First Peek at WotLK Jewelcrafting Progression (375-400)

Speaking of Jewelcrafting… I’m putting this information in a second post.  I started writing about Mining and there was so much to say that I decided to split it into it’s own post.  I had to mine first in order to collect goodies for JC, and you’ll likely find yourselves in the same boat.  I checked the Auctions when I got to the beta server, but ore was selling for 150-200g a stack and I didn’t think my 25k gold was going to last long if I went that route.  So it was out to the mines for me…

When I arrived at the first town and found the trainer, he had the “Gem Perfection” quest already waiting for me.  For those of you with 375 JC and level 70 toons, there should be no issue unlocking this ability right away.  After gathering a few stacks of ore I started prospecting and it didn’t take long for me to collect the six gems needed (2 Huge Citrine, 2 Dark Jade & 2 Shadow Crystal).  When I turned in the quest I received my new ability and a ‘Small Velvet Sack’ which contained a random perfect-cut gem.  The proc rate on this ability so far has been fairly low for me, of the 12 gems I cut after learning this only one was perfect.

All of the new gem cuts at 350 and 360 skill seem to give decent skill ups through 390, which is when the first wave of blue gem recipes kick in.  Out of the 22 cuts I did from 375 to 390, only five failed to grant a skill point (Yeah I know, the math is wrong.  Blame the server for rolling back on me.)

You may have already noticed that your epic Sunwell gem recipes are still yellow, your meta-gem recipes are yellow and some of your epic jewelry recipes are still orange.  This is also true in the beta, I could have used those recipes if I wanted to.  However, since the new uncommon gems are better than the current epics, I think you’ll be better off crafting new gems.  Once you hit 380 skill all of the current meta-gem cuts turn gray and the SSO recipes will be green.  At 385 all of the old recipes are gray, the new recipes are mostly yellow except the 380 recipes which are still orange.

One other tidbit I wanted to share, adamantite and other ‘powder’ seems to be gone.  I’ve prospected probably 8-10 stacks of ore now and have gotten zero powder.  Obviously they could patch it in at some point, but right now I see no sign of it.  Today I also got my first 2 blue gems.  Prior to that I’ve gotten all greens, usually one and occasionally two per prospect.  Another thing to note, saronite is not prospectable until 400 skill.  So I have a few stacks but I can’t do anything with them just yet.

Feel free to toss me some questions if there’s anything you want to know more about.  I don’t have access to Dalaran at this point (still a level 70 noob), but I’m happy to find out whatever I can :)

UPDATE: Got my JC to 400 this morning.  The uncommon gem recipes went green at 395, but still gave good skill points until then.  The focusing lens items went gray at 400.

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  1. Andre Says:


    Thank you for all the info!

    I’d really like to know the duration of the speed effect of that engineering enhancement that gives a nitro boost to your boots. Also, if it’s as fast as the current engineering boots, which are VERY fast, but only last for 3 seconds tops.

    Thank you! :-)

  2. Mia Says:

    first off – let me say Congratulations and thank you! I’ve lurked here a long, long time.

    I am currently stuck at 444 JC – gonna purchase my first recipe of the Dalaran vendor in a day or two. Which one(s) will level me the rest of the way? Any suggestions?


  3. kaliope Says:

    Mia: Happy to have you in the conversation :) I believe the only recipes that give skill-ups past 440 are the meta-gems, Titanium goodies or the Dream Signet. Since you get plenty of those from the trainer, there’s no reason to buy from the vendor purely for skill points. The only recipes that will give you guaranteed points past 440 are the epic Titanium recipes, but they are heavier on mats. That said, if you don’t have enough uncut metas or dream shards+forest emeralds, they might actually be easier to collect for. I would go for either an Earthshock or Spellshock recipe, since they use eternals you get from mining. Fire and Air are harder to get in quantity, as I learned from my Alchemy leveling :(

  4. bob Says:

    Where is the trainer to give you past 375 skill for JC ?

  5. kaliope Says:

    You can find a full set of profession trainers in each of the Northrend starting towns when you arrive in either Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra.

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