New WotLK Leatherworking & Enchanting Recipes Online

Over the weekend I got some new recipes put into our Crafter’s Tome database, including all of the recipes from the Leatherworking trainer and the Enchanting trainer.  This was quite a chore since there were two patches this week – I had to go back over the lists several times and make corrections.  There are also some recipes from the new Enchanting vendor in Dalaran, who I assume will be associated with a daily quest.  At the moment she isn’t, you can purchase recipes from her with Dream Shards (the new prismatic shard).  I also found a Leatherworking vendor in Dalaran who sells recipes for Heavy Borean Leather, but I didn’t have time to work on those yet.  This week I plan to tackle Alchemy trainer recipes, since new stuff was patched in last week.  After that I’ll go back and hit the various Daily/Token vendors that I’ve missed so far and start adding them to the site.  If you folks have a preference for what you’re most interested in, feel free to share  :)


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