First Peek at WotLK Leatherworking Progression

As promised, tonight I worked on Kaliope’s leatherworking skill and took lots of notes :)  First I had to get my hands on some leather, so I spent about 3 hours killing moose-like creatures in the Borean Tundra.  I collected about 8 stacks of leather in that time and got my skinning all the way to 450.

For those curious about the skinning process and how it might differ from Outland, I’m happy to report that it’s much easier (atm, could be changed anytime) to skill up.  In the beginning I was getting a skill point for each critter I skinned, then it changed to about every other skin.  Towards the end it got a little wonky, but I think it was mostly trending about 4 kills per point.  There were some points that took 10-15 kills to hit, but I’m hoping that was just random bugginess.  Still, to get 450 in just a few hours is pretty decent IMO.

When skinning critters you still get scraps of leather mixed in with full leather pieces.  It didn’t take me long to get up to about 50% leather vs 50% scraps though, my unofficial estimate.  So far I’ve only been getting 1 scrap per kill, but that’s on 70-71 mobs so it may go up.  Also, the recipe for turning scraps into leather is gray at 375, sorry no free points there.

For those of you who’ve been scoping your current recipes for Outland items to grind – the Drums of Panic were still yellow on my list.  It’s the only 370+ recipe that isn’t an epic item and the mats are pretty reasonable.  At 375 I made three of them and got a point for each one, even though the recipe went green at 377.  Here are your other options at 375:

Green: Heavy Borean Leather
Yellow: Heavy Borean Armor Kit | Arctic Gloves | Arctic Leggings | Drums of Panic
Orange: Arctic Belt | Arctic Shoulders

The Arctic Belt/Shoulders use the same amount of leather as the Gloves/Legs, so I opted to stick with those for grinding points since the recipes were orange.  I made one of each item and then both recipes turned yellow.  So they’re only good for the first five points.  At 380, your options look like:

Green: Arctic Gloves/Leggings | Heavy Borean Leather/Armor Kit | Drums of Panic
Yellow: Arctic Belt | Arctic Shoulders
Orange: ??

I will be banking my remaining 7 stacks of leather until new recipes are patched in and we can continue our little experiment, but this should give you some idea of what to expect when you first hit Northrend.


7 Responses to “First Peek at WotLK Leatherworking Progression”

  1. Alazasthas Says:

    LOL, seems again that ol’ worlders LW gets the shafft again. No sense in stocking up leather from Outlands to have free points in WotLK.

    It might be worth to save some mats to get some drums done (I suppose both Drums of Panic and Drums of Battle will be green), or just get a lot of Borean Leather andupgrade it to Heavy ASAP to get those first points.

    So far that Borean Embrace is just enchanter’s fooder, as most people getting there from Outlands will have in general at least S2 armor and that looks much more better than these greens. Maybe when lots of new people start arriving all the wat from lvl 1 it will be usefull, but they will set there along with the green sets of TBC.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Alaz: I had the same feelings about the first wave of green leather gear. Since most of the new players will be Death Knights, there will probably be very few newly minted 70’s to buy this armor. For folks who’ve been at cap for awhile, this gear is unlikely to be an upgrade.

    Surely having these new recipes start at 350 is planned on Blizzards part in some way to thwart leveling on Outland recipes. Strangely they don’t seem to be applying this same criteria to other professions. As a JC most of my meta-gem cuts are yellow and orange, I could easily stockpile a bunch of those and sell them early on in WotLK. It’s doubtful that JCs will get new meta-gem recipes in the beginning, so our current meta-gems should still be viable. I believe Alchemy also has recipes that can be used for early skill points. I plan to evaluate JC next, so I’ll be writing up my thoughts as well as submitting any feedback necessary to encourage more balance among the professions.

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    Well, I need to check what I have besides my epic patterns…But I think most stuff in LW is just out of the question to level in Northerd.

    I still wish upgrading leather gives me a few points….ot else my enchanter friends will love me as I send them lots of stuff to DE :D

    I’m waiting for you to tell us if the new BoP upgrades available to LW are true. Having a lot of stamina i my gloves is just making my bear fur tingle.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Well the Beta server was down yesterday during our regular maintenance window, but from what I could see no new recipes went up. I checked the JC and LW trainers and I didn’t see any new recipes. What you see on Crafter’s Tome right now is all there is for LW. I have a few extra JC patterns to post from last Friday’s patch, but nothing monumental.

  5. Pigglet Says:


    Thanks for all the insite. I am currently a Herb/ Dragonscale LW on my main. I do plan on dropping herb on her as I have a mage that is herb/Alch and I will be using her to do all my herb gathering needs. And plan on takin the inscription proff on my main.

    Anyways, My question is .. I dont know if you have any answer for me.. But have you noticed anything that is or is going to be specific for your master proffesion in LW. IE dragonscale or elemental – tribal. Is there new patterns from these trainers ?

    Any insight would be great. I really appreciate these blogs . Thanks alot

  6. kaliope Says:

    Pigglet: I’m sorry to say, as of the latest build they still haven’t patched in any LW recipes past 375. I’ve got about 20 stacks of leather sitting in the bank, waiting for the next wave but so far nothing. Stayed tuned, as soon as they give us more goodies I will post!

    I also got my herbalist over to the beta server on Friday, so I’m working on an herb list for a post next week :)

  7. Alazasthas Says:

    Jus found in wow head some new LW items. Including some kind of PvP leather and mail sets. The mats shown in WoWhead seems normal, and this might be a good selling ppoint if those items are not BoP… entry PvP items for alts and new 80 coming without S2 or equivalent stuff :D

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