Lich King (WotLK) Tailoring to 420 Recipes

Over the weekend I posted the new Tailoring recipes from the trainer in Beta.  These recipes are still in fairly rough form, some of the items have no stats on them and a few appear to have ingredients that are unlikely to make it to release.  Most of the Frostwoven items have no stats, although the set bonus looks Healer-oriented to me.  The stats of the Duskweave set are kind of all over the place, one piece might be Stam/Crit/Spellpower and another is Stam/Spirit/Spellpower.  Hopefully both sets will be updated with more coherent stats, since I assume they intend one to be DPS stats and the other healing stats.  The Black Duskweave and Mystic Frostwoven seem to suffer from similar problems, either no stats or wildly varying stats.

There are a few things to like in what’s been introduced so far.  Of course we have the newest bag – a 20 slot Frostweave number.  I’m sure we’ll see an Imbued version at some point since the imbued cloth is also available from the trainer.  And I’m pretty tickled to see that they’re providing some trainer-based leg enchants.  I think it’s fine to put the beefy versions elsewhere, but I like the idea that the trainer would teach you a basic version.  They are also bringing cloaks back to the standard line-up.  Burning Crusade only provided rare-quality cloak recipes through world drops and faction vendors.  I’m glad to see that Tailors are getting back the uncommon quality cloaks that we were able to make originally.  I mean, most of the old cloak recipes weren’t great, but they provided good skill-up fodder if nothing else.

You might notice that the new Embroidery items have only a rune thread for mats.  This is not a mistake, that’s actually how it’s listed at the moment.  This is one of those items I expect to be updated before release :)


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  2. Brency Says:

    where i can learn it?

  3. kaliope Says:

    Brency: You need to find the trainers in Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra. I have all the trainer locations in my WotLK Guide at:

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