Beta Fun Friday

Well Friday was my first day in the WotLK Beta.  ‘Black’ Friday was also the day that Blizz decided to push up the 8905 patch, which has created some chaos on the servers as you may have heard.  Indeed, the server goes down every 5-20 minutes.  Late Friday and early Saturday, I was lucky to get 5 solid minutes before a crash.  By the end of Saturday I could go as long as 15-20 minutes before I was bumped again.

Friday was rather interesting, since I was attempting to get *to* Northrend.  I never actually made it.  First, I ported to Stormwind and tried to find the new dock.  It took me about 3 crashes to locate it.  It didn’t help that every time the server came back up, I was back in the SW Barber Shop where I made my first pitstop.  What can I say, at the time I didn’t know the server would be crashing every 5 minutes!  The upside is that Krystella has new hair, lol.

I finally made it to the boat dock, but after another 2 crashes I realized I was waiting for the boat to Auberdine, not the boat to Northrend.  When I finally reached the right dock and got on the boat, the server crashed during the boat ride, leaving all of us stranded:

Trapped in the Nether

Trapped in the Nether

We didn’t actually have this many people on my original boat, the numbers grew as the night wore on.  You can see people trying to pass the time by duelling.  This went on all night, I would log in occasionally to see if I had been reset, but no luck.  Once a Blizz GM(?) came out to help us and got stuck himself.  So at the end of the day Krys was trapped in the Nether and Kaliope was too petrified to make a new attempt.  Let this be a lesson to those of you who complain about minor glitches on Live realms, things can be MUCH worse and typically are on the test servers ;)  So instead of checking out Northrend, I decided to set up a bank twink for myself and mail all my herbs to her.

On Saturday morning I checked on Krystella and luckily logged in as a GM was trying to rescue us.  Within a few minutes I found myself ported to the boat dock in Borean Tundra.  After that I was brave enough to take Kaliope out there as well and we visited all the various trainers and picked up a few early quests.  Kaliope actually went out in search of beasties to kill for skinning, to collect leather for Leatherworking before she drops it for Inscription.  Unfortunately the LW trainer in town didn’t have the 375+ recipes, so I wasn’t able to combine my leather scraps.

I decided that it was redundant to have both girls in the same zone, so I hearthed back to Shatt and decided to find the other starting zone in Northrend.  To get there you have to take a boat from Menethil (not SW) and that sends you to Howling Fjord.  They have a different set of trainers there, and luckily I found a Leatherworking trainer who could teach me the WotLK recipes.  I’m collecting info for a LW post which will talk about what recipes are what color at 375 and other relevant things for leveling up.

I have made a point not to quest heavily or power up my tradeskills yet, so I can document exactly what to expect when you first arrive in Northrend.  I’m also holding on Inscription for now because the recipes are largely placeholders.  The bulk of them use the same six ingredients, so if I level now I don’t feel this will be representative of the Live experience.  For now I’m just checking the trainers for new recipes and updating any trainer recipes that have changed in the current build.

Another fun screenshot I took last night (that I later realized was probably a bug) is this Hunter pet:

Giant Worm Pet

Giant Worm Pet

That’s me on my mount in front of the worm.  I saw this same guy an hour later (after at least 1 server reset) and his worm was normal size.  Bummer ;)


3 Responses to “Beta Fun Friday”

  1. cizzztm Says:

    Being stuck alongside a GM, well that is kinda hardcore beta testing.
    Nevertheless, its a pleasure to read you finally made it to the new continent. Looking forward to your new experiences on Northrend.
    Have fun!

  2. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Cizz :) This may sound nerdy, but as a research junkie and former software tester, I actually like being there and seeing things go wonky. It makes adventuring more interesting when you never know what to expect, even if it does get frustrating to be bumped off right when you reach the trainer you were planning to frisk for recipes. Right now I’m taking the crashes as a challenge… how much can I get to before the server dies!

    I’ll bet the Devs don’t appreciate all the bug reports I’m compiling, but I’m having fun finding all the oddities in their crafting data, hehe. I’ll do my best not to share too much of the annoying bits though, I’d hate to ruin the anticipation for people looking forward to WotLK.

  3. Jen Says:

    The new dock in SW shows up in the normal version, kind of. I’m levelling an old char which had been stuck in the doldrums and was passing through SW for the q chain which has you opening boxes & attacked by ghosts (stalvan’s curse, I think). At the point where you have to go to the canal district near the park, you can now find dwarf engineers trying to blow up the wall to create the new harbour.

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