Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Ok, so you know that I don’t normally write about other topics, since this is a crafting blog.  I really tried to restrain myself this time, I even visited BRK’s blog to see if he had covered this already.  But no, it seems that forces beyond my control are pushing me into drifting off-topic.  My new hunter pet.

Ever since my hunter first visited Winterspring, she wanted a cute polar bear.  By that time I had already come up with my “white” pet theme and “candy” naming convention.  So when I hit level 54 (55?) the first thing I did was travel to Everlook to adopt ‘Marshmallow’.  Sadly, Marshmallow had a couple of strikes against him.  First off, he had a mean, snarly face that was hard to love.  Second, he was level 60 and incredibly difficult to level in Outland.  I tried – really I did!  Together we killed many Arakkoa in Terrokar Forest, and we hunted air elementals in Nagrand.  Alas, he never made it past 63.  It was just too painful to level him up to 70, especially when my damage was so huge and his was so terrible.

So when I saw that there were new polar bears in Northrend, I was excited.  At least I could tame a higher version and get Marshmallow 2.0 to 70 in one master stroke.  I was even more excited when I saw that there were baby polar bears who were incredibly adorable, but the fervor was short lived because the buzz was that the babies could not be tamed.  Imagine my surprise when I was nosing around the PVP Premade server and spotted a level 80 troll with the baby polar bear!  My dream of having a cute, cuddly, fluffy baby polar bear was within my grasp!  I MUST HAVE ONE!!!

I went out to Dragonblight where I had seen the polar bear families on my rogue.  As luck would have it, these bears wander right next to the Alliance hub at Star’s Rest.  There’s even a stable master there, which turned out to be a lucky thing.  I tried to stable Kitkat (my snow leopard) and kite the mama while the baby stayed trapped.  Unfortunately Mama wasn’t dying too quickly and my trap kept letting Baby out.  Which would have been fine, except that chain trapping Baby with Mama on me was getting tricky.  After accidentally trapping Mama and not wanting to kill Baby, I gave up and fetched Kitkat.  We handily killed Mama together, at which point I put Kitkat back in storage and went after Baby.  And the rest is history =)

Bouncing Baby Marshmallow (click for full size view)

Bouncing Baby Marshmallow (click for full size view)

We won’t bother mentioning that his Mama is behind me, he’ll get over it someday now that he has me (heheh).  He’s huge!  And he does the cutest head bob, kind of like the moths in Netherstorm, but more bear-like.  I know some hunters like to be ferocious, but I figure if I’m going to spend every day with my best friend, he should be cute and friendly.  And I have to say, I had barely 30 minutes with him before another server shut-down.  In that short time, I had two different people see him and fawn over him.  I be SUCH a proud mama!!


7 Responses to “Cutest. Thing. Ever.”

  1. gnomeaggedon Says:

    That is very cute… please don’t attack me with it in battlegrounds, I will have to ie down and get licked…. by the bear, or the bullets…

  2. cizzztm Says:

    Its a baby
    It is huge
    (s)he looks cute but ferocious
    I hope the range of tame-able wildlife will be beyond our guess.
    Must have baby giraffe
    game on :)

  3. Joel’s Scattered Thoughts » Blog Archive » Cutest. Thing. Ever. Says:

    […] Cutest. Thing. Ever. I can’t wait to get one of these. The kids will squee. […]

  4. Solidstate Says:

    Is it possible he’s… *too* cute? :)

  5. kaliope Says:

    Nah… no such thing as too cute. He looks pretty funny when I pop Bestial Wrath though. A bright red smiling bear is like facing off against an evil clown. Or being attacked by a cherry marshmallow aka the Cherry Sta-Puff man? Either way, it’s twistedly weird.

  6. Mama Druid Says:

    He is most definitely the cutest thing ever! But looking beyond all that cuteness… the landscape looks… sharper? Even a bit lifelike.

  7. kaliope Says:

    The landscape is definitely more detailed in Northrend. There are some areas that look amazingly intricate given the graphical requirements of this game. This particular zone isn’t the most visual, being mostly snow and ice. But Howling Fjord is very ‘scottish’ in look and theme music, I like it much better than the other starting zone: Borean Tundra. Blizz has also taken the time to implement NPC-on-NPC action, meaning random mobs actually interact with each other a bit more. In general I’ve found the music more interesting and the graphics more lush than BC, I think most folks will really enjoy the scenery :)

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