Lich King (WotLK) Alchemy Recipes Online

Yesterday I put the new Alchemy recipes, graciously supplied by beta tester ‘Aurik’, into our database.  This is just the trainer recipes which were available over the weekend.  Apparently the Alchemy trainer is in Dalaran, as Aurik was unable to locate a trainer in his starting zone (for those of you in Beta who might be looking for an Alchie trainer).  I still have some Leatherworking recipes that I’ll be working on today :)

In other news… hubby spent some time this weekend updating our pop-up (mouseover | hover) information and the icons for the various recipes/items.  Last night we rolled out an all new system that utilizes WoWHead information (you’ll notice a new WoWHead logo on all the pop-ups).  A benefit to this new system is that it pulls everything live, so if an item changes on WoWHead, the change will also show up on Crafter’s Tome.  No more manually updating items, yay :)  We believe it’s all working properly, but if you spot any errors please let us know.

And in case you missed it, last week’s post on Inscription includes a new link to El’s Inscription Guide from the Wrath Beta.  He’s got lots of hands-on information about how Milling functions, so check it out :)


4 Responses to “Lich King (WotLK) Alchemy Recipes Online”

  1. Tlo Says:

    Looking at the alchemy recipes, I noticed that you need to be level 65 to train as a Grand Master. Have they changed it so that all primary profs require level 65?

  2. kaliope Says:

    Ack! Thanks for mentioning that, I meant to include it in the post. Alchemy and Leatherworking both require level 65 to train up to Grand Master at this time. All the other professions I’ve reviewed require only level 60. I can only hope this is a mix-up on Blizzard’s part, but since I’m not in the Beta, I can’t submit a bug report on it. The recipe prices for Alchemy (you have to turn on the Price column to see that at Crafter’s Tome) are also very different from Enchanting, etc. Presumably stuff like this will be normalized before release.

  3. oops Says:

    While currently levelling Alchemy on an alt, i’ve been trying to find out what’s happening with the Alchemists Stone in WotLK.

    The progression from Philosophers –> Alchemists –> Class Specific SSO reward, where one stone consumed another, has led me to believe that WotLK upgrades from each type of stone are not that clear.

    Will you be able to go Alchemists Stone —> WotLK stone.

    or be forced to go Alchemists —>SSO —-> WotLK stone.

    or will the AS and WotlK stone, each be consumed with different recipes to make difference upgrades?

  4. kaliope Says:

    This is an excellent question and one that likely will not be addressed until all of the WotLK recipes are implemented. Beta testers should be submitting bug/suggestion reports on this *now* while the Devs are still working on new content (hint hint).

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