A few random WotLK tidbits

Since we don’t have any new waves of info coming from the Beta yet this week, I thought I’d put together all the little bits of news I’ve gotten from our testers that have been sitting in my email box:

MD says that there are two new JC trainers in the Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra, previously she had to travel to Dalaran to train.  The trainer in Howling Fjord is also offering a quest for “Gem Perfection”, which seems to be a new ability that JCs will have to proc higher stats when cutting a green (uncommon) gem.  Unfortunately, the trainer will not teach anything new until this quest is completed.

At this time many of the Grand Master trainers are only in Dalaran (exceptions are JC, Enchanting, Mining and Blacksmithing).  For players following the normal zone progression, Dalaran will be unlocked via quest at level 74.  At this time the only way around that is to get assistance from a mage or warlock.  Since the JC trainer was just added to the starting zones, hopefully they will continue that trend until there’s a full selection of trainers in Fjord/Tundra.

MD also says that the new gems which are learnable at 350 skill are yellow to her JC and the rest are orange.  It seems feasible to her that we could skill to 390 at that rate, assuming they don’t nerf it before release.  Thirty points seems like a big spread to me for a recipe to remain yellow (recipe is 350, her skill is at 380).  It’s possible the devs are being generous in Beta so professions can be skilled up faster for testing purposes, we’ll have to see how that holds up closer to release.

Aurik says that one of the latest patches also produced some new LW trainers in Dalaran.  It seems that the specialty LW trainers are now located near the regular LW trainer in the Magus Commerce section of town.  At this time they only have the old specialty recipes, but hopefully they’ll get the new recipes when those are patched in.  It will certainly be nice not to have to trek out to ‘Old World BFE’ to learn your specialty plans!  There are also some Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing trainers in Dalaran, for you Smiths out there.

That’s all I have for now, hopefully we’ll get some new crafting content patched in soon :)


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