More recipe updates from the Beta

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I’ve added some new recipes to the site.  A few new Jewelcrafting items were added at 350 and 370, rings and necklaces.  There’s also a number of new recipes to Blacksmithing, including much needed consumables like weapon chains, shield spikes and new skeleton keys.  There’s also a new set of armor called Ornate Saronite that looks to be pally-oriented.  Yesterday I got a tip from a guildie (in Beta with me) that he had looted a Cooking recipe, so I researched those and put them in the cooking list… fun stuff, check it out!

The PVE server has been down all day, but apparently my premade druid was posted on the PVP server.  I used him to do some exploration in Dalaran and there is now a Cooking daily quest with a bunch of new Cooking recipes.  I’ll be working on those later this week, and I believe there have been some updates to Tailoring that I can add as well.  I’m hoping to get some crafting done on Blacksmithing/Engineering, I just need to collect some ore to get started.  Keep checking back, hopefully I’ll be able to post lots of new goodies this week!


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  1. Ixallare Says:

    Does anyone know if they will be adding any mail plans/recipes to the blacksmithing profession in WotLK? Right now, while I’m thrilled to see the keys included and a lot of good BoE items, it seems like everything is plate. Have they just not added in the mail recipes yet, or are they switching mail over to leatherworking only? Anyone know? Thanks!

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