WotLK Jewelcrafting – New Vendor Recipes!

Our beta helper MD has come through again!  This time new vendor-based Jewelcrafting recipes, but with a twist.  There is now a daily profession quest (as you may have heard) and this quest rewards you a token.  The vendor will sell you recipes for the tokens you collect from the Daily quest.  Rare quality recipes are selling for 5 tokens, meta-gem recipes are selling for 8 tokens.  There are a total of 31 recipes available at this time, but the recipes and/or token price could change before release.

MD was kind enough to send screenshots of the quests to give us an idea of what this new quest is all about.  You can get the quests from the Jewelcrafting trainer in Dalaran.  As you can see from this pic, he gives you a choice of six quests:

List of Profession Quests for Jewelcrafting Daily

List of Profession Quests for Jewelcrafting Daily

MD tells me that you can only do one quest from this list per day.  The quests look pretty easy, of course we have no clue how horrible the drop rates may be.  Also, WoWHead is currently showing these quests as level 80, requirement: ??  Personally I think it would be a bummer to wait until 80 to start collecting these recipes, but we’ll see what happens.  Here are a couple of samples of the quests themselves:

Blood Jade Amulet

Daily Profession Quest for Jewelcrafting: Blood Jade Amulet

Wicked Sun Brooch

Daily Profession Quest for Jewelcrafting: Wicked Sun Brooch

If you look closely, you’ll see that you’re required to turn in two different uncommon gems (cut) as well as a drop from a specific type of mob.  Depending on the value of the new uncommon gems, this could end up costing you more than the cash generated by completing the quest itself.  Somehow I doubt JC’s will care, since they’ll be getting new rare gem recipes for the price of 5 daily quests.  I’m guessing this is Blizzard’s solution to the problem of overpriced recipes on the Auction House.  It’s certainly a different approach, but I hope they give the same consideration to other professions or there will be serious QQ about it.  Still, it should be interesting to see how this plays out economically.  Our current epic gems are worth 200-300 gold and the new uncommon gems have better stats.  Who knows what JCs will charge for uncommon gems in the first weeks and months of WotLK when rares are… well rare :)

So once you’ve collected your five tokens, you can talk to Ms. Tiffany Cartier to spend them.  She’s located right next to Timmy-boy in Dalaran.  One final thing I wanted to share is this other item that Tiffany sells:

Dragon's Eye

Jewelcrafting Item: Dragon

The Dragon’s Eye costs 1 token.  There are no published recipes yet, but I turned up this interesting list on WoWHead under Dragon’s Eye.  Looks like Jewelcrafters *may* be getting a pretty beefy looking list of self-only epic gems.  Nice =)


12 Responses to “WotLK Jewelcrafting – New Vendor Recipes!”

  1. Solidstate Says:

    > Personally I think it would be a bummer to wait until 80 to start collecting these recipes

    All daily quests can be done only at the level cap. No exceptions. I doubt profession daily quests will be any different in WotLK – fishing and cooking dailies in TBC certainly aren’t different.

  2. kaliope Says:

    Solid: This is certainly true now, but it doesn’t mean it can’t change in the next expansion if the Devs choose to do so ;) Since it’s not unusual to max out a craft before you finish leveling, it would be a shame to have such a high number of good recipes locked out until then. Some of the ones on the vendor list include important cuts such as Solid, Delicate, Luminous and Veiled. It also includes the meta cuts: Chaotic, Relentless and Insightful.

    Buyers will get annoyed if they can’t purchase these items for weeks because JCs aren’t leveled up. And of course the first few people who blaze through will be charging an arm and a leg for them until the average players catch up. It could also hurt progression since Solid gems are a staple for tanks and Luminous is popular with healers. I don’t think I would make either of those hard to come by, considering how hard it to get healers and tanks. Making tanking and healing gear easier to acquire would be one way to encourage players to roll a tank or healer. Adding artificial difficulty to the gearing up process is a good way to discourage those same folks.

    If they are going to keep the dailies locked until 80, they should considering moving at least the Solid recipe to the trainer so tanks don’t pay the price for the limited availability of that gem.

  3. FNORD Says:

    1) Not all dailies are max only. The PvP daily is available to anyone who can get in the appropriate BG.
    2) If dailies are to be max only, what happens to the BC dailies? Will they suddenly become unavailable to everyone? Just people who upgrade? What if you have them (completed or not) in your quest log when WotlK goes live/you upgrade your account?

    I suspect that most of the current dailies will remain available to 70+ players.

  4. Andre Says:

    Kaliope, this system of dailies will be implemented for all crafting professions. According to the devs, the objective is to give people many, many options to spend their tokens on. As a result, you’ll see many people with different choices of recipes, since acquiring them requires dailies, and thus time. The objective is to make people invest time to get the recipes, making it difficult to own them all very quickly.

    I have read that somewhere, it was written by a blue. Maybe it’s posted in mmo-champion… or in the WotLK Wiki. In the same interview, the dev said they were gonna UN-nerf Engineering. He said that nerfing the mind control cap, for example, was a “bad idea”.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Fnord: You make a good point, I’ve done the PVP dailies on my warlock purposely for the “free” XP. I can’t imagine they will actually disable the current dailies, so they’ll probably still be available in WotLK to 70+ players.

    Andre: I don’t object to the level 80 requirement in and of itself. But there should be no reason to enforce a level 80 requirement on the profession dailies, since the current 70 dailies will (probably) still be available. The only reason I can think of is because the devs *want* to force a slower acquisition of certain recipes by keeping them locked until players hit the level cap. That is very possibly their rationale and their right to go that route.

    I do agree with their desire to implement a more democratic distribution system of recipes for all professions, hopefully not just JC. I just hope they’ll be careful about which recipes they put on those particular vendors and make sure that they aren’t the recipes that players rely on to progress through dungeon/raid content. I think there are very few recipes that can make that claim, but unfortunately the Solid cut is one of them and I hope they reconsider that one.

    I just wanted to make the point that the Devs should be sure to look for problems like that when selecting which recipes to include in the Profession daily. Overall, I like the idea though. And I am all for some Engie love too. My warrior tank is lame enough, she needs her Engineering to give her an advantage in the world…. of Warcraft =)

  6. Andre Says:

    Kaliope: have you read the new goodies in store for the Engis?

    You can now enchant your cloak (any cloak) to add a “parachute” effect. Enchant any boots to give the “rocket speed” effect. You can add a rocket launcher to your gloves, I think. A “zoom” effect to your belt etc etc etc.

    Apparently, they don’t want people switching to a crappy blue or green just to use the effect and then swap back anymore. Also, this will force people to decide between the Engi ability or the traditional, status-enhancing enchants.

    Personally, I think it’s looking good. :)

  7. kaliope Says:

    I’ve not yet seen the Engineering goodies, I need to go track those down and have a looksie. I like the idea of making some of the unique “on use” effects an enchant instead of a separate item. I can’t tell you how many toys I’ve rejected on my warrior because I didn’t want to wear cloth or leather and gimp myself just to get a cool effect. But I also avoid PVP with her because without the gadgets she can’t really defend herself too well as a prot warrior. I’d prefer not to respec her repeatedly either. She more than any other toon will benefit from the rumored dual-spec feature that Blizz is considering, so I’m really hoping they implement that. I’d better go take a look at those new Engie toys before I forget again…

  8. Andre Says:

    Here you go:



  9. Draed Says:

    oki have a question whats the profess lvl required to do the dalaran based dailys i can do the cooking ones but not the JC and my JC lvl is above my cooking cooking lvl

  10. kaliope Says:

    This is probably a character level issue more than a profession level issue. I can’t say for certain since I was skill capped and level capped when I started these dailies, but WoWHead says the JC daily requires level 65.

  11. Tlo Says:

    I have a data point for this from the current live build – my JC is level 72 and has access to the JC dailies in Dalaran.

  12. KaliopeLlane Says:

    I started doing the JC dailies as soon as I hit Dalaran at level 70. Our guild mage started porting folks in with the BG method when he hit 71, so all of my toons got to Dalaran @ 70. As far as I can tell, all of the Dalaran profession dailies are available at level 70.

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