First Peek at WotLK Mining

For the last few days I’ve been working to collect some of the new ore in WotLK so Krystella can start prospecting and cutting gems.  For those of you who do not have mining… I fear you’ll have some problems leveling up in the early weeks.  Ore isn’t exactly what I would call plentiful in the starting zones.  What with three different professions requiring ore, I’d be surprised if there was much available on the auctions.

I’m not doing any quests or killing mobs so far, but I’ve scoped out the bulk of Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra and have gotten reasonably familiar with the ore spawns.  The usual tactic of riding around the edges works fine in both places.  The first time I went out during prime time – I saw 2 whole nodes.  On my next outing I went back later in the evening and ore was more plentiful.  I would equate Howling Fjord to Zangarmarsh and Borean Tundra to Nagrand in terms of spawn density.

When you first head out, you’ll have no problem mining Cobalt Ore.  I believe it was yellow to me (didn’t write that down, Doh!) and I had no problem with failed attempts and such.  So far I’ve seen no Saronite in either starting zone and WoWHead seems to agree with me on this.  I did see a Rich Cobalt Node one time, but mostly they are regular.  I was able to level all the way to 405 mining with no problem on Cobalt veins.

The next ore is Saronite, which was orange to me when I found it at 405.  I also found some Rich Saronite nodes which I could not mine until 425 and a Titanium node which required 450.  One thing to note: saronite was a challenge to mine while it was orange, I failed about 20-30% of the time.  I would recommend taking some enchanted gloves whenever you plan to hunt up the higher ores to reduce frustration.

As expected the mineral veins drop the new “motes”, also known as crystallized XX.  So far my experience has been that cobalt drops water and earth, and saronite drops earth and shadow.  I’m not high enough to try titanium yet, I just got to 425 earlier today.  Even so, I’m tickled that the types of motes available through mining have been expanded and I’m curious to see what titanium will yield.

Bear in mind that any of this information could change before WotLK goes live, but so far I’ve been leveling mining fairly easily and collecting a good bit of ore for Jewelcrafting :)

UPDATE: Got my mining to 450 this morning – and automatically learned the new Mining buff (+500 HP).

UPDATE: Found my first titanium node over the weekend and received air/fire crystals from it.


8 Responses to “First Peek at WotLK Mining”

  1. cizzztm Says:

    Have you seen any use for the current motes and primals from TBC into the new wotlk expansion yet? Or will they be taken over completely by the new crystallized motes / primals ?

  2. Warhammer Says:

    Titanium drops all Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Don’t recall ever getting Shadow. I agree that Cobalt in starter zones is woefully scarce. Lots of hassle there (herbs also seem to be relatively uncommon in general). Getting a complete Cobalt set for tanking will be a challenge.

    I’ve not seen usage for the current motes/primals. I expect they will plunge in price similar to Essences at TBC launch.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Cizz: Have not seen any of the current motes in WotLK. I believe they will be completely taken over, I would use them now while you can.

    War: I’ve gotten lots of shadow from the saronite nodes (regular and rich) that I’ve been farming since yesterday. They seem to drop about 50/50 with the crystallized earth from saronite.

  4. Fearstalker Says:

    Can engineers gather the new clouds with existing extractors?…

  5. kaliope Says:

    Fear: I’ve seen no clouds yet, I have no idea if there will be new mote extractor usability in Northrend. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is phased out, I’m sad to say. What with mining now dropping all forms of motes, engineers would not have a lock on mote farming in WotLK.

  6. Fenrys Says:

    The current Extractor does work and in Borean Tundra you will see steam clouds I got fire and water from it.

  7. Griezz Says:

    I agree. The Mote Extractor does have a little use in Northrend. I found a number of clouds around the frozen waterfalls in Howling Fjord. I found four or five clouds in a single run. However, you may want to hustle to avoid the competition.

  8. Uzee Says:

    I must point out as far as rarity, and difficulty go, remember we will all be flying in a short time. I’m not too worried.

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