WotLk Crafting Tidbits

Thanks to my new mini-army of beta investigators (you guys are amazing!) I already have some information to share that I haven’t seen elsewhere.  Screenshots have been flowing in from our beta insiders and from the screenshots I’ve gleaned:

  • Level 60 is required for Grand Master training with a profession skill of 350
  • Grand Master training for Primary professions is 35 gold
  • Grand Master training for Secondary professions is 50 gold

As always, these numbers are subject to change before release :)  But this is good stuff for conversation… my first thought is OW!  I believe we paid about 10 gold for Master level training in BC, that amount is more than tripled here.  I know we’ve got lots of gold burning a hole in our pockets, but that seems like quite an inflation hike to me.  Also, why are the secondary professions higher?  That’s strikes me as a bit odd.  They tend to be less popular with the average player, why charge more to learn them?

I have to say, I’m very pleased about the level 60 requirement for Grand Master training.  My early guesses were that it would be level 65 based on the existing ranks (Apprentice:5 | Journeyman:10 | Expert:20 | Artisan:35 | Master:50), but making it 60 is even better for folks that want to use an alt (and are still furiously leveling that alt, rofl) to learn a Grand Master skill.  I might even go so far as to hypothesize that it’s conveniently close to the Death Knight starting level, making it extremely simple to turn your new Death Knight into an Inscriptionist (Inscriber?  Whatever!) if you want to.

Another item of interest is the cost of spells.  For Enchanting they start at 8g each for the first wave of recipes and run up to 8.8g by the time you reach 395 skill, presumably other trades follow the same pricing structure.  Just purchasing the 350-375 recipes could run you about 65 gold, then you add it to the 35g you spent to train the Grand Master rank and you’re out about 100g.  For those of you who are perpetually broke (hard to believe with dailies, but I know a few of them), you’ll need to plan ahead for this.  Also, despite the fact that there are new recipes below the current cap, they do not utilize current components to make.  You’ll need to collect WotLK materials to craft these items, so be aware of that.

FYI: More stuff is coming – I have a bunch of recipe screenshots in my email :)  Hubby needs to make some tweaks to the web site so we can properly classify the new recipes for you guys, but I should have trainer recipes going online in the next few days!


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  1. tlo Says:

    Great information – thanks Kaliope and all your tipsters!

    I have all my alts up to at least level 65 now, so I’m happy that they could all take up Grand Master professions if the expansion were to be launched tomorrow.

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