Ask and you shall receive…

I feel so psychic =)  Either that or Blizzard actually listens to me (except when it comes to a Beta Key, they’re playing Monkey in the Middle with me there) when it comes to new items that crafters desire… nay DEMAND.  Yesterday I received a deluge of new Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting items from our dedicated beta helper ‘MD’.  I’ve been working all day just to get the smithing goodies onto the site, over 60 new items from the BS trainer are now live on Crafter’s Tome.  Jewelcrafting will have to wait for another day… I’m pooped!

The great news is that many more items types are now available, including the exact sorts of things I mentioned as lacking in my previous post on WotLK Smithing.  A whopping fifteen new weapons have been added and most of them are blue instead of crappy greens that no one will buy.  What I’m really loving is the addition of EPIC BOE RECIPES from the trainer.  That’s right, smiths will be able to learn epic recipes from the trainer for items we can sell. It’s like a dream come true *sigh*.

Many of the new recipes are plate armor for non-tanks.  There is some melee DPS gear as well as caster gear, presumably for DPS warriors and pallies.  In addition to the epic weapon recipes, there are six epic armor recipes which provide boots and helms for tanks, melee dps and caster-types.  The socket items also make their debut, including an interesting epic belt buckle.

Something encouraging I noticed about these new items is that they don’t seem nearly as horrible as the BC blues/epics in terms of primals.  Most of the blue items require only 1-2 eternals (primals) per piece and the epics require 5-10 eternals (via the Titanium Bar).  This should make life easier on the crafters who have to make these items for skill points.  If they aren’t going to add green gear to skill up with throughout the full tier, I think this is a fair compromise.  As long as these blues and epic items will actually sell, Smiths might actually be in decent shape for WotLK.

Overall this is a much better line-up than the first wave of recipes and I’m quite relieved to see that they’re addressing some of the holes that were in WotLK Smithing.  Still missing are mail recipes of any kind (perhaps 100% relocated to LW?) and consumables such as sharpening stones and keys.  There were also a few BoP specialty pieces added in this patch, but since they are Level 78 blues I’m assuming there’s more to come.

So far = big thumbs up!


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  1. Solidstate Says:

    I think the ability to add a socket to items, even if only to belts and gloves(? bracers?) will make blacksmithing popular again :)

  2. Tsark Says:

    Solid, currently it looks like BS will be able to socket their own gloves and bracers (and weapons, unless they changed their mind on that one) – the bet buckle is tradable and doesn’t require Blacksmith, so it will be an item enhancement that can be sold on the AH similar to leg patches from tailoring/LW in BC. And yes, I agree with your assessment – I’m hoping some of my friends stay BS because of that buckle :-D

  3. Fearstalker Says:

    My hunter is crying right now due to the lack of ANY crafted hunter gear. The LW patterns are all shammy gear, no BS mail patterns, and goggle upgrades don’t seem to be in sight either. (seems that they don’t want to overstep the Sunwell patterns to upset the delicate constitutions of the end-game raiders).

    So my hunter may hit 80 in quest greens… :-P

    Thinking of dropping engineering on my pally for BS. BS is certainly looking viable. Eng not so much if you already have it on another toon.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Fear: Don’t feel bad, my hunter is crying too. When BC came out she was sporting Felscale and Fel Iron Chain gear while she leveled. Being a weaponsmith, she currently equips a Lunar Crescent for the AP boost. Smithing may not be the best profession for her, but at least she had that one item she could make herself. If BS becomes 100% plate/melee, I may have to bite the bullet and train her up in something else even though she’s been a Smith her whole life :(

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