Skilling Up Mining… A New Trick

This tip was submitted to me by my son Wildark.  I’ve added links to the appropriate ores for those who aren’t familiar with them.  I have not personally tested this, but I present as a potential help it to those of you who may be working on your mining skill:

In Wetlands there is a cave where you can mine Incendicite and Tin Ore.  When leveling from 65 mining skill to 125, it can be very tough finding silver and tin nodes.  This is a great place to level that range because this is where you can also mine a quest ore as well as tin.  Moreover, the quest ore is very plentiful here.  This alone makes it a great spot, but you have about 6-7 nodes before you have to leave the cave and go run around the zone again.

There is a way to stay in the cave from skill 65 to 125 or higher if you wanted to.  All you have to do is trick the system.  The trick is that you tap the node (mine it but don’t loot the ore).  Do this to all of the nodes in the cave, and return to the node you first tapped.  If you have a gathering add-on such as Gatherer that tells you how long ago you hit a certain node, then this will be easier.  Otherwise, you need to note the time you hit the first node each time you tap and re-tap it.  If you return to the node you merely tapped three minutes later, you can get another point for free!  Just make sure you wait three minutes, and also make sure you don’t let them sit un-tapped for too long (about 5-6 minutes) or they will disappear.  Good luck, and feel free to try this for the higher level quest ore caves (Lesser Bloodstone Ore in Arathi Highlands) to see if it works there too.”

I can verify that he did stay in that cave re-tapping nodes, so clearly this worked for him.  Whether or not it works for others, I can’t say.  But feel free to try it if you are leveling Mining and let us know how it works out!


6 Responses to “Skilling Up Mining… A New Trick”

  1. Bob Says:

    Sploitz! :)

  2. cizzztm Says:

    blizzard, please give kaliope a beta account.
    There is no one like kaliope that knows how to write exiting new experiences regarding new wow content.

    meanwhile, keep those (Bob quote) sploitz comin’ ;-)


  3. kaliope Says:

    Hehe, thanks Cizz :) I sure hope Blizz figures out that someone as methodical and obsessed as me should be in the Beta. Or perhaps they’re afraid? Nah…

    Anyway, I hope we can get some feedback on this from someone who’s tried it.

  4. mmo news Says:

    Thanks for the hint

  5. ez Says:

    This seems to be very inconsistent. Although I do occasionally get an extra skillpoint after 3-4 minutes, more often I don’t.

  6. KaliopeLlane Says:

    Ez: Were you doing this with the quest ore in the Wetlands cave? Wildark has said that the trick only seems to work on the quest ore, it has different spawning rules than regular nodes. It also matters whether the ore is yellow or green to you, this trick doesn’t work as well if the ore is already green to you.

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