WotLK Engineering live on Crafter’s Tome

It’s been awhile since I posted any new recipes… this is entirely my fault.  I have two birthdays and the first day of school coming up over the next ten days and I’ve been pretty busy getting my ducks in a row.  Dare I publicly embarrass my wonderful coder hubby Mikros by telling everyone (the 12 whole people who read my blog) that he turned the big Four Oh today??  Oops, that just slipped out… I’m evil =)

Anyway, I did manage to get the new Lich King Engineering trainer recipes online finally and I have a minute to share my commentary on the goodies.  First, I’d like to applaud Blizzard for taking some of the more fun items and turning them into Enchanting-style buffs instead of gear.  Since my engineer is a warrior, she pretty much never wanted to wear cloth or leather items no matter how nifty the on-use trick was.  And with most of those tricks being oriented for PVP, I was too afraid to trade a trick for actual health or DPS.

Some of the most memorable items have been turned into buffs that you apply to your current gear, including the Parachute Cloak, the Ornate Spyglass and the Rocket Boots.  There are also some new entrants into this class of craftables, such as a Pulse Generator that confuses mechanicals (I sure hope there are mechanicals to confuse in Northrend), a haste booster and a rocket launching effect.  I think this is going to add a lot of fun factor back into Engineering, I already feel like Inspector Gadget just reading about it.

There are other new additions being tossed into the line-up that as well that I think are a solid step forward in Engineering.  We’ll be able to create items that serve as multiple gathering tools, which is a nice way to provide money-makers for us as well as minimizing bag cram for everyone else.  Even better is the new Gnomish Army Knife, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve left that stupid Arclight Spanner in the bank when I went to the forge.  I’m also pleased to see that they moved the ammunition and potion injectors to the trainer.  These items were too useful to relegate to world drops that only few engineers could make.

Engineers around the globe are likely cheering in ecstasy for the MOLL-E, a portable mailbox.  This has been high on the request list since the early days, it’s nice to see the Devs finally give us something we’ve been begging for.  There’s also the usual selection of goggles and such, however I would like to call your attention to the Gnomish X-Ray Specs.  This looks like a very fun item to me, but how about some love for the Goblin engineers, eh?  I want to see people in their skivvies too dagnabit!

I could keep going, but surely you just want to review the list for yourselves and form your own opinion :)


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  1. Debrashavi Says:

    Hi Kaliope,

    I’ve been reading your work for over a year and it’s inspired to be a crafter. I would really like to add engineering and blacksmithing to my repertoire one day. All my alts max out their cooking and fishing. I just find fishing so relaxing at the end of the day and I have a ton of food buffs for my raiding guildes.

    Right now I have a spriest who is tailor/herb (because the guild depends on the herbs for raiding pots so I’m stuck with that), a mid lvl hunter with mining/JC skills and a low lvl Druid for ench and herbing. I have gone with two herblaists to get the low level and high level herbs for inscriptions. I have reserved a name for my DK and am wondering if it would be an advantage to level her as inscription or switch things around so that professions match the toones better.

    I really admire you and Mikros work and dedication. (Happy Birthday!) Any suggestions would be welcome :)

  2. kaliope Says:

    Hi Debrashavi – thanks for your sweet comments about my blog =) I’m glad we’ve given you some motivation on crafting, it’s really my favorite part of the game. There are times when I would dump leveling completely if crafting became a viable alternate path for character development!

    I find myself in a similar pickle with regard to matching characters to professions. My hunter is a BS but my warrior would benefit more from Smithing. But my warrior is Enchanting/Engie and has lots of pre-BC recipes that I would hate to lose in either profession. My healer is LW when my rogue could probably get more out of LW. I would make several swaps if I could, but the cost is high to skill up from zero and you lose all your old recipes. For example, my enchanter has both AGI enchants from the Timbermaw, if she drops that for BS and another toon picks it up, no more Timbermaw enchants. Sure, I could grind Timbermaw rep again but… no. So these are the things to consider if you want to switch. How much will it cost you and how valuable are the recipes you’d be losing in the tradeskill you plan to dump.

    On the plus side, now is a great time for projects like that. We’ve got at least a couple of months to kill before WotLK and that could be a solid use of the time. There are no wrong answers really, just a matter of how much time you want to invest. Good luck to you and feel free to follow up if you have other questions/concerns!

  3. ratshag Says:

    Oh wows, there’s some shiny stuff coming fer us engineers. So glad I picked it up a few months ago. Course I hadda drop mining, so is gonna be expensive to level it up. But ooooooh Sonic Booster! Rocket launcher gloves! GOGGLES!

    But yeah. C’mon Blizz! We Goblin E’s wanna see folks starkers too!

  4. ^^TnT^^ Says:

    WTF we gonna be real engineers now :)

  5. Jafermeifter Says:

    Nice post on the engineering, I was considering droping engineering for something i might find more use for on my hunter, but some of those new schematics just sound awesome. Altho what i am dying to see in engineering is maybe one of two more great guns, or even if you introduced bows that will be useful to hunters, cause the epic gun we got at lvl 70 was just a tank weapon and any self respecting hunter wouldn’t be seen dead with it.
    But i do applaud the idea of instead of making all the little gadgets pieces of gear, they are making them like enchants which is nice, now just for a few more items that we can seel and we’ll be all set.

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