WotLK Trainer Recipes for Enchanting & Inscription Online!

Yes, hubby and I spent several hours last night poring over the screenshots from our beta helpers and making modifications to the web site in order to release two sets of new recipes for you guys. You’ll notice that we’ve added a new option to the “Expansion” filter, which let’s you show just the WotLK recipes.  We also added a gray color to the WotLK items themselves, so you can visually distinguish them from “live” recipes if you have a mixed list.  Many of the items do not have icons or hover text, this is just a shortcoming of the data we have access to and we’ll work to fix that as soon as we can.  For items that were unique in nature, I put the item description in the Notes.

The first set of new recipes is for all the current (as of the screenshots we received) Enchanting recipes from the Northrend trainers.  These recipes start at 355 and go through 395.  This is a great addition for those that haven’t capped out yet, but I doubt it will apply to most of us.  Even if you don’t need the points, I’m sure you’ll find yourself using some of the new recipes as they introduce stats that were previously unavailable, as well as increases to stats we currently have.  For us crafting-obsessed folk, there’s also a new Gathering enchant that gives +5 bonus to all three of the gathering professions.  While we don’t get a bigger skill bonus, combining all three into one enchant will be very handy for those dual gatherers out there.

The second set of recipes is Inscription, again all the current trainer recipes as of our submitted screenshots.  I’m sure most of you have seen these items, so there’s nothing new there.  What you haven’t seen is any kind of skill progression on which you can estimate the herbs you need.  I believe our list provides that missing link that lets crafters start making meaningful preparations.  Even if you ignore the Milling process, you can still see which types of herbs make which inks and how many of those you’ll need.

However, I would like to share some tidbits I found on WoWhead under the comments for Alabaster Pomace and Dusky Pomace, which confirms that you need a stack of five herbs to “mill” into pomace.  There’s no hard numbers for how many pomace you’ll receive, but you can still plan for worst-case scenario and collect enough herbs to cover a 1:1 ratio.  Previous to this information I’d been planning for a general strategy of 2 stacks of each herb type.  Now I am upgrading that to 3 stacks of each herb type, to allow extra herbs for milling.  Since each type of pomace is currently derived from multiple types of herbs, in those cases where one herb is particularly rare (Ghost Mushroom), I’m substituting an extra stack of a more common herb.  Obviously any of this information can change, but I figure all of these herbs will sky-rocket in value after WotLK goes live.  If I end up with extras… I might just have to sell them off for astronomical prices <gasp!>.

Enjoy the new recipes and I would like to give a shout out to beta helper “MD” for the multiple waves of screenshots she sent yesterday that allowed me to compile this information.  I still have more goodies to process today, so keep an eye out!

**UPDATE** El (of El’s Extreme Anglin) has shared a link to his Inscription Guide which has lots of details about the mechanics of Inscription.  If you want to know more, check out his site!


22 Responses to “WotLK Trainer Recipes for Enchanting & Inscription Online!”

  1. Thrandis Says:

    Im already putting away 4 stacks of every herb ;) just to be safe, but im a hoarder anyways lol

  2. wowblogger Says:

    I’m slightly worried about the new recipes as I am pretty sure I will want to dump my gathering profs to get them :) There goes another load of gold…

    samownall – World of Warcraft Blogger

  3. Andre Says:

    Kaliope, I still don’t understand the milling process very well.

    For example, suppose I want to make Alabaster Pomace. For that, I need to crush 5 herbs. I don’t even know what the reagents for that pomace are, but I think I’ve read it somewhere that you can use Silverleaf and Peacebloom, among others. Do I need to crush 5 of the same herb? Do I need to crush different herbs? Am I allowed to crush, for example, 3 Peacebloom and 2 Silverleaf to make Alabaster Pomace?

    Thank you!

  4. kaliope Says:

    Andre: The comments on WoWHead seem to indicate that each type of pomace can utilize 1 of 4 different herbs (peacebloom, earthroot, silverleaf and mageroyal for Alabaster). There’s not much information on this because the recipes are so limited right now, but based on the comparison to Prospecting, I’m going to assume that it requires a stack of 5 of the same herb and not combinations of multiple herbs.

    The most detailed explanation I’ve seen is on WoWHead in the links included in this post. If you click on Alabaster Pomace or Dusky Pomace, you can read the comments and check out their explanation of Milling. Hopefully more information will become available as testers start trying it, one of our helpers is planning to try Inscription as well.

    *Update* I’ve passed your question along to one of our test volunteers and we’ll see if he gets a chance to try this out :)

  5. Andre Says:

    Thank you, Kaliope! You’re the best! :)

  6. kaliope Says:

    Courtesy of our tester Aurik on the Beta Server:

    “The milling process always, so far, takes 5 of a single kind of herb. From what I’ve tested (and obviously this is limited at the moment by the not-too-high level of inscription training available) many herbs create one type of pomace.

    For example:
    Peacebloom, Silverleaf , Earthroot and Mageroyal all create Alabaster Pomace
    Bruiseweed and Swifthistle create Dusky Pomace
    Liferoot creates Golden Pomace

    Currently milling also sometimes produces fungus food alongside 2-3 pomace – forest mushroom caps and red speckled mushrooms for example.”

    This matches the information posted in the WoWHead comments for the first two pomaces, except that I don’t believe I’ve seen mention of Golden Pomace, so Aurik has given us a new bit of info there :)

    Thanks Aurik – Great Work!!

  7. Andre Says:

    So it’s a matter of stacking a LOT of the cheaper kind that’s useable for every pomace? Hmmm, nice!

    I’ve already started. Kaliope, ever thought of making us a guide of “how to stack enough herbs to level your inscription before inflation eats your wallet”? ;)

  8. Brian Symonds Says:

    Post on our guild web site from a member who has just gotten into Beta and who is interested in Inscription.

    Inscription experience so far in beta
    by Estoppel on Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:57 pm

    Firstly, the best Inscription resource I have found is here: http://www.elsprofessions.com/inscription/

    It is Excellent! You should look at the trainable recipes though, and see how short the list is. Being effecient, I can only level to around 80 without wasting a lot of herbs on yellow and green creations. I want to make a realistic cost to level, so I’m holding off for now.

    For those collecting herbs, this will help you with how many you need, especially low level:
    Here is a step by step of what I did and what level it achieved.

    Create 20 Ivory Ink
    Create 20 SIlver InK
    Create 10 Scroll of Stamina
    Create 10 Scroll of Intellect
    Cost so far, 20 Peacebloom and 20 Silverleaf
    Level so far, 48

    Mill 20 Peacebloom (you get 2 or 3 alabaster pomace each time, so 2 stacks of herbs gets 1 stack of pomace)
    Create 20 moonglow ink
    Create 12 Scroll of recall
    Additional cost, 20 peacebloom
    Level so far, 64

    Mill 20 peacebloom
    Create 10 moonglow ink
    create 10 bleached parchment
    additional cost, 20 peacebloom
    level so far, 74

    Mill 20 silverleaf
    mill 20 earthroot
    create 20 moonglow ink
    Create 7 bleached parchment
    Additional cost, 20 silverleaf and 20 earthroot
    Level so far 80

    120 Herbs including at least 20 peacebloom and 20 silverleaf, with the remaining 80 being silverleaf, peacebloom, mageroyal, or earthroot brought me to level 80 with 13 moonglow ink left over. I had to purchase my scribes tools, and I also bought 60 light parchment, of which I have 11 left.

    When more spells show up I’ll work on the next levels.

  9. Andre Says:

    Kaliope, this information Brian posted is very interesting! For those who are planning to start Inscription in WotLK, a guide such as this one is exactly what we need! :)

    Thank you Brian for the excellent post!!! :D

  10. Brian Symonds Says:

    Latest post from one of our guild members (Estoppel) who is keeping an eye on Inscriptions in the beta. Regards

    Re: Inscription experience so far in beta
    by Estoppel on Mon Sep 08, 2008 2:24 pm

    The inscription recipes that are trained has expanded exponentially, and seems to be much closer to complete. I imagine it will be seeing some polishing even more before it hits PTR.

    Right now, however, Moonglow ink is being used through the 125 training level, instead of midnight ink, and glyphs are requiring mageroyal still at that point… that is obviously incorrect. Plus, most glyphs are requiring all four levels of parchments that can be purchased from the vendor, light, common, heavy, and resilient, which is also a bug. The glyphs are quite impressive though, and I think you guys will really be enamored by them.

    So currently I could level it more, but I feel it wouldn’t give me a good impression of what is required to level, since its going ot require more of the basic herbs, and less of the higher level herbs.

    Good glyph lists can be found Here: http://www.elsprofessions.com/inscription/

  11. Zack Says:

    About the new enchanting recipes:

    Even those that haven’t capped out won’t be able to use them. They require a runed eternium rod, which requires 375 enchanting. So for those banking on saving some money by waiting for the new patterns in WOTLK, you will be dissapointed to know that you will still have to spend gobs of money getting to 375 before any WOTLK spell can be used.

  12. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the tip Zack, my enchanter is at max skill and has her Eternium Rod, so I wouldn’t have picked up on that. One thing I’ve noticed that has been frustrating for me is the drop rate of dust and essence is quite low. I haven’t collected enough mats for even 1 enchant, even though I’ve DE’d at least a dozen items. So don’t expect to speed up the Enchanting tree unless you have lots of guildies to enchant for, or you plan to hire yourself out.

  13. kaliope Says:

    **UPDATE** on the Eternium Rod situation posted by Zack. I checked this on my Enchanter and some of the 350-370 recipes indeed require an Eternium Rod. I strongly believe this is a bug, because you cannot make the Runed Eternium Rod until 375. I see no way they can force players to use a rod that isn’t trained until 25 points later.

    There are also two recipes at 375 that require a Runed Adamantite Rod. To me this is extremely fishy, that recipes at 375 call for the adamantite rod when the 350-370 recipes called for the eternium rod. Let’s hold our assumptions for now – I will post a bug report on this. It’s quite possible that it hasn’t been caught because most of the beta testers are the uber-leet crowd who naturally had the better rod and didn’t even notice the disparity.

    Right now the Bug Report feature is not functional on the beta servers, but as soon as it is I will report this problem.

  14. Zack Says:

    Right, it sounds like a bug, but even if it is, you touched on something that means it still won’t be better to wait until wotlk patterns come out to level enchanting to 375.

    If cosmic essence and infinite dust are as rare as you say, it will be even more costly to level that way.

    My rogue alt has enchanting at 285 right now (yay, skyrocketing illusion dust prices) but with me mailing greens and having tons of voids on my other characters, I should have no problem leveling the traditional way. I just want to make sure WOTLK won’t make it easier before I do.

  15. kaliope Says:

    Zack: You’re right about the drop rate on dust/essence, in fact I just started a chart yesterday to document this. As soon as I collect enough information I’m going to submit a bug report on that as well. I think the drop rate for dust is way too low, I don’t ever recall getting 1 dust per DE with Outland gear, except on rare occasions. Based on my small sample last night, it’s the norm in Northrend (about 75%).

  16. Zack Says:

    Ok, so it was touched on it earlier and I want to better understand it:

    I understand that certain groups of herbs are used to make one type of pigment. What I want to know about is the milling process. When I’m hoarding herbs, do I need to try and make each herb in multiples of five? Or can I mix herbs (such as 4 Firebloom and 1 Gromsblood) to mill pigment?

    My plan is to level to 375 as soon as the patch goes live, making as many of the glyphs that I know will be popular, and sell them before too many other inscriptionists (is that a word?) get closer to 375 and drive the prices down.

    I have extra of every “set” of herb, but I don’t have that much extra if milling requires 5 of the same herb for each time you do it instead of 5 of any of X type.

  17. kaliope Says:

    Zack: Yes, you must have 5x of one herb type in order to mill. You can’t mix and match, the process is exactly like prospecting for JC. I wrote a guide on Inscription that might cover some of your questions on the basics:


    This has more of the “how to” type info like the mechanics of milling, etc. The power leveling guide has more of the mats/recipe type info on what to make when. I hope they help!

  18. Zack Says:

    Ok, it appears that I have found the answer to my own question, and it means I have a lot more backtracking to do:

    “Of the 230 herbs milled in the above batch, I believe it broke down to something like 140 peacebloom, 30 silverleaf, 25 earthroot and 35 mageroyal. Just remember when stocking up on herbs for milling, do it in lots of 5 of the same herb. 5 silverleaf is millable. 3 silverleaf, 1 earthroot and 1 mageroyal is not.”

    Taken from elsprofessions.com

  19. Zack Says:

    Doh, didn’t see you post first Kaliope.

  20. Zack Says:

    kaliope, your powerleveling guide for inscription is the best I’ve seen yet, and I’ve read a lot of them. Thank you.

  21. kaliope Says:

    Thanks Zack! I really tried to wait until I thought the profession was solid enough to write a meaningful guide. It was tough to watch so many others pushing content before I did, but I hope in the end it’s worth it to the readers =)

    Good luck all – here’s hoping we get some Inscription come Tuesday!

  22. Zack Says:

    Alright so my guild bank alt has:

    22.25 stacks of Alabaster
    21.75 stacks of Dusky
    21.5 stacks of Golden
    14.25 stacks Emerald
    18.5 stacks of Violet
    25.75 stacks Silvery
    37 stacks of Nether

    Farming in STV for more emerald stacks now, hopefully I get enough before the server’s shut down. Tomorrow after I’m done I’ll come here and post anything I found out that we didn’t know or any advice I have.

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