Kaliope’s First WotLK Dungeon: The Nexus

Kaliope hasn’t really been getting the love too much in Northrend.  What with all the ore farming and lack of Leatherworking recipes to power beyond the 300s, she’s been mostly dormant.  She was sitting about halfway through level 70 last night, when I decided I would be brave and volunteer to heal a PUG.  Luckily this turned out to be a decent group, although a rather odd mix.  We had a warrior tank, two shammies and a mage.  There was no CC or marking, the tank would just run in pally-style and aggro stuff while the DPS took stuff down.  It was a bit sloppy and the DPS pulled aggro on themselves frequently.  I was getting quite the workout keeping everyone alive and I did lose DPSers a few times due to lack of Swiftmend (grrr on you loser Druids who said I could heal well without solid resto talents).

The upside was that we completed the run in about 45 minutes (I still had 15 minutes on my Healing Elixir).  We decided to run it a second time and swapped out the mage for a warlock.  The second run was also about 45 minutes (had 30 minutes on my second Healing elixir).  Obviously if we had done some CC and target marking the run would have gone longer, but I still think we would’ve been able to complete it in an hour.  This is right on target with Blizzard’s assertion of the dungeon time commitment.  

Also, there are BoP Cooking recipes that seem to drop regularly in this run.  My guildmate ran The Nexus and had one of the 350 novelty recipes drop for them.  In our double runs we had a recipe drop each time.  I didn’t win the roll on the first run, but I got a case of Bad Clams on the second, heheh.

What I really wanted to share about this experience is that I got about half a level with these two runs + the 3 quests I was able to complete.  I had full rested bonus, but I was still pretty impressed with the XP I got out of it.  Considering how much trouble Kali has had with soloing, I may stick with dungeons as the way to grind XP for her.  Obviously it helped that I had a few quests to turn in, but it still would have been worthwhile even if I hadn’t.  There’s no way I would have gotten that amount of XP in an hour and a half by myself, I’m just too slow killing things.  For those of you who feel you may be in the same predicament, dungeon runs are clearly a good alternative.  You also get nicer stuff ;)


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  1. Bananas Says:

    I just wanted to mention that dungeons is the way I plan on leveling. As a Holy Priest, I feel you on the being slow to kill things, so grouping and letting the dps kill stuff for me works rather well :)

    It worked for me when BC came out, from 61 to almost 63 was done mostly by doing Bloodfurnace and Ram parts. I’ve I don’t have a Beta key, but I have been on different sites already mapping out what instances I’ll do at what levels and what gear I’l be able to get from there (although I’m not entirely banking on the gear, as I’m sure theres a possibility it’ll change before now and Release)

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