Recipes from the WotLK Jewelcrafting Trainer

Yesterday we saw a slew of Blacksmithing recipes that were added to the trainer in Beta, today we have new Jewelcrafting recipes to share.  These are all gem cuts, mostly in the 350-360 range.  They appear to be the upgrade versions of the current green gems that no one buys anymore.  Luckily the stats on these new green gems are slightly better than the current epic gems, so I doubt any JC will have trouble selling them.  I guess this also means I *won’t* be spending my remaining Badges of Justice on epic gems, hehe.

You may notice a few blue quality gems on the trainer list.  It looks the trainer will give us one new recipe for each rare gem type in WotLK.  I think that’s pretty nice of the Devs, actually.  Not enough to hurt the market for folks who want to purchase rare cuts and be distinctive, but enough to let people skill up to the next tier of recipes without being gouged on the Auctions.  The trainer will also teach you four meta gem recipes, which again I think is quite sporting of Blizzard to give us a few on-the-cheap.  Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t giving away the most popular cuts.  But at least it’s a way to get some skill points :)

On the other hand, I find the distribution of the new green gems quite interesting… aka: lopsided.  There are sixteen cuts available for the new orange gem but only three cuts for the blue gem.  Yellow gems have only five cuts while green gems have 12 available cuts.  I suppose you could argue that green gems need a boost since they are so hard to sell, but I didn’t think orange cuts were unpopular and yet they are getting the largest number of recipes.  Also, I compared new cut types (stat combinations only in WotLK) to old cut types (ones that exist now) and the imbalance continues there.  Orange and green get the highest number of new styles (10 and 7) while blue and yellow get absolutely no new styles.  Personally I find this unfortunate for poor blue – the only cut that sells for blue gems is the +STAM.  Blue gems could use a little love ;)

So the upside is LOTS of recipes from the trainer, including rare cuts and meta cuts.  Downside: wonky distribution of recipes between the various colors.  I’d sure like to see that evened out a bit, not that green gems didn’t need some love because they did.  But blue gems could also use a boost, I personally have all the flavors of moonstone and elune recipes and the only ones I can sell are Solids.  The others are just too underpowered for most people to waste a socket on.

I’m not even going to bother commenting on the weird pricing anomalies I found or the potentially troublesome skill gaps.  I’m just going to keep my QA comments to myself since Blizzard has not seen fit to include web site owners in the same beta key love-fest they extend to mod developers <sniffle>.

3 Responses to “Recipes from the WotLK Jewelcrafting Trainer”

  1. Maverick Says:

    um, unless i got this wrong, the gems require 375 JCing, which means if your not a JC u can;t use them

  2. kaliope Says:

    Mav: Which gems did you mean, the uncommon ones, rares or metas? All of these recipes on our list came from screenshots which I used to input the data, and I don’t recall seeing a JC requirement on them. Doesn’t mean they can’t patch in a change like that, but I didn’t notice it.

  3. Maverick Says:

    Sorry, my mistake, I was looking at the new epic gems that have ben included in the latest beta patch

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