More Jewelcrafting goodies go up in Beta

Some new items were added to the latest build on the Beta server last week, these are now live on Crafter’s Tome.  I’d been hoping to get them up last night or this morning, but due to technical difficulties we had a delay in updating the web site.  Everything appears to be working now, but please let us know if you experience any hiccups with the images for the recipes.

The latest recipes are so new that a number of them have no item data available as of late last night.  For those items, I’ve used the “spell” information which just shows reagents, etc.  You people on the beta server, get crackin’ and make those items so we can get some item data!

Also, most of the new jewelry recipes are lacking in stats right now.  I guess they aren’t quite done with itemization yet, which makes sense considering that they’re still working on class balancing.  I’d prefer to see stats go in after they know what various players will want, rather than adding goodies that no one will buy because the stats are wrong.  At the same time, crafters need to move forward and get their hands on recipes so they can try out the leveling progression.  IMO it’s better to put “stub” items in rather than guessing at stats and having to rework it all later when the class changes are finalized.  As a side benefit, you’ll probably have less QQ’ing from players that something got nerfed, heh.

One of the big items I see in this patch is the addition of BoP epic gems for Jewelcrafters.  There’s a whole slew of them on the new daily quest vendor and they are quite cheap!  Each recipe costs only 2 tokens and the Dragon’s Eye gem is 1 token.  So for the price of 3 daily quests, you can get yourself an epic gem. These new gems are no longer unique, but they have a maximum of three gems per crafter.  I like this solution a lot better than the previous unique gem status.  As a rogue only one of the epic gems was appealing to me (+AGI) so I only have one epic BoP gem.  Sure I could have socketed the +Stam or +Crit one, but that would have been a waste of a socket for me since neither of those gems are on the “must have” list for rogues.

With this new system, I can socket multiple Agility gems if I feel so inclined.  And luckily they’ve also expanded the available recipes, instead of just 7 gem options we have 17.  When you consider the changes in spell damage and hit rating, we actually end up with three times more gem styles (thanks to +spell hit and +healing being rolling together with +spell power and +hit) than we have currently.

As I mentioned before, none of the new jewelry has stats yet so I can’t really comment on it (and I’m sure Blizz it terribly disappointed about that).  There are also a few stub trinkets, so it looks like we’ll be getting upgrades to those too.  I know I love my panthers – so cute – so beefy :)  It looks like we’ll be getting a new type of item as well, something called a “focusing lens”.  Right now the tooltip reads like a flare or raid mark or something, not sure we really need more of that but we’ll see what happens.  I just hope they give us some new stone statues, I really like that concept.  I was bummed that they didn’t put a BC specific one in the line-up, the dense version seemed kinda meh to me.  I would have sacrificed some of my earth motes to make a stronger statue – who’s with me?!

3 Responses to “More Jewelcrafting goodies go up in Beta”

  1. wowblogger Says:

    Really want to see the new jc stats so I can compare it with inscription.
    samownall – World of Warcraft News

  2. question Says:

    In regards to 3 gems per crafter; Does that mean 3 gems total? or 3 gems equipped?

    Could a paladin/druid put 3 epic stam gems in tanking set, 3 in healing set, and 3 in dps set? Or strictly 3 gems per character?

  3. kaliope Says:

    Well the tooltip indicates a maximum of 3 gems socketed in your equipment. I would assume that this is for equipped items, not all items in your inventory. I believe I’ve had unique gems on my druid and she had one for her tank set and the same one for dps set, but don’t quote me on that.

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