Wrath Fishing – El Style

Just a quick post to let all you fishing folk know that El (of El’s Extreme Anglin) has posted several pages related to WotLK Fishing: Wrath of the Lich King Fishing Changes.  El has the most comprehensive Fishing site available, so make sure you check it out if you are a major Fishing groupie like I am.  On a different note, does everyone have a Beta Key but me???  :(


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  1. El Says:

    Thanks for posting the link!

    Remarkably few people have beta keys, particularly in Europe, where there is just one multi-lingual test server for almost 2 million potential players. Personally, I think my key came via attending the Paris Invitational – but even that was no guarantee.

    Wolfshead posted an interesting piece on why you shouldn’t roll dice to select beta testers. If Blizzard used those criteria, you’d be an alpha tester! Ultimately, it is Blizzard’s show: They can, and frequently do, what they like.

    On a related note, I have started to put together a guide to Inscription, which I hope you and your readers will find useful. The profession is mostly “Not Yet Implemented”, but it is already causing a lot of unanswered questions, so I decided to research and document what had been implemented. There are still a few holes in that research, particularly regarding herbs. So any additional information from people in the beta is greatly appreciated.

  2. Solidstate Says:

    Look on the bright side, everything in WotLK when it is released will be brand new and exciting for you, while the jaded beta-key people grumble about how they can’t keep the chars they leveled to 80… :)

  3. kaliope Says:

    Hey El – Love your site! Thanks for visiting =) I have to say I’m lucky to have readers that have stepped up to help me, which I’m very thankful for. You’ve got some good details on your Inscription pages, I’m going to add that to the Inscription post for folks to read. Testing buff herbs, etc is exactly the same sort of thing I would do, in fact I was just wondering about Fel Blossoms yesterday, heheh.

    Unfortunately for me, the frustrating part about being on the sidelines is that I’ve already found some data errors that I would normally report, but since I’m not a tester… dunno. I agree that Blizzard should try to include some seasoned folk, but presumably that’s why they invite developers and major guilds. Too bad they don’t consider site owners = mod developers in that regard, we work harder than a lot of mod coders who just slap something together over a weekend and post it on Curse.

    Solid: I’m with you on the boredom factor with WotLK content, I already promised myself if I get in I will avoid questing as much as possible and focus on crafting. Thanks to Burning Crusade, I’ve been through HFP eight times at this point (3 beta, 5 live). I’d rather not do that again, rofl.

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