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Just a quick FYI to let you all know that I updated our Tailoring Guide with new Burning Crusade information.  I finally bit the bullet and took up Tailoring on one of my toons – with WotLK coming down the pike I want to have all tradeskills covered.  The upside is that Tailoring is fairly easy to level, which I’m sure is why I haven’t had any complaints about our outdated Tailoring guide.

My noob isn’t quite to 375, he’s still stuck in the 350 range and I’m working on a section for the specialization quests.  I did all three of them yesterday, heheh.  That’s certainly an adventure on a level 66, I had to get help with killing the Nether-wraith for the Spellcloth quest.  Running to the Altar of Shadows in Shadowmoon Valley was scary too, but amazingly I got there without dying.  It might have had something to do with the Hordie farming Motes of Air nearby, lol.

And I hope you all enjoyed the free booze and festivities yesterday.  I know my bank is bulging with those nifty ground blossoms and I also got some shots of the fireworks in Booty Bay!


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  1. ClemSnide Says:

    Alas, I was so caught up with work that I couldn’t buy much more than a few Petals of Summer Flowers, though my main chara did buy his Brazier of Dancing Flames earlier. Huzzah for that! Just the thing to pull out while waiting for more recruits on a Kara run.

    In my experience, the easiest production profession to level to 375 has been Engineering, which Hal got to at level 52. Tailoring has been a problem; he’s inching toward 365 at the moment. Fortunately his twin brother Seraquel can provide him with the Arcane Dust necessry, and Saunders always has trash level 68 greens thanks to SSO quests. Yes, it’s a finely oiled machine. Leatherworking? Pahukatowah was given an unbelievably great chest pattern by his guildmates, so he was honor bound to grind to 365. It was a long sequence of Talbuk fighting, but is possible without requiring too much of the exotic materials. I could probably get to 375 Enchanting with Sera easily enough, too, but am waiting for the need to do useful enchants and therefore am not just wasting materials on it.

    As a level 62 Mage, what Hal usually does for Spellfire cloth is to work just outside of one of the buildings, where there are two Area 52 Big Bruisers. Alas, generally this means he doesn’t get the Motes that the called demon drops. Can’t have everything.

    The sole problem I have is Blacksmithing. Saunders is still shy of 370 yet. I think that my delay in declaring for Scryer or Aldor has left me out of some crucial recipes that would get me over that hump without having to waste large amounts of resources trying for green-recipe skillups.

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