Inscription Debuts Early!

At the end of the day yesterday, Eyonix announced that there will be a pre-WotLK patch which will include Inscription.  I think most of us are shocked by this development, I know I am.  There’s no solid date on when this patch comes out, merely phrased as “in the coming weeks”.  Could be next week, could be in six weeks.  Needless to say, folks will start scrambling immediately to collect their herbs so they can be ready for this nebulous patch day.  Luckily I already collected mine and I hope those of you who had plans to take up Inscription followed my lead =)

What makes this news even more astonishing is that we haven’t even seen many of these recipes on the Beta server yet.  As far as we can tell, the profession hasn’t been tested beyond 100 skill, yet they are planning to take it live sometime in the next month or so.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m bored enough to welcome whatever flaky Inscription progression comes our way.  I think this is a great idea to keep the peeps occupied while the Devs continue to work on the expansion.

This is a wonderful opportunity that I for one embrace.  When WotLK comes out, I can focus on leveling and not have to worry about squeezing in the powerleveling of Inscription on top of all the other madness.  It also gives the players a much needed boost to carry us through November(ish) and relieve some of the summer doldrums.  Thank you Blizzard!


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  1. cizzztm Says:

    I totally agree!
    I already have 4 stacks of the low and medium herbs each and hope thats enough to level in the early inscription phase. What do you think Kaliope, will four stacks be sufficient?

  2. kaliope Says:

    I believe that 4 stacks is enough for milling with some left over for actual recipes. This is based on some calculations I did with the recipes in Tier 1, the only full tier that’s up on the beta server. The only question in my mind is which individual herbs will be used in skilling recipes that might swing the numbers towards one specific herb being required in higher numbers. Hopefully on the PTR I can do some testing and nail this down before it goes live. But right now I’m sticking with my 4 stack estimate, even though it’s tempting to do more (I seriously have no room for more!).

  3. Quim Says:


    That is the biggest question – what specific herbs will be required for specific scrolls, inscriptions, etc. I hope you are the first to post when PTR goes live!


  4. Dave Says:

    Kaliope thanks for the uncluttered and clear reference you’ve made for all the professions
    Just a thought- I wonder if there will be any race or even class based bonuses for Inscription, can tanks write? Also, I wonder if the “inscrptions”that act as enchants will be DE-able
    Anyway be prepared to see scads of toons milling and scribbling away next to Guild banks and mail boxes. I just thank God Blizz removed the inter-account mailing delays. And after all that wait for the opinions on what glyphs to use for each class to fly. Oh what joy! I hope i have enough weeds LOL


  5. Brian Symonds Says:

    Further down in your blog is the previous thread about Inscription and material needs for at least the early part of levelling up.

    WotLK Trainer Recipes for Enchanting & Inscription Online!
    July 31, 2008 by kaliope

    For some reason I can’t post this note there. Its an update from a member of our guild (Estoppel) who is keeping an eye on Inscriptions in the Beta. Regards

    Re: Inscription experience so far in beta
    by Estoppel on Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:24 pm

    The inscription recipes that are trained has expanded exponentially, and seems to be much closer to complete. I imagine it will be seeing some polishing even more before it hits PTR.

    Right now, however, Moonglow ink is being used through the 125 training level, instead of midnight ink, and glyphs are requiring mageroyal still at that point… that is obviously incorrect. Plus, most glyphs are requiring all four levels of parchments that can be purchased from the vendor, light, common, heavy, and resilient, which is also a bug. The glyphs are quite impressive though, and I think you guys will really be enamored by them.

    So currently I could level it more, but I feel it wouldn’t give me a good impression of what is required to level, since its going ot require more of the basic herbs, and less of the higher level herbs.

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