WotLK Blacksmithing Recipes Now Available

We’ve just added another batch of Beta recipes to Crafter’s Tome.  These are the new Blacksmithing trainer recipes which I’m sure you’ve seen elsewhere.  Once again, we’ve got the required skill levels which enable you to see the progression of the recipes.  Unfortunately this doesn’t help a whole lot for Smiths since they all require the new ores to craft.  Once again we don’t have the icons worked out yet, but I’ve got links to WoWHead in the notes.  Neither shield is actually showing up in WoWHead as an item, so I just typed the stats right into the Notes box.

I also checked on my Blacksmith last night to see if she had any recipes that might be workable for leveling up after unlocking the Grand Master tier. I’m sad to report, the only recipe she had that was still orange was the Ragesteel Breastplate recipe.  I had a few other recipes which were yellow: a couple other Ragesteel pieces and the Eternium Rod.  I’m not sure any of those are grind-friendly except maybe the Rod and possibly the Felsteel Helm if you happened to have it.  With both recipes being yellow, it’s probably iffy to use them for points.  Honestly, I don’t see any recipes above 360 that don’t require an armload of primals or some other primo component, with the exception of the Rod and Felsteel Helm.  I think we’re just going to have to suck it up and fight for ore in Northrend <sigh>.

I can’t figure out the rationale for this, but Blizzard clearly has some reason for setting the first wave of new recipes below the current cap.  It can’t be just to allow those who haven’t capped to get to 375 more easily, at least I wouldn’t think that’s all there is to it.  And you’ll notice that the 375 recipes are all for blue (rare) items, which is what most of us will be using to skill up.  Luckily the mats don’t look horrible, so I’m hoping that’s not a major barrier to the skilling process.  But we’ll have to reserve that judgement for when the 395+ recipes start to filter out and see if it becomes a continuation of the depressing 350-375 trend.

Another thing I noticed about this list is that it’s all tank gear.  I do mean all, no mail items, no weapons, no sharpening stones – just plate armor with tanking stats.  Now granted, this only covers the first 20 points of the newest tier, but I still find that a bit odd.  It makes me wonder if they aren’t making damn sure we have plenty of new gear floating around for tanks when WotLK goes live, including all the freshly minted Death Knights.  I suppose one way to entice warriors to tank more is by giving them easy access to cheap crafted gear that will be flooding the Auctions for the first six months.  Selfishly, I’d like to see more DPS plate gear.  I had very little trouble collecting tanking gear in BC by running pugs while I leveled, but questing on my own was painful.  My warrior sucks at solo content and I’d sure like to be able to make her decent armor for questing.  I’m just now getting her to a point a year later where her solo gear is not torment-inducing, and that’s with a handful of epic items.  Of course it would be even better if they would actually fix warriors in this regard, but I’m not holding my breath on that one ;)

**UPDATE** A New Blacksmith guide has been added based on the Live realms.  You can access that post here.


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  1. Drainar Says:


  2. wowblogger Says:

    Nice find. Agree with Drainar… Shields… yay lol.

    samownall – Wow Blogger

  3. kaliope Says:

    I agree with you guys, I’m tickled about the shields. I certainly hope they add even more to the upper levels of BS. A few dungeon level pally/warrior shields would be great for tanks when they hit the new lvl cap. I know I had a hard time getting a decent tanking shield for my Kayree when she finally got to 70. And helping tanks gear up without having to farm dungeons for armor would probably be a good way to keep tanks happy. Crafted goodies would be a simple way to solve that as well as giving the poor Smiths something worth selling :)

  4. Ask and you shall receive… « Kaliope’s WoW Crafting Blog Says:

    […] now available, including the exact sorts of things I mentioned as lacking in my previous post on WotLK Smithing.  A whopping fifteen new weapons have been added and most of them are blue instead of crappy […]

  5. Josh Says:

    Have been reading your comments about the starting point for Wotlk being 350 and have to say i thought about time. I have done a warrior to 375 blacksmithing and now have started a paladin for the same. At present i have got to 271 blacksmithing and have to magically farm 480 thorium bars to level up to 300 just so i can then unlock fel iron gear that will require 4 fel iron bars for a point. One of my biggest gripes with the crafting system on wow is that you need mats for gear from areas that are always higher than the character or just forget about getting the right gear for your level till you have exceeded it by 5 levels. So with blizzard doing this it will mean not only will you now get to level 70 and then make green defence gear appropriate till your level which is awesome you also will get rid of my above gripe. Also for those that have crafted to 375 you would have found a wall at 350 unless the mentioned ragesteel patterns dropped or you were lucky enough to get a group and find those almost impossible felsteel patterns. Doing instances in outlands is going to be like getting a group to stratholm once wotlk comes out so thank you blizzard, finally you put some thought into crafting, now just go back and fix up to 300 skill and more ppl might craft blacksmithing.

  6. Inflikted Says:

    Are you kidding me all the BS tanking gear is for Warriors again wtf STR and STAM. Give prot pallys some crafting gear already will ya. and nothing has any avoidance on it all just def. my T6 is better than all the craftables minus that they have more stam on them.

  7. Dundelve Says:


    Paladins and Warrior will be using the same dps/tanking gear in WotLK. With the new talents, STR and STAM are the most important stats to stack.

  8. Helaraan Says:

    Guess there is no longer any Mail armor recipes. By and large the shields are good as are the socket attachments, but it sucks to level up the BS on my shammy and not have any mail to make.

  9. kaliope Says:

    Just checked the new build today and nothing new to report for Blacksmithing. No epic BoP gear for specializations, no token/mat vendor and no mail recipes. Sorry peeps :(

  10. Jeremy Says:

    They fixed war finally. Not only do we do decent dmg in def stance but we can also do AOE tanking with shockwave as well as Thunderclap. That and thunderclap does a ton more damage now. There are a bunch of other things added but warrior is the shit now.

  11. Stu Says:

    Prot pallies need stam and str…everything in wotlk seems to lack avoidance, with crushing blows gone it sort of evens out, but please more avoidance blizzard! =) They have not yet implemented the new recipies for blacksmithing and a return to Hammersmith/Axemsmith/Swordsmith has been stated by blizz, thank the heavens! I hope the higher grade weapons are a bitch to make, that way it actually means something when you see sum1 flouncing around with 1 =D

  12. Pål Olsen Says:

    All the work done for leveling blacksmithing on my lvl 70 Shaman now seems to be a total vast of time.
    Have all mail-recepies been sent to “leatherworking” ?????
    Searching arround to see what I can get at lvl 450 i BM, but can’t find much to do a happy-dance for.
    Why aren’t mail-recepies taken more seriously into BM’s?
    To me it makes me wanna forget leveling BM, since Shammys can’t wear plate anyways.
    Feel like I was tricket into starting up as a BM with the shammy when seeing a lot of nice mail.recepies at lvl 375.
    But now,,,,why are the just leaving mail out of BM?
    To me BM is all about mail and plate,,,so why are mail “taken out” ?

    They should fix this asap

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