Woohoo!! ~ Our Very Own AddOn!!

Have I mentioned that Hubby really wuvs me??  No??  Well he spent the last couple of weeks writing a WoW AddOn so we could get on the list for a developer beta key.  Since only one of us actually cares whether we have a beta key… I guess that means he likes me or something.  Yay for Mikros!!

The upside to all this hard work is that my faithful readers get a pretty nifty add-on as a side benefit :)  Naturally our mod is an in-game version of the Crafter’s Tome database, including some of the filtering options you’ve come to know and love.  Unlike other mods that scan the recipes your character(s) knows, our add-on will display a list all of the recipes currently in our database.  And you can customize the list to show the recipes by skill range, source (drop location) and type/slot.  If you want to check it out, you can download a copy from Curse.com:

Yes!  I want TradeTrak, the new AddOn from Crafter’s Tome!

As always, you can send me an email or leave a comment if you have any problems with it.  It has an actual help link with user-friendly instructions, unlike 90% of the other mods out there (boo!), so hopefully you won’t have any trouble.  It also has some support for localization, and we’ll be happy to take volunteers to assist with full localization if anyone is interested.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!!


16 Responses to “Woohoo!! ~ Our Very Own AddOn!!”

  1. cizzztm Says:

    Hurah for all the good work!
    I’ll check out the add-on for sure and will post my experiences.
    On to the beta with you!

  2. Rakhman Says:

    Hmm tell me more of this “writing a WoW AddOn so we could get on the list for a developer beta key”… there is a list?

  3. MD Says:

    Congrats !!! :)

  4. Bikutanda of Nazgrel Says:

    Jolly good!

  5. Flaime Says:

    Interesting…I just wish you had picked WoWinterface to upload it too…Curse still has too many gold-seller hooks in it for me.

  6. Mikros Says:

    Flaime: It is actually on WoWInterface as well:


    That download is currently one minor version behind Curse (1.0 vs 1.01), which just means it doesn’t have the SHIFT+click feature to paste a link into chat. We will update the WoWInterface one to the latest and greatest “soon”, but we had so much trouble getting things set up there that we’re afraid to touch it again until we have the beta key in hand.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Rakhman: Anyone can write an add-on and qualify for the Developer beta keys, if you’re interested you can find out more from WoWInterface:


    They have a very rigorous reviewing process, so be prepared to contribute something of value if you want to get into their program. Good luck :)

  8. Mrkemak Says:

    This sounds cool and I’ll take a look at it tonight.
    When playing I seem to have crafterstome permanently open in my browser so it’ll be great to have the same info in-game!

    One thing I’d really like to see either on the site, in the add-on or both, would be a shopping list.

    For example, if I’m looking to get 3 or 4 enchants done or make an engineering item with sub-parts, it’d be great to have one list of the components I need.

    Keep up the good work and goodluck with getting a Beta Key.

  9. Aurik Says:

    Holy super-cool-awesome!


  10. gnomeaggedon Says:

    OK, completely off topic.. well sort of… (and yes I will be checking out the mod as well.. but…).

    I am wondering if, you can add a couple of features to the Crafter’s Tome (whoops, maybe I should be adding this to the relevant forums… ohh well, here I go anyway)

    I don’t get much in game time, so 99% of my WoW activities occur out of game.

    I want a list of recipes I am missing (I have lists of what I have already – see my AboutGnome page on my blog).

    So I am wondering if it is possible to add:
    – Remember visitor information (ie. a login)
    – A recipe known flag – obviously related to the visitor & trade skills they select at the highest level)
    – A filter option for known/unknown.

    That way I could just produce a list of my missing recipes. rather than (or as well as) all/by location etc.

  11. Thrandis Says:

    Its pretty cool but when i looked at it. Its nothing i kind fine with Atlasloot Enhanced and Ackis Recipe List, in fact the latter will give u a game location on where to to find the vendor etc for the recipes.
    So yes its a pretty cool addon u made but for me its just another addon thats reduntant.

    Good work though :)

  12. Garumoo Says:

    I second the request for “already known” filters.

  13. kaliope Says:

    Gnome/Garumoo: We have plans to add user-based features at some point, but with hubby’s time at a premium we haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s on the ToDo list tho :)

    Thrandis: We did our best to make the mod useful, but since it would be impossible to track down every comparable mod, I’m sure there are others with similar features. With Atlas Mod, I’m not aware that it does any meaningful filtering of recipes, which I feel is the major distinguishing feature of our mod. I used Atlas as one of my comparison products and I got really annoyed at the way they have their static lists set up, so in that way our feature set was influenced by what I didn’t like about Atlas Mod. I should also point out that most of the people I spoke with who use Atlas, aren’t even aware that it has recipes. For the most part, our mod was intended to give folks a lot of the same functionality they enjoy on our web site, not necessarily to trump other mods that might be floating around.

  14. Thrandis Says:

    NP Kaliope, ur mod is quite useful just from perspective it didn’t really add any extra resources.

    Recent versions of atlas have full recipe lists and a search function now that ppl may not be aware of.

    Anyways all good, great mod, sorry if it sounded like i was being negative lol i wasnt :)

  15. gnomeaggedon Says:

    No worries, Hubbie’s time should be spent where it counts.. I am following your blog, so I am sure that when the time comes I will know.

  16. Jim Moreno Says:

    Huzzah, thanks! Downloaded and installed. And I sure hope it gets you a beta key!

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