saw that were still orange were the SSO trinket recipes, the Mana>Fire transmute and one flask (Chromatic Wonder) which I suspect is also an error.  So unless you want to grind flasks and hope you can sell them after WotLK goes live, I think I’d just go the normal route with Northrend herbs.  You may have noticed that there are new flasks on the trainer starting at 435, so old flasks probably won’t have much marketability once the new ones are unlocked on your server.

Something strange I noticed while leveling was that several of the new recipes have character level requirements on them.  This may or may not change before release, but I found it odd.  Northrend Alchemy Research can only be learned after level 75, regardless of your Alchemy skill.  Runic Mana and Runic Healing potions also have a level requirement of 75 at this time, I have no idea why.  My borrowed level 70 Alchie was unable to learn any of these items, despite having the proper Alchemy skill.  Another thing that you might find interesting, specializations appear to be working on the Northrend recipes.  I procced extra elixirs on my helper, who apparently was Elixir spec (I’m like “why am I getting extra pots?”, lol!).  One more tidbit, the Titanium transmute is going to be HUGE.  I think at least comparable to Arcanite in vanilla WoW, and possibly even more lucrative.  Right now titanium bars are the most expensive trade item I’ve seen on the Beta server.  Just something to think about while you’re planning your progression past the 425 mark.

And in case you didn’t figure it out from all the recipe links sprinkled in the article, the Alchemy list has been updated on Crafter’s Tome to include all WotLK trainer recipes as of the latest patch.  Enjoy!

4 Responses to “Sneak Peek at WotLK Alchemy 375-420”

  1. Tony Says:

    This post of yours might explain why Post-Patch has removed the cool-down for Transmute Earthstorm and Skyfire. Blizz is preparing us for Titanium transmute. Glad I re-read this too. I’m going to start saving some mats to level my alchemy before prices on herbs get totally out of control, again.

  2. Zanzan Says:

    I have leveled up my Alchemy to 400 on the live side now and was able to learn the Northrend Alchemy Research with only being a level 72 so the beta requirement of being 75 was apparently removed. The mats for that is kind of crazy and getting the Adder’s Tongue was a challenge since I had to go into the level 75-77 area to find the herb. Yes, I looked on the AH but the price was 30g for ONE herb. Repair bills are way cheaper. Managed to get almost two stacks before I moved on to find Talendria’s Rose. I was determined to get the timer started on that 6 day 19 hour cooldown. For my efforts, I proc’ed two Flask of Relentless Assault and learned… oh crap Kaliope, servers down for maintenance and I can’t remember what I learned except it had something to do with resilience and was not terribly excited about it. I’ll update this later once I get back on the game.

    And I thank you again Kaliope for your very informative blogs. You are on my daily rotation of “MUST” reads.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Zanzan: I haven’t tried the Research ability yet even though my Alchie is sitting at 442 right now. The main reason is that I never found a safe way to collect Talandra’s Rose, plus the amount of herbs is rather high. You hit the nail on the head – herb prices are insane right now. That’s the main barrier to me capping Alchemy and Inscription, I just don’t have enough free time to farm all the herbs myself atm in addition to all the other things I’m working on.

    One of my guild leaders just did Research last night and learned a new recipe that I’ll be adding to our list. Just email me screenshots when you learn something and I’ll post it up. I’m glad you enjoy the site! I really enjoy reading all the comments, such a refreshing change from the official forums :)

  4. Zanzan Says:

    I need to correct what I learned via my Northrend research…It was Elixir of Lightning Speed which increases haste by 45 for one hour. Screen shot off to Kaliope once I figure out how :)

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