Sneak Peek at WotLK Blacksmithing Progression (375-410)

For the last week or so I’ve been working on Blacksmithing (in addition to Jewelcrafting) on the Beta realm.  The biggest task, as you might imagine, is collecting all the ore.  The first 25 points of Blacksmithing will run you about 350 ore, the next 25 points will require another 350 or so.  The final 25 points will take about 380 ore in addition to 120 Eternals (aka primals).

But there’s some good news here: the Eternals you need will be available via mining much like motes of earth are now.  The other good bit of news is that you don’t need to cap to get the nice items, once you hit 440 you’ll be able to make epic gear.  The only thing you need 450 to craft is the belt buckle.  And the vast majority of those 120 Eternals are used in the last 10 points in Blacksmithing, so if you decide not to push through beyond crafting the gear you need, that’s an option.

The other good news is that we’ll be able to make blue(rare) items fairly early in the progression.  So if you decide to use a bit more ore per skill point, you can likely sell some of your wares instead of sending them off for disenchantment or vendoring.  There will be lots of newly minted Death Knights roaming around and they’ll be needing some gear.  Hopefully Blacksmiths will be able to take advantage of the influx of plate wearers.

The process of skilling up is pretty easy and straightforward, I personally haven’t felt it was nearly as painful as the 350-375 range from BC.  There are even a few BC recipes you can use for the first few points.  I made a couple Ragesteel Shoulders and got skill points for both.  So if you want to save up mats to make these early items you can.  I figure the Death Knights will give us a market for some low level gear.  The Eternium Rod is not an option in WotLK, even though it appears to be now.  When I arrived in Northrend that recipe was gray, so don’t bother stockpiling eternium.  And if you decide to make one of the other 365+ blue items, I wouldn’t try for more than five for points unless you just have a ton of BC mats on hand.

I also made a couple of Cobalt Rods, just so I’d have one for my enchanter and a couple to sell.  Sadly they are selling for nothing on the Beta server (5g compared to 100g for a cut green gem) but presumably players won’t be so bone-headed and stupid on a real server.  I planned my recipes to take the lowest number of bars for each 5-pt wave.  Right now in the Beta, you are basically forced to switch to new recipes every 5 points.  They may change this before Live, but so far almost every recipe has gone yellow 5 skill points after I trained it.  The only exception so far has been the Deadly Saronite Dirk, which is still Orange at 410 (learned at 405).  This could be an oversight though, so I wouldn’t plan on that for any recipes.  Right now I’m sitting at 410 and I’m going to try to push through to 440 on the Beta server.  Sorry, I don’t love you folks enough to grind the last 10 points on epic gear.  I’m sure you can figure that out for yourselves :)

At this point I’ve gone through 420 Cobalt Ore and 70 Saronite Ore to hit 410.  I expect to use another 300 Saronite Ore and 80 Titanium Ore to reach 440, plus 10 Crystallized Earth and 10 Crystallized Air along with the ore.  For the remaining skill points from 440-450, you’ll need something like 80 Saronite Ore, 240 Titanium Ore, 40 Eternal Water and 80 Eternal Earth.  The exact number depends on which items you choose to craft of course, this is just a ballpark for the ‘cheapest’ items.

In general, I think this progression will be easier than BC due to the lower Eternal requirements to reach the epic plans.  Beyond that it’s up to the player whether they want to continue powering up or just make the items they need and stop.  The only bad news is that mail armor is still absent.  Since they just patched in a bunch of new Leatherworking recipes last night including mail items, I have a terrible suspicion that mail is going to be exclusively in the Leatherworking camp with WotLK.  I’ll be working on the new LW recipes this week, so stay tuned!

10 Responses to “Sneak Peek at WotLK Blacksmithing Progression (375-410)”

  1. Hema Says:

    I really hope that BS gets some mail items or my poor hunter is going to be a bit upset. I do have LW as well, but having an armorsmith gave a nice range of mail armor (for a while) in BC. Due to the amount of effort i’ve put into getting recipes for BS since launch im not sure i could bring myself to drop it even without mail items :(

  2. kaliope Says:

    I completely agree, I have BS on my hunter also and I’m not looking forward to dropping it for something else. But so far there are no BS mail recipes and LW just got a bunch of mail recipes in the latest patch. I don’t hold out much hope at this point :(

  3. sixthfore Says:

    Wow… BS in WoTLK is going to be an extension of what ‘path’ was chosen in BC right? Like if you chose Armorsmith, you basically have certain things you can make only as Armorsmith + some base items? I was wondering this because I’m leveling blacksmithing and was wondering if I should wait til after I know the endgame recipes in general before deciding.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Sixthfore: I presume that will be the case, yes. So far I’ve seen a few BoP Weaponsmith/Armorsmith items, but not anything I’d consider endgame gear. The only items so far that I’d consider worth keeping/switching for are the BoP sockets and belt buckle, which is skimpy.

  5. Kinzlayer Says:

    Do you know if there will be any recipes from Northrend that would allow us to level BS from 360? right now my BS is at 360 and to get that last 15 levels would require a mad amount of Large Prismatic Shards (LPS) since I’m Scryer. Even though I’m sure LPS are going to be cheap as it will not be used in WoTLK, it’s still quite for few to buy.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Yes, if you look at the Smithing recipe lists I’ve compiled at, you’ll see that the Northrend recipes start at 350 BS.

  7. Kinzlayer Says:

    awesome kewl

  8. Curtix Says:

    I am in the same boat as Hema – Hunter BS needs love.

  9. Gorgrin Says:

    I don’t have a character with BS, but I was considering it with my hunter, but now I’m reading all these posts & having 2nd thoughts. Though I do have LW capped out on my druid, I can say I’ve NEVER understood why the heck LW has the option to make chainmail items over BS. I’ve played other MMO games, and “chain mail” from what I’ve seen/done – has never, nor should have been considered as a LW item. Last time I checked, chainmail is made out of metal…Perhaps a vote should be made to move chainmail items/recipes in LW over to BS. I’m capped out LW and I’ve never made a chainmail item.

    -Gorgrin- Lvl39 Hunter

  10. tlo Says:

    I found a cheap way to level blacksmithing from 360 to 375 (at least on my server). It appears the the recipe to make Eternium Rods now requires 360 blacksmithing (it used to be 375 a few patches back). Currently on my server, I can sometimes buy up eternium bars for 1 gold each or less and eternium ore for 50 silver or less. 8 eternium ore = 4 eternium bars = 1 eternium rod. An eternium rod vendors for 4 gold. So, on my blacksmith, I went all the way from 360 to 375 with eternium rods, breaking even in the process. It probably took 10 rods for that last point to 375, but it didn’t matter to me since it didn’t actually cost me anything except time checking the AH.

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