WotLK Leatherworking Recipes

This afternoon I worked on the new Leatherworking recipes for WotLK and I have to say…. they’re kind of a mess.  First: the pricing is all over the place.  The trainer recipes start at 350 skill and the first four recipes cost 11.4 gold each.  The next five recipes (still 350 skill) cost 5.7 gold each.  At 360 they go back up to 13.3 gold, followed by 15.2 gold for the 370 recipes and the 375 recipes.  Does this look funky to anyone else, or just OCD Kaliope?

Another problem I see with the recipes is that they seem unevenly distributed.  At 350 skill you get a whopping 9 new recipes, followed by 2 more at 360, another 2 recipes at 370 and the final 2 recipes at 375.  Surely they could have spread this out a bit more.  An even bigger issue is that 5 of the the first 9 recipes are for casters (the ‘verdant’ armor) but only 2 are for melee (The ‘arctic’ gear).  If you’re a caster this is great, you get all your new goodies at 350 skill.  If you’re a melee, this kinda sucks because you have to skill up 20 points to access all of your new armor.  I don’t know what the rationale is, but it seems reasonable that you could give each class 2 new items per skill level.  This would make it more fair and probably smooth out the leveling process by have more recipes at each new step instead of frontloading them.

The final problem I see: no Hunter or Shammy gear.  I can only hope that it hasn’t been implemented yet, but so far we’ve seen nothing for mail wearers in Leatherworking or Blacksmithing.  I would almost argue that they could drop some of the the Verdant and Arctic pieces in favor of a few mail items.  Six pieces for a green quality armor set is probably overkill.  You could easily convert both of those to 4-piece sets and add a new 4-piece set of mail gear.  Even better, do two sets of mail armor and give each class one new item every 5-10 skill points.

And then there’s the one sad rogue piece that’s actually marked as cloth.  Now, I realize that some of the things I’ve mentioned are basically cosmetic and that’s what Beta is about.  But this list completely neglects two of the four classes who currently use Leatherworking, which seems like something that should have been ironed out in Alpha if it’s a mistake.  If it’s not, I think there’s going to be a lot of very unhappy Hunters and Shammies who have to drop LW because it no longer offers them primo gear.


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  1. Bikutanda of Nazgrel Says:

    I sure hope that this is worked out! I am one of the Dragonscale Leatherwork Hunters hoping for something worthwhile.

  2. Drainar Says:

    <<< former 375 dragonscale lwong hunter….drop it. engineering goggles and doodads are more useful and the lack of an epic item/set is a glaring oversight (unless you go elemental and wear the leather set which has nice +agi)

  3. Tlo Says:

    I guess one possibility is that they are still working on the new shaman melee mechanics (using AGI for AP like hunters, instead of STR). So, they will not finalize shaman/hunter itemization until they finalize how shamans will work with 3.0.

  4. Fearstalker Says:

    Right now, it looks like hunter get hosed gear-wise in favor of shammies, again.

    Also of note is that there are NO blue posts in the beta proff forums.

  5. Fearstalker Says:

    And actually, unless they release an upgrade for the engineering googles, there will be no point in a hunter having any crafting profession. LW bites right now, and without a engineering google upgrade, there won’t be a point to keeping engineering either. Also have seen nothing on ammo upgrades either, or wether engineers will be able to gather the new “motes” in WoTLK.


    Think I’m gonna sell my SoLR pattern and the hearts… I don’t think I’ll be leveling LW to make them.

  6. Lyssistrata Says:

    Will we ever get any armor kits with +int +spir? tailors have their caster “kits”, of course cloth wearers are casters/healers and it would be strange if they didn’t, but why on earth can’t we create such kits?

    Make it available only for Tribal Leatherworking, Blizz don’t forget your Moonkins :(

  7. Nehtor Says:

    Just started the beta sunday, and I cannot get any training from any of the trainers. I’m 372 LW and 367 skinning. I was able to get grand master skinning, but nothing on Leatherworking. No upgrade, no patterns. Is this normal?

  8. kaliope Says:

    Nehtor: Last I heard, the LW trainer was in Dalaran. Since you just got there, odds are you can’t get into Dalaran, I understand that you have to do a quest at level 74 to gain access. You may not be able to train until you level up, but perhaps you’ll get lucky and they’ll patch a LW trainer into the starting area soon. I believe they started adding them a couple of patches ago.

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