Desperately Seeking Beta Data

Each day that goes by with more information flowing out of other web sites and the glaring desolation in my email inbox, I get more anxious about my little corner of the WoW-Verse.  Kinda like that birthday party that all the other kids got invited to… except you.  I have to keep reminding myself that most of the tradeskill content hasn’t been implemented yet, and it’s not a big deal that I’m missing the Beta at this point in time. Still, it makes me a bit sad that other sites are giving you guys the sneak peek on crafting.  Since I’m not able to do it, I almost feel like I’ve been demoted <sniff>.

I also find myself back-seat driving a bit.  Most of the tradeskill content seems to be dribbling in like an afterthought.  I want to thump somebody and say “Hey, go track down the new faction vendors” or “Visit all the trainers and screenshot their new recipes”.  There’s also random gaps that get on my nerves, like the list of ingredients with no information about the item it creates, or the lack of skill requirements on most recipes.  I mean, if someone went to the trainer to get the recipe data, why didn’t they note the skill requirement?  It just leaves a person feeling kind of unfulfilled – you can see that there’s cool stuff in the game but it’s a hodge-podge of random bits that don’t add up.

It’s my understanding that the Opt-In beta keys are starting to be sent out at this point, so I’d like to open the doors to our fellow tradeskill fanatics to fill in the void.  If any of you receive a beta key and want to help us get the ball rolling on our Wrath of the Lich King data, please drop me an email and let me know.  We’ll be happy to accept any screenshots you happen to collect in your wanderings, or you can work directly with me to coordinate more comprehensive research.  And I think I can speak for all my readers when I say that we’ll be thrilled to have you.  We might even be able to work out a guest spot on the blog =)


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  1. Thelina Says:

    Check out There’s often new information about tradeskills.

  2. Solidstate Says: also gives good coverage of the beta and professions.
    Note that sometimes you’ll see info on websites or reported in places like mmp-champion or wowinsider or even on wowhead, where the info was data-mined from the beta files, not seen in-game. That’s why you get strange partial information on recipes or abilities.

    I’m not holding my breath but if I get a beta key I’ll try to send you as many recipe screenshots as I can. But AFAIK the beta-key opt-in stage hasn’t even started yet in Europe…

  3. pugnaciouspriest Says:

    yeh.. i wanna know what I should be stockpiling :P

  4. Joel Says:

    Part of Random Ravings’ latest post deals with tradeskills in the beta.

  5. bbr Says:

    You’ll want to stockpile herbs for inscription.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for all the links, I have been keeping a daily watch on WoWInsider and MMO-Champion, so I’m pretty current on the WotLK scene. None of the sites mentioned seem to carry the amount of information I compile for CT, so that was the main reason I posted the “call to arms” as it were. If we can get a few folks in the Beta collecting information specifically for our needs, we can start to build a collection of high-quality, comprehensive WotLK recipes. As Solid mentioned, most of the big sites use data-mining, which means their information is frequently incomplete.

    And yes, I think at this point we can agree that you need to stockpile herbs for Inscription =) You probably also want to look through your “yellow” and “orange” recipes for other professions and see if there are any that could reasonably be used to grind the first 10+ skill points in WotLK. Chances are they will mostly be rare items with horrific mats that you wouldn’t want to make multiples of, but you might get lucky and find one that’s not too awful. I think Alchemists and Jewelcrafters are the mostly likely to be able to go that route, but feel free to share if you spot a recipe for LW/BS/ENG/TL that would fit the bill!

  7. Aurik Says:

    I was just lucky enough to snag myself a key this evening – I’ll see wat I can do – this site has given me so much and I’d like to give back ^^


  8. kaliope Says:

    Gratz Aurik – and thanks for volunteering! Drop me an email if you want to know what sorts of stuff we’re lacking, I’ve got a couple of other folks helping out as well. I’ll keep you guys posted, but so far we’ve gotten great response to our volunteer request =)

  9. bbr Says:

    They changed, quite sneakily, all the yellow recipes just before TBC to become green or give very little skill.
    I’d focus mainly on the orange ones.
    Though keep in mind you’ll probably learn a few quite cheap recipes at 375 with the new trainers as well.

  10. Solidstate Says:

    On the off-chance that you don’t know his blog, Tobold ( was lucky enough to be able to go to WWI and get a beta key. Sometimes he mentions crafting related things :)

    But it sounds like you’re now getting help from people playing the beta, good news and GL digging out the juicy bits for us :)

  11. kaliope Says:

    Solid: Thanks! I generally follow Tobold’s blog, but I hadn’t seen his latest WotLK posts. Things are going well now with our testers and I hope we’ll be able to regularly post new content that’s crafting related. That’s been my biggest frustration, not that there was no information to be had out there, just that the coverage of WotLK crafting has been minimal compared to other facets of WotLK news. Hopefully we can start turning that around :)

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